Urget! Feds harass LA S29 Protesters!

by Walter Lippmann, Los Angeles

Two thousand marched in Westwood, in front of the Westwood Federal Building and then through Westwood Village and back to the Federal Building. Since 9-11 the federal government's parking lot has been closed which makes it more difficult to find parking. This protest was, however, four times larger than the protest last week. It was also broader and more spirited. People from all ages, ethnicities, generations, genders and sexualities marched in a mixture of protest and celebration. Cops were not a problem on this occasion and organizers afterward felt extremely pleased with the results of a a further beginning step toward building a new protest movement.

Among the speakers at the final rally were Michel Shehadeh of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, who has faced federal harassment as a
member of the L.A. 8 for FIFTEEN YEARS, Jim Lafferty of the National Lawyers Guild, Magda Miller of the International Action Center and Theresa Bonpane of the Office of the Americas. A Korean-American youth group provided drummers before the final rally.

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