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Come to Washington February 6-9

to demand "The Change WE Need"

President Elect Obama opposed the war in Iraq before it started, calling it a "dumb war."  But he and his advisors have also said that they plan to spread the return of combat troops from that "dumb war" out over sixteen months and to keep tens of thousands of other troops on the ground in Iraq indefinitely. 

So from February 6-9, MFSO will be traveling to Washington to bring the new President and new Congress the message that it is long past time to bring all our troops home from Iraq.  The four days of events will include:

  • A teach-in on Capitol Hill featuring the voices of military families, veterans, and Iraqis, explaining the need for an immediate and complete end to the war in Iraq -- and the human impacts of continuing the occupation.
  • A march from Arlington National Cemetery to the White House.
  • Lobbying members of Congress to end the war in Iraq.
Some scholarships will be available to help members travel to Washington -- watch your e-mail for details!

What are your plans for the inauguration?

At noon on January 20, Americans will watch a new President take the oath of office.   Where will you be?

If you will be in Washington, let us know.  We are hoping to bring MFSO members in Washington together on inauguration day.  And we know that reporters will be looking for military family members in the crowd to give their comments on that historic day.
If you will be watching from home, consider inviting other MFSO members and supporters to join you for an inauguration party.  Local media may be interested in covering your gathering.  You could even make your party a fundraiser for your chapter!
Whatever your plans are, please let us know by e-mailing .

Make your voice heard!
With a new President and a new Congress coming to Washington, now is the time to make our voices heard in the press about the change we need: an immediate and complete end to the war in Iraq.

Letters to the editor are one great tool for making your voice heard!  The letters to the editor page is one of the most heavily read pages of any newspaper.  Talking points, tips for letter writing, and a sample letter are all available on our website at http://mfso.org/article.php?id=1273.    If you'd like help editing your letter, e-mail

The Board This Month
In order to keep members informed about its work, the MFSO Board of Directors will use this space to offer a brief summary of the major business it handles each month.

December was a busy month for the Board, coming out of November's Board retreat.  The Board worked to intiate the search for a National Director, to oversee the launch of "The Change WE Need" campaign, and to begin a conversation about increasing diversity in our membership and our leadership.   The Board also held its first joint meeting with Chapter leaders, focusing on MFSO's decision making process about Afghanistan and ways to advance the discussion of the issue within the organization in the lead-up to a national referendum early next year.   Next month we hope to fill the at large board seats vacated by the departure of Drew Mealing and Michelle Tucker and begin discussing ways to make the Regional Representative system work better for members, Chapter leaders, and the Board.

MFSO in the news

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Separated by war

Help us continue our work!
MFSO depends on donations from people like you to help us continue pushing our leaders to bring our troops home from Iraq and take care of them when they get here!
The best way to support MFSO is to spread your giving out over the year by charging a modest monthly gift to your credit card or debit card.  This provides us with steady, reliable support we need to be able to respond quickly to new developments in Washington and Iraq.
One time gifts are also greatly appreciated!
Either way, its quick and easy to make a tax-deductible contribution to MFSO through the secure server on our website at http://mfso.org/article.php?list=type&type=3 .


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