Plan for Anti-War movement now

Date: 9/14/2001 6:22:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Justin Leto)


Activists, especially USAS, who have the farthest reaching student network ought to begin planning now, to oppose the upcoming war that is imminent and will seemingly last years.

We need to educate ourselves, and we need to be vocal. There seems to be no leaders left in this country, everyone is following the drum beat of war. What kind of war? We are going to wage a full scale war and assault on one man and his associates. The US will be able to use this latest act of terrorism to justify further military imperialism and globalization that will support and expand its economy at the further expense of poor nations.

We need to remember that when wealthy capitalist nations "defend" their "interests," they send thousands of soldiers, missles, billion dollar bombers and war vessels, and our covert intelligence operations. When poor nations try to defend themselves against wealthy capitalist nations, we call it "terrorism." Terrorism is war for poor people.

This anti-War movement needs to educate the public on the United State's hypocrisy in its foreign affairs, their atrocities throughout the world, and the "Acts of War" we have committed and continue to commit.

This isn't for everyone. Up until now, activists have enjoyed a cozy existence, some even winning popular support for their campaigns. This isn't what activism is always about. You didn't have 90% opinion polls against you. The first anti-War demonstrators during the Vietnam war were hated, physically attacked, and called cowards. Today we call them heroes.

Median Income per year
US: $31,000
Afghanistan: $800

Civilian casualties from Iraqi war and Terrorism against US:
Iraq: 110,000
5,000 children per month since economic sanctions (700,000 +)
US: Estimated at 5,000

A "war on terrorism" is a war on po! or nations. It is a war that can never be won, and will perpetuate massive civilian and military casualities. It is a war against a misguided and manipulated version of islam, that spreads like a virus. Its a war against beliefs and thoughts that can't be persuaded. It's a war where the "enemy" already accepts death and will use their life to take ours. Its a war against dissent, activists, and rebel groups fighting for freedom against oppressive dictators. Under the guise of fighting "world terrorism" black bloc, anti-globablization, black radicals, and anti-sweatshop groups will be targetted here and abroad. This is capitalism's response and solution to the challenges to global capitalism. They will be coming for us.

They cancelled the IMF/World Bank meetings to prevent the country from seeing dissent while we beat the war drum.

In solidarity,

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