Looking Back September 11, 2001
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Looking Back September 11, 2001

Arab-American Statement On Terror Attacks (September 11, 2001)

Joint Arab-American, Muslim-American Statement (September 12, 2001)

Campaign for Labor Rights Statement on Attacks (September 14, 2001)

United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) Statement on Attacks (September 14, 2001)

Not in our son's name (September 15, 2001)

Los Angeles Youth Communities Respond to September 11 (September 18, 2001)

National Anti-Capitalist Antiwar Protest Sept 29, Washington DC (September 20, 2001)

Mumia Abu-Jamal: "WHY?" (September 21, 2001)

A Widow's Plea for Non-Violence (September 25, 2001)


The emails of hate and death threats that I got FWD to me from Islamic Mosque
(Orange County, CA; September 11, 2001)

Anti-Arab Bias Incidents on Increase (Newsday; September 13, 2001)

Arabs and Muslims Steer Through an Unsettling Scrutiny (New York Times; September 13, 2001)

Countering Anti-Arab American Sentiment (Opinions from USAS Listserv)

House Condemns Bigotry Against Arab-Americans (Reuters; September 15, 2001)

Some Feedback/Suggestions from Muslim community in LA Since S11 (September 17, 2001)

Three Racially Related Murders Since S11 (September 18, 2001)

Dozen Racist Attacks Nationwide Since S11! (New York IMC, September 20, 2001)

Muslim college students in US report threats (Reuters, September 21, 2001)

Material witness warrant against Texas doctor lifted (Reuters, September 25, 2001)


Hijacking Clues May Be Red Herrings (STRATFOR, September 13, 2001)

Global Intelligence Cooperation Comes With Risks (STRATFOR, September 13, 2001)

Osama Bin Laden: How the US Helped Midwife a Terrorist (Center for Public Integrity, Sep 13, 2001)

Tomahawk Missiles, Raytheon, Campaign Money, And the US Air Attacks
(Winter 1999 issue, Covert Action Quarterly)

Who Is Osama Bin Laden? (Centre for Research on Globalization, September 12, 2001)

US Unable to Lead Global Recovery (STRATFOR, September 14, 2001)

Lawmakers See Need to Loosen Rules on C.I.A. (New York Times, September 16, 2001)

Media March to War (FAIR, September 17, 2001)

What About Hundreds of Migrant Workers Still Missing in WTC? (New York Times, September 17, 2001)

Bush Stokes Up Rhetoric for Fight (AP, September 18, 2001)

Some Mexicans Have Mixed Emoitions About Black Tuesdays (Borderlines, September 19, 2001)

Perspectives from Mexico Press about S11 (La Jornada, September 21, 2001)

US defense bill may be used for Alaska drilling (Reuters, September 21, 2001)

In Europe, Some Say the Attacks Stemmed From American Failings (New York Times, September 22, 2001)

The Wartime Opportunists (Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman, September 25, 2001)

Bin Laden Family Could Profit From a Jump In Defense Spending Due to Ties to US Bank (Wall Street Journal, September 27, 2001)


Plan for Antiwar movement now (September 14, 2001)

Coalition for World Peace (Los Angeles, CA September 16, 2001)

Anti-Capitalist Convergence Call to Protest (Washington, DC, September 16, 2001)

Racist Cartoon in UC Berkeley Newspaper Spurs Sit In - 18 Arrested (Berkeley, CA September 19, 2001)

Students Across Country Organize for Peace on Sept. 20 (September 20, 2001)

Sep 20: Students/Activists Across Country Organize Peace Protests (September 20, 2001)

SF Town Hall Meeting to Stop War and Hate (SF IMC, September 20, 2001)

Sep 20: Anti-war rally in downtown Los Angeles draws hundreds (LA Daily News, September 21, 2001)

Sep 21 NYC: 5,000+ Take Times Square for Peace! (New York IMC, September 22, 2001)

Sep 22: Thousands Protest at Several Cities Around the World (September 22, 2001)

September 29 Nationwide Antiwar Protest, A Major Success! (September 30, 2001)

Berkeley students oppose halt on visas (Contra Costa Times, October 3, 2001)

Sunday October 7, National Day of Action for Peace


Text of Senate Resolution on Force (September 14, 2001)

Pakistan cannot afford to ignore US demands (Reuters, September 14, 2001)

Congress OKs $40 Billion Aid, Use of Force (AP, September 15, 2001)

Lone Lawmaker Opposes Use of Force (AP, September 15, 2001)

Soviet Vets Warn US of Perils in Afghanistan (Los Angeles Times, September 19, 2001)

Beneficiaries of the Military Buildup Await Their Orders (New York Times, September 22, 2001)

British Newspaper Says US/UK to Strike Taliban 'within days' (September 30, 2001)

Britain Releases Evidence Against bin Laden (Associated Press, October 4, 2001)


Act Now To Fight For Our Civil Liberties!

Know Your Rights-when you questions by the police, FBI, INS, or any other law enforcement agents

Downloadable "Know York Rights" Flyer

Downloadable Incident Report Form

Clear Channel Is Censoring More Than 150 Songs! (September 18, 2001)

DOJ's Anti-Terrorism Law Would Dismantle Civil Liberties (Electronic Frontier Foundation, Sep. 19, 2001)

In Defense on Freedom Declaration (Washington, DC, September 20, 2001)

Tightening Immigration Raises Civil Liberties Flag (Los Angeles Times, September 23, 2001)

Defining Terrorism Stirs Words of Dispute (Los Angeles Times, October 1, 2001)

INS culls foreign student information (Wired News, October 8, 2001)

Immigration rights now take back seat (Houston Chronicle, October 9, 2001)

Feinstein softens warnings about cells of terrorists (The Contra Costa Times, October 10, 2001)

Proposal to affect foreign students (The Press-Enterprise, October 26, 2001)

Detentions After Attacks Pass 1,000, US Says (New York Times, October 30, 2001)

Sikhs Say Forced to Remove Turbans at Airports (Associated Press, November 1, 2001)



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