S29: 500 demonstrate agaisnt the war and racism in Quebec City

From: nicolasphebus@yahoo.com

Quebec City - On september 29th, up to 500 peoples (according to some newspapers) demonstrated against war and racism in Quebec City. The call was made by an ad-hoc coalition of student unions, international solidarity groups
and andarchists and socialists.

The gathering started at the Place d'Youville at around 1PM. There, there was a few speech that were essentially saying the same thing (only M. Chaussudovsky was a bit different and made us laugh when he said the Buch junior sayd during
the electoral campaign that the Taliban where a rock group). Many leftists grouplet where distributing leaflet that where saying the same thing (to read the leaflet NEFAC distributed at the march, go to
http://www.ainfos.ca/en/ainfos07577.html, we did distribute around a thousand copies of it). However, the banners where fun and anticapitalist (one simply read " Kabush! " and so on).

At around 1 :30, since no one else was doing it, a strong anticapitalist bloc decided to take the front of the march. First surprise, there was many of us! Second surprise, we are not heading toward the US consulate but on the opposite
direction! " We must be going to some military monument " some where saying. No! We were heading to the Centre Lucien Borne, less then 15 min away, where there was lectures scheduled for 2PM. That was the organisers plan... But the front bloc decided otherwise, and, to our great surprise, the vast majority of the demonstrators decided to follow us for a " prolongation " of the march in the yuppie neigborhood of Moncalm. The lectures started a bit late (half an hour)...

Unfortunatly, in the end, the majority of the demonstrators prefered to listen to the stars rather than continuing this lovely health march.

Neigther god, nor master! (nor pentagon!!)

Phebus for A-Infos


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