Anti-war activism in Poland and other stuff

From: Zaczek

We participated in a nice anti-war demo organised by Anarchist Federation in Poznan at the American consulate. About 80 people came. There were some speeches in which it was explained that war against Afghanistan would follow the same logic which the attackers against WTC were following in their opposition to US. Some nice slogans like "Politicians to the trenches" were yelled. Passers by reacted in a lot of various ways, but even those who said that Afghanistan should be bombed to the ground admitted that people shouldn't blindly believe what is in the media and follow the US without thinking. Some people gave hope they still can think, and there was a small number who aggreed with us.

In Warsaw, there was a press conference on antiglobalist's position on the war, but the media has shown their complete disinterest. A demo has also been organised yesterday in Katowice with 20 people. A demo is prepared in Warsaw at the embassy on wednesday, made together by the Emancypunx and their chador dressed street theatre company, the Samba ya Bende noise makers, and FA.

From other things which happened lately was a demo at the parliament against homophobia. There was a happening with two homosexual pairs which are forced by members of the government to go into heterosexual pairs. Then some new government comes and people think it's going to be better and they come back to their old partners, but the new government does the same. It was organised by a variety of feminist organisations: Kurwa, Wiedzma, New Lilith, Federation for the Planning of Family. Of course some entryist trots also appeared, claiming to be homosexuals for the occasion.

At the Rozbrat squat yesterday, there was a great festival for the anniversary of the squat's library called "Abramowszczyzna" (in the name of Edward
Abramowski - Polish theoretician of stateless socialism) with lectures and performances. Kurwa group members have presented the squat's library with anti-sexist stickers which can be put on offending posters, as well as with a supply of happy-pope condoms.



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