Regarding Our Recent Webpage Shut Down
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Press Release: June 10, 2003

Recently, the hosting company of our web site without informing us, had terminated our account., their reason was not warranted, in addition they demand a large sum of money in order we can get our contents back, fortunately we have all the file backup so we didn't lost anything, and now we had moved a new activist-run webhost to continue our webpage services.

We firmly believe some hostile forces want to censor our messages, and our web hosting company unreasonably bow to it and shut us down. Here's some of the recent incidents against our web page:
- site had been shut down "mysteriously" twice for the past 6 months, although the web hosting company able to fixed the problems and put our site back.
- For the past one year, I had received at least 1000 hate e-mails against me, include many death threats.
- Early this month, someone subscribing many people to our PeaceNoWar listserv without their knowledge.

We are really disappointed that the Internet censorship had been rising up, and we are intend to get legal advice, therefore it's our best interests to not disclose further more details at this point.

Since the US-UK invasions of Iraq there's had been at least one other web site had been shut down by the hosting company because of their antiwar/peace view.

We urge everyone to be very careful but we'll never going to back off and intimated by the intimations, so I am appealing to everyone land us moral and scriptural support to win this struggle.

Thank You

Lee Siu Hin

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