Anti-Capitalist Convergence Call to Protest

vrsion 1.0 / September 19, 2001

The Anti-Capitalist Convergence invites all those interested in creating a world free from terror, racism, hate and tyranny to come to Washington, DC September 24 through October 1 to demonstrate unity for a better world. We are calling for mass participation in a unified march against the capitalist war machine and for a world we want to live in
and hope to create.

The Anti-Capitalist Convergence is a diverse coalition of anti-capitalist activists who came together five months ago to organize effective protests against the IMF and World Bank meetings this fall in Washington D.C. Until the tragic events of September 11th we had been actively planning for a large, diverse and beautiful protest. Like people all over the world we stopped that morning mid-action, mid-thought, our lives interrupted and forever changed with the tragic

The political climate in the United States has severely changed, emotions are running high and the country is extremely sensitive. In recent days we have seen the militarization of our city, escalating racism, and blind patriotism - all perpetuated and encouraged by media hysteria and government rhetoric. Security -- particularly here in Washington, DC -- has been heightened as the country prepares to go to war. The IMF and World Bank have cancelled their fall meetings and many
groups are ceasing their organizing efforts.

Many have said this is not the time to protest, but in reality there can be no better time to show that another world is possible. We have a vision and alternatives and must present them; this is our responsibility as a movement. There is a strong push to "unite" US Citizens against the rest of the world through racism and nationalism; we see the need to show a people united in hope and resistance. We feel it is imperative to act on our visions of the world we want to create
and not on our fears. We will not hand over our civil liberties to the greater good of the State.

The Anti-Capitalist Convergence chose to unite against the World Bank and IMF because of their role in enforcing global capitalism and imperialism. As many of us thought about what this meant globally we were brought back to local injustices. Washington, DC is a colonized city, with a primarily African American population, though it is highly
segregated in terms of income, access and educations level. In the process of organizing we have been working to strengthen our community by supporting local struggles. While the State and the media try to unify Americans through feelings of fear, hatred and racism we see the necessity to unity for justice.

Though we want to continue to mobilize a large-scale convergence, we are all uncomfortable carrying forth in the way we had originally planned. We have thought long and hard about the message that we need to get out at this time. For too long the social justice movement has been trying to save a tree one leaf at a time, now we want to strengthen the roots.
We will unite to inspire, motivate, and demonstrate a movement for a world based not on profit but on need, a world of mutual support, free from oppression.This is a time for us to unite in true solidarity, in a way supportive of all those working for a better world.

It is imperative to act on our visions of the world we want to create and not on our fears. Instead of emphasizing blocs and autonomous cells we must unite in our vision for a better world. It is for these reasons we that we call for a massive march in Washington DC on September 29th where we will unite as a community to ask "Why?" - why most of the world
hates the US, why the U.S. chooses to go to war, why there is such stark inequality and poverty in this country and others. The media and State have yet to address these questions. We believe by holding a massive march we can create a strong opposition and united front against the war from the beginning.

We also call on social justice activists to converge and discuss where our movement will go from here and how to respond to the current political climate. We encourage those concerned about global peace and justice, those opposed to war, racism and tyranny to come to DC if possible, but if not, we would like to remind everyone that right now it is especially important for us to work in and with our own communities. The Anti-Capitalist Convergence will continue to be a resource, both for those coming to DC for this convergence and those deciding to work on these issues at home.

Anti-Capitalist Convergence


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