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Newly Released Abu Ghraib Torture Photos and Videos Confirm Need for Independent Counsel, And Criminal Charges Against U.S. Officials!
Last week, the world shock to see more photos and video release by Australian TV show "Dateline" about the torture in the Abu Ghraib prison.
To see the complete photo album, click here
"Dateline" show about the Abu Ghraib
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The American Civil Liberty Union ACLU and Human Rights First have charged that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld bears direct responsibility for the torture and abuse of detainees, and filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of eight men subjected to torture and abuse under Secretary Rumsfeld's command.
U.S. military, top ranking Pentagon officials/generals and U.S. government officials has a undeniable reasonability about the crimes against humanity in the prison, and the brutal U.S. invasion and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Take Actions now, support ACLU actions Demand An Outside Special Counsel for Investigation and Prosecution of Torture Abuses

Democracy Now Radio Show (U.S.A.)
Friday 17, 2006
Australian Report Reveals More Abu Ghraib Torture Photos, Drawing Public Outrage

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The Australian news program Dateline aired a report on SBS public broadcasting earlier this week that broke the story of more photographs and videos of Iraqi detainees being tortured inside Abu Ghraib. We air an excerpt of the original Australian report and speak with reporter Olivia Rousset of SBS in Sydney. [includes rush transcript]
The release of more photographs of atrocities by American soldiers against Iraqi detainees in the U.S.-run Abu Ghraib prison have spread outrage across Iraq. An official in Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari’s office said, "This serious affair totally contradicts human rights and should not be repeated."
The Australian news program Dateline aired a report earlier this week that showed new photographs of Iraqi detainees being tortured inside Abu Ghraib. The photographs were graphic, showing among other images, a dead man lying in the dirt with blood coming out of his head, another prisoner covered in feces and others in sexually humiliating positions. The U.S government quickly condemned the release of the new photographs. Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said that the photos will only inflame and incite unnecessary violence and would endanger the U.S military. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said yesterday that the photos are nothing new and that the perpetrators have already been punished.
So far, no high-ranking officer or official has been charged in the abuse scandal. Meanwhile, State Department legal adviser John Bellinger criticized the release of the photos. In Australia, Dateline’s Executive Producer, Mike Carey, spoke out yesterday defending his program’s decision to air the photos. We go now to an excerpt of the report that aired on the Australian news program Dateline. For the T.V. viewers, please be warned that the images are extremely violent and graphic in nature.
  • Olivia Roussert, reporter for SBS Dateline. She joins us on the phone from Sydney.
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