Emergency Kit to Stop the War
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Date:    3/16/2003 3:41:59 AM Pacific Standard Time    
From:    realdon@qwickconnect.net    

Last Blast against the Blitz : an Emergency Kit to Stop the War

Take a few precious minutes for something that should work - Uniting for Peace!

Thats the way the U.N. keeps the peace when a permanent member of the Security Council is an aggressor. Uniting for Peace (UN Resolution 377) empowers the General Assembly to call up peacekeeping troops, when the Security Council is blocked - as it has been for months. Because keeping the peace is the U.N.'s basic mission, the General Assembly can call on members within 24 hours to take effective collective measures for the preventionĶ of acts of aggression.

Its a last chance to save the children of Baghdad from the Mega-Terror of "Shock, Awe" and hundreds of thousands of horrible deaths.

What to do: Fax or E-mail to the General Assembly, asking for a vote on an emergency peacekeeping action per Res. 377.

How to do it: with this Uniting for Peace blaster kit (www.unitingforpeace.com ).

1. Write your message, whatever comes to you, or use some soundbites, too. It can be brief.

2. E-mail your inspired memo to all member nations of the UN. You have a choice to do it in one or more of these ways:

A. One-click To: g-macagainstwar@mcmaster.ca. McMaster University will send your message to 400 official UN, US and Canadian addresses. Cc: us on info@unitingforpeace.com to collect original ideas in the letters, and to track how were doing.

B. Or, paste the addresses from the bottom of this page into your e-mail program.

C. Otherwise, send your message To: info@unitingforpeace.com and well redirect it for you. 

D. Sign the Online petition, http://uniting.free.fr/petition.htm . Drawback: no Comment field for your message.

E. Lobby the UK and Turkish parliaments and some other recent E-actions.

F. Appeals for Uniting for Peace in French and Spanish, with e-mail addresses of Francophone and Hispanic countries - good for getting the message to the governments.

G. Check back - we hope to do another online petition, with room for your comments!


3. Fax blast - The Big One!

This is really worthwhile. Faxes make a much more powerful impression than e-mail. Your fax can easily end up on the ambassador's desk.

See details at www.waronfreedom.org/activists/un4pfax.html  and - Blast away!
Click on send, and 180 faxes go off at once.

4. Spread the word widely, too... post to networks, websites, listservs, discussion boards...

Soundbite Smorgasbord.

A. Appeals on humanitarian grounds - save the children.

B. The UN's charter and purpose: founded to preserve peace.

C. Important point: This petition is NOT against America, but to save US. Bush was not even elected, and is setting up a militarist tyranny. Public opinion is mercilessly manipulated by a right wing media cartel.

D. This petition is NOT for Saddam Hussein, it's against destroying a city in order to save it. (How many American military interventions overthrew democracies to set up dictatorships!)

E. Jimmy Carter declares the "unilateral attack on Iraq" an unjust war "almost unprecedented in the history of civilized nations." (NY Times, March 9.) Worse than Hiroshima, like Guernica magnified 100 times.

F. The attack on Iraq has nothing to do with WMD (the Pentagon knows Iraqs weapons were destroyed in 1991 - see the Kamel Hussein story.)  The war has everything to do with oil - and obeisance to the apartheid state of Israel; it has been planned by the "neo-con" lobby at least since the 1970 oil crisis.

G. the Bush dynasty's close links to Nazism

H. There is NO LINK between Iraq and terrorism. Bush, Powell and Blair have been caught faking evidence over and over. Even the War on Terror may be bogus: research shows the WTC disaster was an inside job, like the Reichstag Fire, Gulf of Tonkin hoax or Operation Northwoods. Bushs attack might provoke the real terror reprisals he so desperately needs.

I. Cheney's Halliburton Co. wins a Pentagon contract to rebuild Iraq after war - as it did in Afghanistan. (SF Chronicle, March 8)

J. We are going back to religious war. Bush says he knows Gods Will better than the Pope. Behind him, 70 million Americans push for Armageddon in the Middle East, to fulfill an insane superstition of the Rapture. (See www.waronfreedom.org/update.html)  

 The above points are suitable to any country; the rest are more for the world outside the U.S..

K. Appeal to their countrys self-interest! Let Bush in there, and his clique will hog the world's oil until its all gone!

L. France and Germany already proposed to send peacekeepers - it is the responsibility of the U.N. to give its blessing BEFORE half a million people are killed, not AFTER.

M. Bush said, "We really dont need United Nations approval. We really don't need anyone's permission." Really?

N. Change the dialogue - ask the UN to move to lift the sanctions on Iraq that have caused so much suffering! This process could provide a diplomatic face-saving formula for the presence of armed peace-keepers.

O. Even a token force of blue helmets along the fence to Kuwait should make the US military pause.

P. Perhaps even a General Assembly vote against the attack would do it. No U.S. veto there. The Assembly represents the Whole World. The Bush clique cant claim the whole world is wrong - and they cant bribe the whole world, either!

Q. More ammunition at www.traprockpeace.org, Glen Rangwala on faked evidence of banned weapons.


Time is really short! Please lobby for Uniting for Peace before any more petitions to Congress or White House (projects that feel good, but have as little chance of stopping the blitz as a greeting card to Adolf Hitler! See the story on Congress fiddling like Nero: http://www.csmonitor.com/2003/0228/p01s01-woiq.html )

R. References

 Text of Resolution 377 http://www.us-israel.org/jsource/UN/unga377.html

 Background Infowww.danirak.dk/english/ratner_final_op_ed_uniting.htm about Uniting for Peace and stopping the war on Iraq from CCR, Center for Constitutional Rights, also Action Alert www.ccr-ny.org/v2/whatsnew/action_v2.asp.

  Writing tip from earthfuture.com: The shorter, the sweeter. Speak from the heart, in one paragraph. Speak with kindness, not anger. We want peace, not more belligerence. Individual addressing is better than CCing. BCC is better than CC.

 Email List:

You may need to split the list into two or more shorter ones. Some ISP's limit the number of addresses you can send a mail to at the same time.

It's definitely recommended to paste the bulk of the addresses in the Bcc: (blind copy) field, each recipient doesn't need to see the whole list, their mailboxes may be getting too full already!

Example structure - To: Secretary General, Presidents of Sec. Council and Genl Assembly, French German and other governments.

Copy: to intergovernmental organizations with observer status, extra addresses for security council..

Blind copy: to regular members of general assembly.

To: sg@un.org, guinea@un.int, GAPresident@un.org, bundeskanzler@bundeskanzler.de, gerhard.schroeder@spd.de, president@gov.ru, president@hrad.cz, president@po.gov.za, press@uruklink.net, romano.prodi@cec.eu.int, joschka.fischer@bundestag.de, ambassade@amb-allemagne.fr, christian.jouret@consilium.eu.int, christopher.patten@cec.eu.int, france@un.int, france-presse@un.int, francophonie@un.int, info@botschaft-frankreich.de, oau-ews@telecom.net.et, oiccabinet@arab.net.sa, paris@embassyiraq.com, poul.nielson@cec.eu.int, stm@stm.dk, info@unmovic.org, webmaster@foreign.gov.za, official.mail@iaea.org

Cc: aalcc@un.int, caribcomun@un.int, RedCrossCommittee@un.int , ec@un.int, francophonie@un.int, holysee@un.int, ilo@un.int, isa@un.int, info@unitingforpeace.com, seaun@un.int, las@un.int, oau@un.int, oic@un.int, Chinamission_un@fmprc.gov.cn, contact@germany-un.org, france-presse@un.int, info@cameroonmission.org

Bcc: afghanistan@un.int, albania@un.int, algeria@un.int, andorra@un.int, angola@un.int, antigua@un.int, argentina@un.int, armenia@un.int, australia@un.int, austria@un.int, azerbaijan@un.int, bahamas@un.int, bahrain@un.int, bangladesh@un.int, barbados@un.int, belarus@un.int, belgium@un.int, belize@un.int, benin@un.int, bhutan@un.int, bolivia@un.int, bosnia@un.int, botswana@un.int, braun@delbrasonu.org, brunei@un.int, bulgaria@un.int, burkinafaso@un.int, burundi@un.int, caf@un.int, cambodia@un.int, cameroon@un.int, canada@un.int, capeverde@un.int, chad@un.int, chile@un.int, china@un.int, colombia@un.int, comoros@un.int, congo@un.int, costarica@un.int, croatia@un.int, cuba@un.int, cyprus@un.int, czechrepublic@un.int, delun@mfa.no, denmark@un.int, djibouti@nyct.net, dominica@un.int, dprk@un.int, dr@un.int, drcongo@un.int, elsalvador@un.int, eqguinea@un.int, ecuador@un.int, egypt@un.int, eritrea@un.int, estonia@un.int, ethiopia@un.int, fiji@un.int, finland@un.int, france@un.int, gabon@un.int, gambia@un.int, georgia@un.int, germany@un.int, ghana@un.int, greece@un.int, grenada@un.int, guatemala@un.int, guinea@un.int, guyana@un.int, haiti@un.int, honduras@un.int, hungary@un.int, iceland@un.int, india@un.int, indonesia@un.int, iran@un.int, iraq@un.int, ireland@un.int, italy@un.int, ivorycoast@un.int, jamaica@un.int, japan@un.int, jordan@un.int, kazakhstan@un.int, kenya@un.int, korea@un.int, kyrgyzstan@un.int, laos@un.int, latvia@un.int, lebanon@un.int, lesotho@un.int, liberia@un.int, libya@un.int, liechtenstein@un.int, lithuania@un.int, luxembourg@un.int, macedonia@un.int, madagascar@un.int, malawi@un.int, malaysia@un.int, maldives@un.int, mali@un.int, malta@un.int, marshallislands@un.int, mauritania@un.int, mauritius@un.int, mexico@un.int, micronesia@un.int, moldova@un.int, monaco@un.int, mongolia@un.int, morocco@un.int, mozambique@un.int, myanmar@un.int, namibia@un.int, nepal@un.int, netherlands@un.int, newzealand@un.int, nicaragua@un.int, niger@un.int, nigeria@un.int, oman@un.int, pakistan@un.int, palau@un.int, panama@un.int, paraguay@un.int, peru@un.int, philippines@un.int, png@un.int, poland@un.int, portugal@un.int, qatar@un.int, romania@un.int, rusun@un.int, rwanda@un.int, samoa@un.int, sanmarino@un.int, senegal@un.int, seychelles@un.int, sierraleone@un.int, singapore@un.int, slovakia@un.int, slovenia@un.int, solomonislands@un.int, somalia@un.int, southafrica@un.int, spain@un.int, srilanka@un.int, stkn@un.int, stlucia@un.int, stp@un.int, stvg@un.int, sudan@un.int, suriname@un.int, swaziland@un.int, sweden@un.int, syria@un.int, tajikistan@un.int, thailand@un.int, togo@un.int, tto@un.int, tunisia@un.int, turkey@un.int, turkmenistan@un.int, uganda@un.int, ukraine@un.int, uae@un.int, uruguay@un.int, uzbekistan@un.int, vanuatu@un.int, venezuela@un.int, vietnam@un.int, yemen@un.int, yugoslavia@un.int, zambia@un.int, zimbabwe@un.int, mission@palestine-un.org, Saudi-Mission@un.int, switzerland@un.int, cfads-dfvsr@wanadoo.fr, Presse@df-brigade.de,  info@occar-ea.org, Cellule.Communication@defense.gouv.fr, remote-printer.Kofi_Annan@12129637055.iddd.tpc.int 

 (Addresses omitted: us@un.int, uk@un.int, israel@un.int, kuwait@un.int)

 Some of your Original letters should be posted soon. Meanwhile, for examples, you can look at mine at www.waronfreedom.org/petition.html or the English version of the French and Spanish letter.

Idea: arm bands    
Date:    3/16/2003 2:39:16 PM Pacific Standard Time    
From:    SyzygyRules@netscape.net    

I would like to propose that on the day the bombs start falling on Iraq, we - everyone who opposes this war - begin wearing black arm bands. Critics of the war will be told they have a duty to shut up once the firing starts; arm bands will act as a silent but very visible witness to our mourning. Mourning for our soldiers who will die or return wounded. Mourning for the innocent Iraqi men, women and children who will be blown apart. Mourning for the freedom that will be lost here. Mourning for America.

Rallies and marches don't happen every day, and can be avoided by the people who most need to see and hear them. Imagine the impact if just 1 percent - or 10 or 25 percent! - of the population wore black arm bands to work and to school and to the malls every day. And if the war or its messy aftermath drags on for a long time, the number of "arm banders" will swell. Without sign waving, without shouting, we thus will serve as a constant and enlarging reproach to the warmongers and their destruction.

I have marched against this war, and will do so again. But many, perhaps, will deem it imprudent to be too vocal against the war once it starts. I urge them to join me and others in our arm band movement, a simple and quiet yet eloquent, statement of opposition to the warmongers and an expression of our grief for what they are doing to us and to the world.

If this sounds like a good idea to you, too, please pass it along.

~ Steve Smith, Chapel Hill, North


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