S30: Netherlands, Amsterdam, 7000 protest vs new war

From: vrienden@groenfront.nl (v.v. GroenFront! | EarthFirst! s.g. NL)

On Sunday Sept. 30, an estimated 7000 people came together on the Dam Square in Amsterdam to protest the so called 'new war'. It was an incredibly fast mobilisation, with the organising 'Platform against the New War' formed just two weeks ago, and the largest demonstration in Amsterdam since the EU summit in 1997. Very inspiring, since more
then 150 groups joined, everything from anarchist collectives to religious peace groups and migrants' selforganisations. Also because the platform denounced all military action.

Apparantly, the police and government are very worried about religious commoners working together with the 'anti-globalisation movement' because they had trief a fair deal to provoke squatters and such. First of all, it was forbidden to have a demonstration to the American consulate (or anywhere, for that matter), and people were not allowed to leave. Of course they hoped more moderate protesters would stay in the square and radicals would try the consulate and get
arrested, making an easy case for divide and rule in the corporate media. But radical people being all too happy that there was so much unexpected support made sure to avoid a hassle.During the protesthen the mayor of Amsterdam ordered a certain banner, stating "1980: Bin Laden trained by CIA, 2000: Bin Laden Most Wanted Terrorist", to be confiscated. The organisers said this was up to the people carrying it, who put it away, again not allowing for any provocation to work, a few arrests maybe leading to an escalation and you know corporate media would blame the anarchists...

Actions are announced at the American embassy and consulates in Amsterdam and Nijmegen the day the first revenge bombs fall.

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