January 18-19, 2003 Anti-War Protest Across the World

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1) Washington DC Protest
2) San Francisco Protest
3) Protests Across the World
4) Jan 19 Belgium Protest

For more protest infromation across the US and the World, please
check our Protest Calendar

USA: Lists of January 18 Protests Acroos the Country

Washington, DC: March & Rally Against War on Iraq
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Rally at 11 am on the West Side of the Capitol Building. March on the Washington DC Navy Yard. Initiated by International ANSWER, endorsed by Not In Our Name and many other organizations and individuals.

San Francisco, CA: March & Rally Against War on Iraq
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Assemble 11 am at Market & Embarcadero
March to Civic Center for 1pm rally

Honolulu, HI: Jan 18th Rally
Honolulu Not In Our Name is holding a Stop the War rally, march and concert

on Saturday, January 18. The rally will begin at 12 noon at Ala Moana
Park, followed by a march at 2 pm and a concert from 3-5:30. Rally
speakers will address the U.S. quest for domination, the impending war on
Iraq, attacks on civil liberties, and the increased militarization of Hawaii.

Westerly, RI: NION Anti-War Rally
9:00 AM- 11:00 AM

Downtown Post Office, Broad St. (Rte. #1)
Westerly, RI 02891
Contact: Patricia Hval
401-348-1818 or 401-596-9341
Message: Bring signs, banners, music, energy!

Yorba Linda CA

Meet at Hurless Barton Park, located at 4601 Casa Loma Ave.
in Yorba Linda CA 92886 Between Imperial Hwy.
& Yorba Linda Blvd.
11:00 AM - Rally
12:00 PM - March/Protest Nixon Library
2:00 PM - Celebration @ Park w/ Free food and music

Tampa, Florida
Peace Gathering
Saturday, January 18th 2003 1 PM to 4 PM

Location: Main Gates MacDill AFB (Dale Mabry Hwy) S. Dale Mabry Hwy (MacDIll AFB) Tampa Florida
Contact: Christine O'Brien thelizards@lizardhall.org 727-327-6726

Reno, Nevada
Honor Dr. King / Protest War On Iraq!
Saturday, January 18th 2003 12:30-2pm

Location: Manzanita Bowl on the University of Nevada Reno campus Corner of 9th & Virginia st. Reno Nevada
Contact: Stewart Stout stewartreno@yahoo.com
Sponsored By: Reno Anti-War Coalition, Patriots for Peace & Justice, Revolutionary Youth Supporting Equality, Campus Greens, Queer Student Union, Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, Nevada Young Activist Project, Sierra Interfaith Action for Peace. www.possiblebag.com/antiwar

Santa Barbara, California
Peace Congress 2003
Saturday, January 18th 2003 11:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M.

Location: Alameda Park, Unitarian Society 1535 Santa Barbara Street Santa Barbara California 93101
Contact: Steve Barger sbarger@nion-sb.org
Sponsored By: Not in Our Name - Santa Barbara http://www.peacecongress.info

Washington, DC
"War is Not the Answer" Rally and Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Action
Sunday, January 19th 2003 12 Noon

Location: Farragut Park Between “I” and “K” Sts. and 17th and Connecticut Ave, NW Washington DC
Contact: Gordon Clark pledgecoordinator@starpower.net
Sponsored By: Iraq Pledge of Resistance and United for Peace http://www.peacepledge.org/resist

Black Voices for Peace Call for Peace and Justice Events on MLK Jr. Holiday,
January 20

Tentatively scheduled at Plymouth Congregational Church, 5301 North Capitol St, Washington, D.C
More details coming soon. For more information call 202-232-5690.

1) Washington: Protests This Weekend
DC Independent Media Center

The DC Independent Media space for this weekend is located at 1314 18th Street NW on the lower level side entrance, near 18th Street and Massachusetts Ave or Dupont Circle metro.
HOURS Friday: 8pm-11pm Sat. & Sun: 9am-11pm. General meetings will be held each night at 9pm.
BREAKING NEWS: Call (202) 232-1724 - 9am-6pm Sat & Sun
See DC Indymedia Media Kit for full information. Links: DC Calendar of Events, Jan 17-20 Please Donate to Keep Indymedia Going
From A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
When Congress rejects the will of the people, the people must act themselves. Congress has rubber-stamped Bush's criminal war that seeks to conquer the oil, land and resources of the Middle East. Bush and Congress have shown that they represent the interests of Corporate America rather than the people of the United States. Tens of thousands of people will participate in mass protest activities on the Martin Luther King Jr. anniversary weekend. January 18 | March Route | Weather

From DC Coalitions: "Bush is Taking the Shirts Off Our Backs to Pay for this War" Coalition, Progressive Muslim Network, Anti Capitalist Convergence, Positive Force
On January 18, 2003, in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr., the "Bush is Taking the Shirts Off Our Backs to Pay for this War" Coalition, and the Progressive Muslim Network will be joining Positive Force's feeder march from Columbus Circle to ANSWER's rally against the war on Iraq in a show of resistance to the US government's recent clampdown on immigrants. More

Calendar for Jan 17-20
Protest At The Dept. of Justice Friday 2pm | Arab-American Student Conference 1/17-1/20 | Black Voices for Peace says WORK on MLK Holiday, Jan 20

1/16 War News Blog: EU Demands More Iraqi Cooperation to Avert War | U.S. Fights Late March Report on Iraq Arms | Italians alarmed at discovery of huge US munitions base | Rev. Jerry Falwell says war is just, inevitable | Anti-War Sign Controversy in Minneapolis

VETS SPEAK: Gulf War I Vets Caution Gulf War II Vets | Message to the Troops: Resist! | Jeff Paterson, Gulf War Refusenik | Daniel Ellsberg Calls on People in Gov't to Leak Documents | The National Gulf War Resource Center | Military Families Speak Out

2) Bay Area Gears Up for Massive Convergence Against U.S. War on Iraq
San Francisco Independent Media Center

SF-IMC Guide to January Counter-Offensives!
>> January 17: Public convergences for weekend protests
Several groups are holding public convergences to coordinate, arrange for out-of-towners and make the protest count. An open meeting at New College starts at 6:30pm, after a day of student coordination at SF State.
>> January 18: Broad mobilization against the war
A number of calls to action have been sent out about a large protest on January 18th in San Francisco:
answer | black bloc | communists | queer contingent | labor | student | green bloc | palestine contingent
>> SF Indymedia Streaming MP3 Radio
SF-IMC will be streaming live coverage of the day's protests starting at 10AM on January 18th. Check this spot for the URL on Saturday morning! sf-imc radio
>> SF Indymedia: special open hours to support protests
Indymedia offices at 16th & Mission will remain open as a public resource with computers, internet and scanners. complete details
>> Emergency actions when the U.S. attacks
Several groups have called for emergency actions beginning at Powell & Market in San Francisco for the night when war starts. iac call | black bloc call

As the United States amasses troops in the Middle East, civilian dissent against the imminent attack on Iraq is threatening to boil over. On 1/11 the streets of Los Angeles filled with more than 20,000 people in the biggest anti-war demonstraton the City of Angels has seen since Vietnam. People also converged in Mountain View, Chicago, and Twin Cities over the weekend.

San Francisco is gearing up for its own massive mobilization to take place on 1/18 to correspond with a huge demo planned for Washington D.C. Whatever your affiliation or even if you don't have one, now is the time to speak up, organize, and take part in the resistance.

Opposition to Bush's war on the poor in this country, as well as, on the rest of the globe is growing. Massive demonstrations and walkouts are planned for the day the bombs "officially" start falling. Human shield missions are also getting underway, with dozens of people going to strategic locations throughout Iraq.

3) 32 countries on Jan. 18
Date: 1/16/2003 9:44:58 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: laactivists@action-mail.org


The Mobilization against the U.S. war drive is gaining
momentum around the world.

Thousands protested in Rabat, Morocco, and Los Angeles on
Jan. 11. And in
Germany, the traditional remembrance in Berlin of World
War I anti-war, communist leaders Rosa Luxemburg and Karl
Liebknecht included a protest march of 10,000 with its
main slogans directed against U.S. plans to invade Iraq.

As of Jan. 14, demonstrations have been scheduled in at
least 32 countries in solidarity with the call from the
International ANSWER coalition-Act Now to Stop War & End
Racism-for mid-January actions.

As the Jan. 18 Washington, D.C., mass demonstration in
Washington, D.C., approaches, ANSWER activists report that
they have heard additional reports in the last 10 days
from organizers from four countries in Asia, five in Latin
America, five in Europe, and from South Africa, Canada and

International protests will target Pentagon bases, and in
some cases activists will attempt to carry out inspections
of the facilities for U.S. weapons of mass destruction.
This is true in Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan, the
Netherlands, the Philippines, South Korea and Spain.

Demonstrations will also take place in Argentina, Austria,
Bahrain Britain, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, France,
Guatemala, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Mexico,
Morocco, Pakistan, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia,
Sweden, Switzerland.

Polls show between 70 and 85 percent of the population in
Asia, Europe and Latin America oppose the war against

This popular pressure is so strong that even governments
of U.S. allies in Europe, North America and Japan--seeing
no gain for their own interests from a U.S.-British
assault on Iraq--have urged a slowing down of the U.S.

Subhead: South Asia, Latin America

In Pakistan, a coalition of secular, democratic and
pro-socialist parties will demonstrate on Jan. 18 in
Lahore in front of the U.S. Consulate. In India, the
All-Indian Anti-Imperialist Forum (AIAIF), based in
Calcutta, is organizing protests that day.

In Indonesia, the organization The Utopian of Bandung,
West Java, pledged actions on Jan. 18.

In Argentina, the Mothers of the Plazo del Mayo have
called for a Jan. 16 demonstration against the war on
Iraq. They will march from the Plaza Italia to the U.S.
Embassy. Many other organizations in Argentina also are
backing the anti-war action, including one in

In Ecuador and Peru, organizations opposed to U.S. war
policies are demonstrating outside the U.S. Embassy and
United Nations Headquarters in Quito on Jan. 18 and the
Embassy in Lima on Jan. 23, respectively.

In Mexico, a Jan. 18 demonstration will bring together
people from both sides of the border at the International
Bridge connecting El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, with
participation from Chihuahua. The same day a protest will
take place in Mexico City.

A protest is planned at the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala City
on Jan. 17.

In Vieques, Puerto Rico, groups fighting to oust the Navy
from using their island as a bombing range have added
their names as supporters of Jan. 18-19 actions.

Anti-war groups in Canada plan demonstrations across the
country on Jan. 18-19, with local actions in almost 30
cities across the country--from Vancouver and Winnipeg to
Toronto, Montreal and St. John. See
www.canesi.org/Engl/agir.html for details.

Subhead: Europe: from Jan. 18 to Feb. 15

A national demonstration will take place in Paris on Jan.
18, in addition to protests in some provincial cities.

In Brussels, Belgium, the Stop USA--United States of
Aggression--Coalition has called a Jan. 19 action under
the slogans of "No war," "no sanctions" and "stop the
bombardment." Demands also support the struggle of the
Palestinian people.

At least three actions are planned in Spain for Jan.
18-19, including a protest march to the Torrejon airbase
near Madrid to "Stop the war on Iraq before it starts."

In Italy, there are calls for demonstrations in Florence,
Perugia and at Camp Ederle near Vicenza in northern Italy.

In Iceland, the first demonstration against the planned
U.S. attack on Iraq is set for the afternoon of Jan. 18,
with a meeting in the main square of Rekjavik and a march
to the U.S. Embassy.

In Britain, a regional demonstration is planned in
Yorkshire, and a weekend of protest and civil disobedience
in London at the Northwood Military Base.

Netherlands organizations announced a protest in Leiden on
Jan. 18 to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King with a
demonstration for peace, civil rights and anti racism.
There will also be actions in Rotterdam, and at Volkel
military air base in the south. There, peace inspectors
will look for weapons of mass destruction--U.S. nuclear
warheads are reportedly hidden there.

In Germany, actions are slated in Gera on Jan. 17, and on
Jan. 18 Jena, Bonn, and Berlin, and a group in Heidelberg
will demonstrate at the U.S. military headquarters and
near Frankfurt at the Rhine-Main Air Base also on Jan. 18.
In Sweden, the protest is set for Gothenburg.

In Austria, the demonstration is set for Jan. 17 at the
U.S. Embassy in Vienna at 5 p.m.

Many European anti-war organizations are also preparing
national demonstrations for Feb. 15.

4) Anti-War Protest at Belgium

Manifestation Nationale contre la guerre 14h00 Bruxelles Gare du Nord
Nationale Betoging tegen de oorlog 14 h 00 Brussel Noord-Station


Stop the United States of aggression
No War !
Geen oorlog tegen Irak ! Stop de bombardementen
No Sanctions !
Opheffing van het embargo tegen Irak. Geen buitenlandse inmenging !
Free Palestine
Een Palestijnse Staat nu !
Steun aan het Palestijnse verzet

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