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US Occupations in Iraq, Killings in Palestine
Is This Our Future?
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No Occupation! No Colonization!

No Blood for Oil! No Colonization of Iraq & Afghanistan!
No Immigrant Bashing! Health Care Not Warfare!
Books Not Bombs! Schools Not Tanks! Bring the Troops Back Home!

11/23 Alert! Carwford Anti-War Protesters Arrested Near Bush's Ranch!
Please call Crawford Police Department: (254) 486-2678
Demand Their Release peace Activists ASAP! and Stop harassing them! 

War protester Dede Miller, the sister of Cindy Sheehan, is arrested Wednesday for camping along a roadside in Crawford, Texas (Matt Slocum / AP)  

CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) - A dozen war protesters were arrested Wednesday for setting up camp near President Bush's ranch in defiance of new local bans on roadside camping and parking.

About four hours after the group pitched six tents and huddled in sleeping bags and blankets, McLennan County sheriff's deputies arrested them for criminal trespassing.

Another dozen or so demonstrators left the public right of way after deputies warned them they would be arrested.

The protest was set to coincide with Bush's Thanksgiving ranch visit.

The arrests were made by more than two dozen deputies who calmly approached the demonstrators in their tents and asked if they wanted to walk out on their own or be carried. Two chose to be carried. They were to be taken to jail for booking.

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan wasn't among the protesters Wednesday because of a family emergency in California, but she planned to be at the camp later in the week.

``We are proud to be here,'' Dede Miller, Sheehan's sister, said hours before her arrest as she huddled in a blanket at the campsite. ``This is just so important. What we did in August really moved us forward, and this is just a continuation of it.''

In August, hundreds of demonstrators camped off the road during a 26-day protest led by Sheehan, whose 24-year-old soldier son Casey was killed in Iraq last year. But a month later, county commissioners banned camping in any county ditch and parking within 7 miles of the ranch, citing safety and traffic congestion issues.

Earlier this week, three demonstrators filed a federal lawsuit against McLennan County over the two local bans.

During the last several weeks of their summer protest, the activists had camped on a private 1-acre lot that a sympathetic landowner let them use. That land is about a mile from Bush's ranch.

11/23/05 11:58 EST
Eureka, CA Recruiting Center Shut Down11/19/2005 EUREKA ANTI-WAR PROTEST

[IMC Indy Bay Media Center] On November 18th, the Eureka Military Recruiting Center was shut down for the day by approximately 200 protesters. Present at the protest were students, peace groups, Buddhists meditating for peace and people young and old who are disgusted with Bush’s war for oil. Participation in this sparsely populated area was high, partly in protest of police brutality and the arrest of four cyclist on route to an earlier war protest. Like the earlier protest, a CHP helicopter brought in from Redding circled overhead and police used scare tactics with the presence of rubber bullet weapons and tear gas launchers. No arrests were made but at least 6 harassment citations were given to protesters for such things as riding a bicycle on the sidewalk and obstructing traffic. Read More
Past Coverage Of Eureka Anti-War Protests: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Iraq Body Count
Updates Number of Iraqi Civilian Had been Killed

More on Iraq

The US War in Iraq Costs:

$221,550,000,000 (as of: November 23, 2005)

From Cost of War URL:

Total U.S. Death: 2,097
Total U.K. Deat: 98
"Coalition" Forces: 103

Total U.S.-U.K.-"Coalition Forces" Death: 2,298 (as of: November 23, 2005)

Total Wounded: 15,568



Stand Up! Get Up! Fight for Peace and Justice!

Oct 24: 2,000 Deaths Too Many!
Community actions at the Day After U.S. 2,000 Deaths in Iraq


Please post your local protest/vigil information at,000/ 

Called by: Peace No War Network, United for Peace & Justice, American Friends Service Committee, Gold Star Families for Peace, Military Families Speak Out 

We are calling a nation-wide actions to mark the 2,000th U.S. soldier's death in Iraq by organizing actions that make visible their deaths and those of Iraqis who have died in this senseless war. We're supporting the call made by UFPJ member groups -- American Friends Service Committee,000/ , Gold Star Families for Peace and Military Families Speak Out -- for actions on the day after the U.S. government announces the 2000th death.

2000 Too Many leaflet now available at UFPJ!

Past News From Iraq and Useful Information

Looking Back March - April 2003: U.S. Invasions Against Iraq

Great Political Animation by Eric Blumrich

$80 Billion More for War?
No Way! Bring the Troops Home Now
(by United for Peace & Justice)

George W. Bush is asking Congress for $80 billion more for the failed Iraq war, on top of the more than $151 billion already appropriated. Congress is gearing up to pour more money to "stay the course" of the past two tragic years. The U.S. presence on the streets of Iraq is fueling animosity, motivating the armed resistance, and sealing the fate for failed democracy in Iraq. Every extra day and dime the U.S. spends on its reckless course in Iraq deepens the suffering in Iraq and at home. Tell your Member of Congress that not one more dime should go to waging war in Iraq. Instead, the U.S. must end the occupation, bring our troops home, and support Iraqi sovereignty.

• Contact your members of Congress at 202-224-3121 (9-5 EST) and demand no new war spending
Download and distribute UFPJ leaflet on the real costs of the war.
• Post any protest or educational activities on UFPJ calendar | More »

Past News From Iraq and Useful Information

May 2004: Recent Photos Shows U.S. Military Brutality in Iraq
At the Period of April, 2004

March 20 2004: News from Iraq

March 20: 2 Million People Around the World Still Says No To
War and Occupations!

March 20 Mobolization News from Around the World


United For Peace International ANSWER

Looking Back March - April 2003: U.S. Invasions Against Iraq

February 20, 2004
News From Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti and More!

Feb 20, 2004 News

December 23, 2003

The Axis of Incoherence
Analysis by Jim Lobe (Inter Press Service: Dec 11, 2003)

Nov 11 2003: Veteran Day 2003 - Bring the Troop Back Home!
Stop Killing Iraqi People!

They are the hated ones, the despised face of U.S.. occupation in Iraq. But the men and women who make up the U.S. forces are living in a hell of their own.

Not many of the U.S. soldiers in Iraq are quite troops either. Some are "regular army" mobilised from Germany, but many are reservists called to duty early this year.

Without uniforms, they would be the Joe or Jane you see on the streets of the United States. Before they were called to duty, many were students or government workers.

With the death toll rising, and public support for the occupation of Iraq waning, the military is making sure no pictures of soldiers' bodies are shown on television. Most soldiers say they just want to go home.....


Nov 9 2003: News From Iraq

March - April 2003: U.S. Invasions Against Iraq

April 10, 2003 Iraq: Liberation of Occupation?

April 9, 2003: Good Talking Points on Iraq

April 7 2003: Baghdad

War, Weapons and Money in Iraq

3/25: Bush requested $74.7B for war in Iraq, that's they are stealing $287 per American to kill Iraqi people,
or average $3290.5 to bomb each Iraqi with new and expensive weapons.

April 4: Latest Information on Iraqi Civilian Casualties

March 24, 2003: Information on Iraqi Civilian Casualties!!!
Hundreds Iraqi had Killed/Injured by US Bombing
US Censored TV Footage on Captured US POWs By Iraqis

3/21/03: US-UK Military
US-UK Ground force
pushes into Iraq

3/20/03: The Attack

3/21/03: Emergency Protests Across the World,
White House and War $$$$

3/21/03: Urgent Situtation in Palestine
3/21/03: Iraqi American Under FBI questioning

Reference, Information About Iraq

Report from Baghdad: Interview and Interoduction

The six-part series "Report form Baghdad" by Pacifica Radio KPFK Los Angeles Reporter Lee Siu Hin's July 2003 trip to U.S. occupied Iraq, provides American peace activists and family the first hand information what happened in Iraq under U.S. occupations.

"Report From Baghdad" CD-ROM on Sale!


Useful Article, Web Links

Federations of American Scientists Background Info in Iraq

17 Reasons Not To Invade Iraq

Maps of Iraq (large files, will take long time)

Military Maps
Major Iraqi Air Fields

City Maps


March, 2003 Emergency Kit to Stop the War!

For latest media coverage, please check the following non-corporate independent US media:

Independent Media Center
Inter Press Service

Counter Recruitment, GI Resistance Watch



We urge you to join us in a "National Day of Action for GI Resisters" on Tuesday May 10, 2005. This is the day before the US military is planning to bring sailor Pablo Paredes and soldier Kevin Benderman before military court martial tribunals for their opposition to the Iraq War. They face forfeiture of pay and benefits, and military jail time.

On December 6, 2004, Navy Petty Officer Pablo Paredes refused to board his ship as it left the San Diego Naval Station in support of the Iraq War and occupation. At the time of his refusal, Pablo said he hoped his protest might inspire other GI's to refuse to take part in the war.

On January 5, 2005, Kevin Benderman refused to deploy for a second tour of duty in Iraq with the Army's Third Infantry Division. At the same time seventeen other soldiers from his unit went AWOL, two tried to kill themselves and one had a relative shoot him in the leg to avoid deploying.

Both men applied for discharge from the US military as conscientious objectors. The military has wrongly rejected both claims.

It's time for us to escalate public pressure and action in support of Pablo, Kevin and the thousands of other courageous men and women who have followed their conscience to uphold international law and to take a principled stand against the unjust, illegal war and occupation of Iraq. It's time we had their backs.
Objection and resistance by military servicepersons is a healthy and important assertion of Democracy in a country where the decisions to invade Iraq, to maintain an occupation, and engage in widespread human right violations and torture were made undemocratically in violation of international law and based on continuing lies and disinformation.

Please join us by organizing a public demonstration, vigil or rally of support on May 10. Every action, no matter how large or small is important.

* Send letters of support and donations to cover legal fees to Pablo and Kevin via their websites listed below.
* Come to San Diego, California (Pablo) or Fort Stewart, Georgia (Kevin) to show your support during their trials.
* Write letters to the editor, and help educate your organization, church, union, school, co-workers and community.

Resisting illegal occupation and war is not a crime! The right to conscientious objection is being systematically violated by the military. Those objectors who are publicly asserting their rights are being singled out for punishment. We demand that military personnel retain their right to follow their conscience, publicly dissent and that their basic democratic rights be respected. A better world is possible!

More info about Pablo Paredes:

More info about Kevin Benderman:

For May 10 actions, leaflets, and more:


May 12, 2005 Sad News: Military Judge Convicts Sailor Turned Anti-War Activist Pablo Paredes

May. 12, 2005 - A sailor turned anti-war activist was convicted Wednesday in a special court-martial of refusing to board the USS Bonhomme Richard as it deployed to the Persian Gulf in December.

A military judge found Petty Officer 3rd Class Pablo Paredes guilty of missing his ship's movement, but dismissed a second count of unauthorized absence, ruling it duplicative.

The proceeding then moved into the sentencing phase. The 23-year-old New Yorker could receive a year in jail, a forfeiture of pay, reduction in rank and a bad-conduct discharge.

Paredes had waived his right to have his trial heard by a military jury.

Paredes, a weapons control technician, refused to board the ship on Dec. 6 as it left for a six-month deployment in the Pacific and Indian oceans. The Bonhomme Richard and two other ships were transporting about 3,000 Marines to Iraq.

At the time, Paredes told reporters he did not want to be part of a war he views as illegal and immoral. He said his military training has taught him to avoid what he views as a war crime.

Navy prosecutors, however, blocked Paredes' plans to put the war on trial during the court-martial. A Navy officer reviewing Paredes' request for conscientious objector status has also recommended that it be denied.

Defense attorney Jeremy Warren said Paredes passed up deals that would have minimized his punishment in exchange for a guilty plea.

"He's not backing down from what he did or why he did it," Warren said.

To check how you help, please visit:


February 2005 Peace Zine: Special Counter Recruitment Issue
The Monthly Newsletter from Peace No war Network



Haiti: Continue Killing and People's Struggle

Important Video from July 2005 U.N. Killing in Haiti [Real MPEG]

The International Tribunal on Haiti
September 23, 2005
Washington D.C.

On Friday, September 23, 2005, the Director General of the Haiti National Police Leon Charles, UN Force Commander Lieutanant General Augusto Heleno Ribiero Pereira of Brazil, and the Special Representative of the United Nations Juan Valdes of Chile were convicted of violations of Haitian law and international law including crimes against humanity. This verdict was delivered by the jury of the First Session of the International Tribunal on Haiti. The Tribunal was held in Washington, DC at George Washington University at the Elliott School of International Affairs. More...


March 2004: The Military Coup in Haiti!


March 11, 2003: News From Haiti Crisis!
Useful Links on Haiti

3/2: Urgent from Haiti: Aristide's Safety in Danger! Upcoming Terror in Haiti!

1. Defend the Democratically-Elected Government of President Aristide!
2. Stop the US Destabilization Campaign against Haiti!
3. End the US Embargo against Haiti!

March 2 2003: News From Haiti

History of US Militray, CIA Involvemnet in Haiti

February 23, 2003: Haiti: Urgent Actions!!!


October 19, 2003: Urgent Actions on Colombia, Mexico and USA

Bolivia truly shows the power of people's movement, the struggles against American empire and U.S.-supported semi-colonial puppet regime, and the Lozada's resignation. However, let's don't forget there's still have many struggles lie ahead on Mexico, Colombia and of course, in the United States.

Latin America: A growing Struggle,
February 7, 2003 News

Looking Back 2002 to Look Forward 2003
December 30, 2002 News

Past News

Nov 15, 02: News from the Americas


March 16 03: American Peace Activist Rachel Corrie Killed by Israeli Army

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - An American woman in Gaza to protest against Israeli operations was killed Sunday when she was run over by an Israeli bulldozer, witnesses and hospital officials said, it caome with the same time when Nine Palestinians, including a four-year-old girl, were killed during Israeli swoops in the Gaza Strip on Monday that touched off fierce battles with gunmen, witnesses said.

Witnesses said Rachel Corrie, 23, from Olympia, Washington, was trying to stop the bulldozer from tearing down a building in the Rafah refugee camp, witnesses said, when she was run over. She was taken to Najar hospital in Rafah, where she died, said Dr. Ali Moussa, a hospital administrator...

Nov 18, 02: Israeli Force Again Assault Palestine!

1) Israeli Tanks Move Into Gaza City (Associated Press)
2) Israeli Troops Seize West Bank City (Associated Press)
3) Nov 16 Hear Palestine Briefing (Palestine)
4) Nov 15 Hear Palestine Briefing (Palestine)
5) Israelis fear war crimes arrests (Guardian)

The Amnesty report About IDF War Crime is available online at:!Open

Useful Resources for Current Situations in Palestine

US foreign aid to Israel

Breaking News
History and Political Analysis
Upcoming US Demonstrations

Chronology of Siege in Bethlehem, April 2002 (Associated Press)
Updates from Bethlehem (Jerusalem IMC)

(you decide which one you'll trust)

List of destruction and vandalism by the Israeli Army (by CODIP)
Question & Answer: Background to the Israel-Palestine Crisis

Analysis: Palestine, Iraq, Cuba and Venezuela--What's Oil Got to Do With It? The politics of the covert oil war, 2002 AD

Images from Jenin after April IDF Attack



War is Peace, Arms Racing is Disarmament:
The Non-Proliferation Treaty and the U.S. Quest for Global Military Dominance

Western States Legal Foundation's new special report, released in connection with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference now taking place in New York, is now available on the web. War is Peace, Arms Racing is Disarmament: The Non-Proliferation Treaty and the U.S. Quest for Global Military Dominance, May, 2005, examines aspects of U.S. nuclear weapons programs that are receiving little attention, including upgrades to the systems used to plan and execute nuclear strikes and modernization of missiles and other delivery systems.

The full report can be found at

The summary can be found at


Corporate Environmental Crimes, Global Warming, Toxic Pollution...
(I know it's the same old Crap Everyday..)
February 7, 2003 News

Useful Web Links

What Happened Last Year, May Still Happen This Year Again!
January 3, 2003 News

The industrialized North continues in its attempts to send its hazardous waste ships to be scrapped in the shipyards of the developing South, threatening human health and the environment in those nations, charged activists as delegates gathered here this week for the conference of the Basel Convention on hazardous waste trade. Also, the year of 2002 saw an increase in the Earth's average surface temperature, is the second warmest in the 160 years since instrumental measurements of temperatures have been recorded, reports the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

While Houston Repeat as 'Fattest City' in the United States, their nearby neighboring central American countries, Some 700,000 Central Americans are suffering from hunger today, including 6,000 children at risk of starving to death, while the international aid needed to finance a 4.8 million dollar World Food Programme (WFP) emergency plan is only slowly trickling in....

Past News

October 18, 2002: EPA, 'Chemical Killers', AIDS, Hunger


Children Rights Watch

Hunger, War and Struggles
February 7 News

from September 11, 2001 to September 11, 2002

world spending on war:
one billion dollars a year
more than two million dollars a minute
200 dollars a year for every inhabitant of the planet..

December 31, 2002 Year End Reviews..

Hunger Watch

While US Government is Spending Billions of Dollars going to War with Iraq, Little International Attentions Had been Paid to millions of people across the country who are facing the starvation, and thousands had been die...
February 7 News

Immigrant Rights Watch

ActionLA, PeaceNoWar announces the creations of
National Immigrant Solidarity Network!
Please visit the Website:


November 9 2003: News On Immigrant Rights Watch

Immigrant Rights Are Under Siege!

1) Special Registration Alert! (American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee)
2) Immigration Enforcement and Native American Trust Fund (Friends Committee on National Legislation )
3) SUNY Immigrant Student Arrested and Detained (DRUM -Desis Rising Up & Moving)
4) Congressional Forum Highlights Civil Rights, Racial Profiling (APP)
5) Civil Liberties Update- Special Registration (National Immigration Forum)
6) Report: Immigration in a Time of Recession (Center for Immigration Studies)

Useful Links:

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) Immigration Law Advisory - Re-Registration Reminder:

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Special Registration Update - Approaching Annual Deadlines & Other Registration Requirements:

Useful Legal Information and Resources
More information is available from the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) 'Know Your Rights' pamphlet, available in English, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, Punjabi, and Portuguese, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Question & Answer sheet.

Know Your Rights-when you questions by the police, FBI, INS, or any other law enforcement agents

Know Your Rights!

Trainings and Wallet-Sized Palm-Cards (Spanish, Arabic, English and Urdu) are available from the Know Your Rights Committee of CHRI.

You have these rights in the USA (regardless of your immigration status!):
* You do not have to answer any questions by the police, FBI, INS, or other law enforcement. Do not talk without a lawyer. Say you want to see a lawyer.
* You do not have to sign any paper without a lawyer with you.
* You do not have to let the police, FBI, INS or anyone else come into your house without a "warrant" (special paper from a judge). Tell your roommates not to let them in without a warrant.
* You do not have to answer any questions about your immigration.
* You do not have to show identification unless you are driving a car. (Backs of cards list places to call for legal assistance, finding a lawyer, and other resources)

Insane INS

January 16, 2003: INS Orders Men from five more
to register in US
News Summary

12/26 2002: INS & FBI Harassed and Jailed Foreign Students!

News and stories

1) Foreign Students Jailed in Colorado (Associated Press)
2) FBI Seeks Data on Foreign Students (Washington Post, USA)
3) Background Information: International Students in the United States

The bogus USA Patriot Act design to find scapegoats for their own failure and to blame the "foreigners" are the caused of all problems. It's been well know that INS had arrested and harassed thousands of Arab/Iranian/Middle Eastern/north African immigrants in the US, but also had been harassed and arrested hundreds of foreign students in US.

Just yesterday, INS admitted they had arrested at least six Middle Eastern students studying in Colorado for minor "student visa violations," for not taking enough classes required by student visa!

According from US Immigration and Neutralization Services (INS), US foreign visa college students need to at least enrolls in 12 quarter-units for undergraduate programs or 8 quarter-units in graduate programs.

The INS & FBI harassed against foreign students had been not very publicized but it will be became a serious issue, since foreign students has less legal and social support networks then immigrants. Foreign students have no rights to work and not eligible for any government benefits, nor due process of law in immigrant cases--although they are paying 200-300% more fees then American students.

For those who are not familiar with US education system, depends on the school, if they runs quarter system (11 weeks per quarter), generally 4 quarter-units for one class, for more information check:
- Study in USA--Education System:
- International Student Immigration Issues (some information may be old!)

12/19 02: 500 Detained by INS, Thousands Protested in LA!

12/19: Thousands came for Protests INS detaining at Westwood Federal Building, Los Angeles

from Los Angeles Independent Media Center
500 Plus So-Cal Residents Detained Without Warning

UPDATE: Civil Rights Groups are suing the Justice Department to stop further detentions. -- Photographs from Saturday's Rally at the Westwood Federal Building. -- An article from the SF Chronicle reports on the INS statement that all but 20 of the detainees had been released by Friday. -- Earlier in the week, a report came onto the newswire regarding releases as well.

STORY: Arab, Iranian, and Northern African residents throughout the United States went to INS offices earlier in the week for a re-registration program mandated by the INS. About 1/4 of them were then detained. Since these residents went down to the INS offices voluntarily, the detentions came as a shock to their families and the wider community. Upwards of 500 Southern Californians, (young and old, followers of differing religions), were detained. As of Wednesday night, many still remain locked away. It's fair to assume that others in similar situations are also detained throughout the country.

REACTION: On Wednesday afternoon there was a massive protest at the Westwood Federal building, organized in large part by local Iranian radio stations. Several thousand people came out to support immigrant rights and condemn the INS' recent practices. Here are 19 PHOTOGRAPHS from Wednesday's demonstration. Read an on-the-scene report from the protest. Listen to moving testimony on the detention of Iranian immigrants, posted on the newswire, previously aired on one of the AM radio stations that helped organize the rally. An attorney at the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee is interviewed here on MP3 on Flashpoints radio.

STATEMENTS & ANALYSIS & ACTIONS: The American Immigration Lawyers Association has posted to the wire asking for help in gathering detainee's stories. The Muslim Public Affairs Council held a conference this Saturday in Long Beach where the Patriot Act was of main concern. The Alliance of Iranian Americans has released statement addressed to the INS on the situation. They state that they are raising legal defense funds for the detainees. Here's a statement from the Irvine-based website of the Green Party of Iran. The ACLU posted an analysis of the situation and a discussion about the possibility for further detentions. And though the gravity of the situation requires that it not be explained away by incompetence, here is a link demonstrating the INS' propensity to misplace paperwork.

ON THE HORIZON: January 10 begins a new round of registration involving non-US citizens from a new list of countries. The Pakistani Embassy in DC has asked for comments from the Pakistani Community living in the US on how to deal with the present situation.

[ Check out Global Indymedia's Feature: INS Interns Hundreds, Refuses to Report ]

Also: Armenians Don't Need to Register in US (Associated Press)


March 4: U'wa People Face US Oil Drilling Again
The Report on March 24, 2003 National Colombia Mobolization

(From: Los Angeles Independent Media Center)

The Current situation in Colombia is worsen, partly because FARC increase attacks on government, but mainly because US is sending a large amount of money and weapons to the Colombia in the name of "anti-terrorism"

Independent Media Center had published many great articles about Colombia: #1 Colombia and the New Latin America, #2 Colombian Communists are Victims of On-going Genocide, #3 Colombian Narcofascism Raises its Ugly Head, #4 As US Intervention Grows, Colombian Army Seiges Medellin , #5 Pentagon Sends Combat Troops to Colombia, #6 Marines Ordered into Colombia, #7 The Political Economy of a Narco-Terror State, #8 More US Military Aids, Special Forces to Colombia, #9 Colombia is Like Vietnam, #10 New Colombian Governmant Slams Door on Peace, #11 Noam Chomsky Interview "US is Financing Murder of Possibly Millions in Cauca (Colombia)", #12 White House Promotes Terrorism and Drug Trafficking in Colombia, #13 US Offensive in Latin America: Coups, Retreats, and Radicalization, #14 A Savage Attack: Massacre in District 13, Medellin, #15 Propaganda and Plan Colombia, Perception Management of the U.S.'s "Terror War".

Listen to an interview with Manuel Rozental of the Canada Colombia Solidarity Campaign on the effects of Plan Colombia and the FTAA (Free Trade Agreement of the Americas) on indigenous people.

There are many websites that provide quality, in-depth coverage of Colombia and the US intervention there. ZNET's Colombia Watch provides exceptional updates and analysis; and Rachel Gueveran had an excellent article on Colombia and Corporate Profits in Z magazine's Oct 2002 issue. Narco News Bulletin features reports on major breaking news, as well as penetrating analysis: check out the article "Toward Drug Legalization", as well as two critiques (1, 2) of Plan Colombia by Ron Jacobs (1, 2). The web-magazine Counterpunch often features poignant commentaries on Colombia; here are six recent examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Detroit-based Labor Notes has reported on, and regularly comments upon, (1, 2, 3, 4) the oppresion, and murder, of Colombian labor leaders. Los Angeles based From the Wilderness also offers regular commentaries and investigative features (1, 2, 3, 4) on the US role in Colombia. NACLA is an excellent source for well-researched academic-type analysis of Colombia, and their latest magazine features an in-depth analysis of the role of drugs in Colombian society and its economy. And finally, the Center for International Policy's Colombia Project's web-page is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in investigating US policy in Colombia, and it also provides regular updates and analysis of the conflicts in Colombia.

Colombia Human Rights Network is an excellent resource for information about Colombia, and about activism supporting the struggles for Human Rights and democracy there. The Colombia Support Network similarly provides updates as well as information about how to get involved in the solidarity movement with the people of Colombia.

Recently, Gerard Ungerman and Audrey Brohy, the filmmakers who produced the most incisive English-language documentary about the Gulf War "Hidden Wars of Desert Storm", are in the final stages of completing their new film "Plan Colombia: Cashing-In on the Drug-War Failure". The synopsis of the film, See the 3-mim preview (Best for DSL Connections)

For on-going Spanish language coverage of the crises in Colombia, check out Colombia Indymedia.

Peace Actions!


UFPJ Sept. 24-26 2005 Mobilization
Three Days of Peace & Justice Actions in Washington, D.C.

Hold Bush & Congress Accountable for the Deaths, the Destruction, the Lies, and the Toll on Our Communities
Three Days of Action for Peace and Justice in Washington, D.C.

Sat., 9/24 - Massive March, Rally & Operation Ceasefire Concert
Sun., 9/25 - Interfaith Service, Grassroots Training
Mon., 9/26 - Grassroots Lobby Day, Mass Nonviolent Direct Action and Civil Disobedience

Read call to action
Download mobilizing leaflets
Endorse the mobilization

Sickened by the killing, the torture, the destruction, and the spiraling human and financial costs of this illegal and immoral war? It's time to let Congress and the White House know: We're fed up and we will hold you accountable! Join United for Peace and Justice in Washington, D.C. for three massive days of action against the war: a major march, rally, and festival on Saturday, September 24; an interfaith religious service and day of grassroots trainings on Sunday, September 25; and a large-scale grassroots lobbying day and mass nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience on Monday, September 26.

Support for Cindy Grows, Opposition to the War Expands

In a way that rarely happens, the action of one woman has touched the hearts of people in every corner of the country, moving many to take some action themselves. Since August 6, Cindy Sheehan has been camping outside the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas. Her straightforward request for a meeting with the president has been met with the same arrogance this administration has shown most of the world. But while her call for an end to the U.S. war and occupation in Iraq is being ignored by the president, it is resonating with people from all walks of life.
Read More>>

The encampment in Crawford will continue until Bush meets with this mother whose son was killed fighting in a war that never should have happened, or Bush leaves his vacation home and returns to Washington, D.C. United for Peace and Justice urges you to join this effort by taking action in your own community. As strong as the presence is in Crawford, the power of our movement rests in what each of us does in our own home towns. This national movement to end the war in Iraq must be as visible and as determined as Cindy Sheehan.


May Day Parade, 2005

(Independent Media Center) Precarity is the most widespread condition of labour and life in Europe today. For the fifth time, the first of may, the worker's day, unenployed people, temporary workers, work on call people, chain workers, part timers, university researchers, which are part of the growing net of precarious work and which signed the Middelsex declaration, will recall to everybody that precarious work is actually the keystone of the production process. Street actions, and a big parade will be held in many europan towns: Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Barcelona, Hamburg, Liege, Ljubjana, Sevilla, Milano, Roma, Copenhagen , Leon, Paris, Amsterdam, L'Aquila, Marseille, Wien, London, Stockholm, Viterbo, Napoli and Palermo.

The unbeateable heroes of uncertainty are struggling for collective rights and social cooperation, because "atypical workers" are going to be very typical. [ | MayDay Netparade ]

Sunday, May 1, 2005 New York City

End the War in Iraq: Bring Our Troops Home Now
Fund Essential Programs at Home, Not War Abroad
Abolish All Nuclear Weapons Worldwide

March and Rally Against the Iraq War & for Nuclear Disarmament
Organized by United For Peace And Justice

May Day 2005 New York Report Back

**Useful Power Point Presentation about Why We Need to Abolish Nuclear Weapons**

March 19, 2005: The World Says End the War!
March 19-20 marks the two-year anniversary of the U.S. bombing and invasion of Iraq. There's a new urgency and a stronger determination within the global antiwar movement to bring the troops home now.
Download mobilizing leaflets
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LOCAL ACTIONS NATIONWIDE UFPJ calls on supporters of peace and justice in every corner of the country, in communities large and small, to organize local protests against the war on Saturday, March 19. On the first anniversary of the war, at least 319 cities and towns across the United States organized protests. This year there is the potential to organize even more demonstrations, and to bring more people than ever out into the streets.

MAJOR REGIONAL PROTEST IN FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. UFPJ is also supporting a major regional demonstration in Fayetteville, North Carolina. We hope those of you within driving distance of Fayetteville will make this action your priority. Fayetteville is home to Fort Bragg - ground zero for the 82nd Airborne Division and many of the Army's elite units. It is also home to a growing base of anti-war activists and organizations: military folks, veterans, families of active-duty soldiers and veterans, students, workers, housewives, clergy, educators, all are part of a vibrant, and growing, statewide network. For details on the protest, visit the website of the North Carolina Peace & Justice Coalition, one of the groups spearheading the event. | More »


August 27, 2004 Immigrant Workers Day of Action and Speak Out!
First of the week-long Counter RNC Mobilization, New York City
Friday, August 27 4:00 AM - 10:00 PM
New York City, NY
Information Hotline: (212)330-8172
Sponsered by National Immigrant Solidarity Network

August 29 - September 2, 2004
New York City Counter RNC Mobilization



Books Not Bombs Day of Action! - March 4th 2004
Called by: The National Youth and Student Peace Coalition


Called by International ANSWER


March 15 03: Protest in Washington DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles

March 5 03: Books Not Bombs! National Student Strike
300 US schools expected to organize walkouts
More Details Call to Action

March 5 03: Latest Updates from Iraq

American Force in Gulf Approaches 300,000, In New York,
Man Arrested for Wearing Peace T-Shirt

March 4 03: Latest Updates from Iraq

Iraq says US-UK raid kills six civilians in Basra, also British uncover US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war Secret document details American plan to bug phones and emails of key Security Council members...

Feb 15, 2003 News

February 12 03: News Updates from Iraq

Useful Web Links, Information, Articles about Iraq

January 18 03:US Again Bomb Iraq, More US Troops, Chicago Passed antiwar Resolution!
News Summary

Jan 17 03: UN Says they Inspector Found Empty Warheads in Iraq!
US Rejects March UN Report on Iraq, and 3 more aircraft carriers head to Gulf Region...
News Summary

Dec 10, 02: International Human Rights Day Americans Tell Bush:
No War with Iraq!

News Summary
Antiwar Protests | Military Situation
| Cost of the War

From Goshen, Ind., grannies collecting relief kits to a "die-in" on an Ivy League campus, Americans took to the streets Tuesday in mostly small, low-key events to protest a possible war on Iraq. More than 100 people were arrested.

Yet, the Bush and Military still playing their War Drums, desperately looking for War, according from the latest calculations, Experts, including Senator Joseph Biden, Chair of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, indicate that the war may cost as much as $80-$100 billion. In the worst case, a war with Iraq could cost the United States nearly $2 trillion, almost as much as the government spent in the last budget year - according to new projections.

While United Nations' inspections in Iraq is still going on, and the oil-for-food programme still rolling. US and UK Continue accusing Iraq human rights abuse for the justification for the war, while double standards on Iraq's neighboring countries' human rights issues. Even worse, sleeping with the same bad, corporate media are manufacturing hoax and bias to support and cheerleading upcoming war in Iraq.

Nov 8: Text of UN Resolution on Iraq

Nov 10, 02: Updates From Iraq

Nov 9: Hundreds of Thousands People in Italy Says No to War in Iraq!

By: Phyllis Bennis

(Z-Net, October 15)


Feb 26 03: Virtual March on Washington Agaainst the War with Iraq!

Let the Virtual March Begin!
Go to:

Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121
White House comment line: 202-456-1111
Click Here For More Information


F15 2003: Millions March Worldwide To Denounce Bush's War Plans!

Feb 15: Over One Million in Hyde Park, London

Feb 15, the day after Valentines Day, the world witnessed an unprecedented and truly massive outpouring of love in cities all over the world. I speak, of course, about the peace demonstrations that took place globally.

It was I've now read in various sources the single largest day of protest in world history. How many people does it take to set a record like that? Estimates are that between 8 to 11.5 million people took to the streets in peace to demonstrate against the United States going to war against Iraq.

Our sheer numbers are now changing the debate. We have assumed our rightful position as citizens who demand that our leaders lead with morality, equanimity and peace. Make no mistake about it: we are changing the world right now by embracing peace and we will continue to shape future political debate by continuing to embrace peace.

F15 Reports from Selected Countries

1) Australia
2) Canada
3) United Kingdom
4) France
5) Iraq

6) Italy
7) Japan
8) Oman
9) Spain
10) Turkey

11) United States
12) Germany
13) Honduras
14) Asia
15) Americas/Africa

News: F15 March from Around the World


January 18-19, 2003 Anti-War Protest Across the World!
Washington DC, San Francisco, Belgium..

2002 PeaceNoWar/ActionLA Suggests Holiday Reading/Film/Music Lists

Nov 17, 02: School of Americas Protest-Ft Benning , GA

Ten Q&A On Antiwar Organizing
By Z-Magazine, USA

Oct 29, 02: New York City Support Immigrant Detainees' Protest

Vote in peace referendum

Help stop the war
The following link will take you to a web page that allows you to send an E-Mail Fax to the
French Ambassador to the United Nations. Its automated for your convenience.
Help stop the war. Thanks (it only takes a minute)

Oct 26, 02: Antiwar Protest Reports From Around the World

Major Coverage Around the World by Indymedia:
IMC-DC | IMC-SF | IMC-Germany | IMC-Italy | IMC-Barcelona


April 30, 02 News: Afghan Warlord Fighting Kills 25

Recent News from Pakistan/Afghanistan


March 15 03: Hungry Farmers ... Speak Out

Oct 19 02: Tobacco, Cloning, Coke Vs. HIV/AIDS, Water..


Nov 18 02: Big Brother is Watching Everyone

1) GROUNDED: The Feds DO maintain an air travel blacklist (Salon)
2) You Are a Suspect (New York Times)
5) US Hopes to Check Computers Globally (Washington Post)

Nov 10, 02 Updates
US Department of Defense Contracts for the Week of Nov 4 - 8, 2002
Total Amounts:
Also: UN Report on Child Soldiers Ignores Worst Offenders


May 17, 02: How Chavez Foiled The U.S.-Supported Coup

Please also visit Argentina IMC:

An extraordinary investigative report by Greg Palast has revealed that Venezuela President Hugo Chavez had advance warning of the April 11th military coup and that US military officers participated in his attempted overthrow.

Alternative to the War

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Urge Your Representative to Vote Against Emergency Supplemental Bill (California Peace Action)

What is the Alternative to war, killings? Peace Actions
phone, e-mail campaigns, volunteers to Palestine...

Appeal: From the International Solidarity Movement
"Call To Action: Come To Palestine"

Join International Campaigns to Boycott Israeli Goods and Services!

April 29 02: Arab campaign to boycott US goods picks up steam

Activists Who Walked from New Haven, Conn. to New York City
Call for Peace with Justice in Middle East
Interview by Melinda Tuhus, By:
Between the Lines
Debbie Elkin talks about her experiences on the "Walk to End the Occupation," how her group was received in New York and the actions she and others hope to take in support of a just settlement of the decades old Middle East conflict.

Useful Links | send a Peace Card
Info about Afghan Refugee Assistance


100 Questions & Answers About Arab-Americans

Useful peace fact sheets from California Peace Actions
War on Terrorism:
Nuclear weapons risks and the "war" on terrorism:
Risks posed by a land or air invasion of Afghanistan:

Act Now to Fight for Our Civil Liberties!
ACLU Offers "Know Your Rights" Pamphlet-multi-language (English) (Arabic) (Spanish)


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