Oct 30-Nov 2: Updates from Afghanistan

By: Shahzad Ahmad (Pakistan)

Pakistan: Peace rally condemns killing of Afghan civilians (October 30)
Wounded Civilians and Pics (October 31)
Women rally decries US (October 31)
Hameed Ullah (October 31)
Further Civilian Killings (November 1)
Merciless US bombing obliterates village: 60 killed (November 1)
Celebrating Shab-e-Barat (November 2)

Pakistan: Peace rally condemns killing of Afghan civilians
October 30

Courtesy: "The News"

KARACHI: A large number of workers led by Pakistan Trade Union Federation (PTUF) leaders organised a 'Peace Rally' on Tuesday to raise voice against the killings of Afghan civilians by the allied forces. The
procession was taken out from the PTUF Central Office (Khamosh Colony) at 3:00pm and while passing through Golimar, Lasbella Chowk, Gurumandir and MA Jinnah Road ended at Regal Chowk.

"We strongly condemn the attacks and ask Pakistan govt to justify its support to the imperialist forces against the people of Afghanistan," said the leaders, further contending that the past governments had
always supported the US without considering the repercussions and consequences. They mentioned that during the Zia regime, Pakistan's support to the US against the then Afghanistan government resulted in
'Drug and Kalashnikov Culture'.

They demanded of the government to approach the UN for the resolution of crisis in Afghanistan. The workers holding banners and flags (highlighting message of peace) chanted slogans against 'International

30 Oct 10000 Karachi, Pakistan

Best wishes and regards.

Shahzad Ahmad

Wounded Civilians and Pics
October 31

Edhi Foundation sources have informed that 50 severely wounded civilians have been brought to Chaman and Quetta from Qandahar today... One of them "Rehmatullah" died due to serious injuries on the way... His body was sent back to Qandahar via Edhi Ambulance...

Talibans are complaining that chemical weapons are being used by the allied forces... If that is true, I believe it is most unfortunate...

I am attaching two pics depicting the misery...

1. Afghan girls in poor living conditions in refugee camp seeing out of their torned tent (Remember winter is on in this part)... What fate these girls have brought along in this world????

2. A huge bomb explosion at Bagram Airport... Isn't frightening... It somehow resembles the most unfortunate incident of explosions in the known history and that we had seen in pictures at Nagasaki and

PEACE is our call!

Shahzad Ahmad

Women rally decries US
October 31

Courtesy: Pak Observer, Islamabad
Oct 31 15000 Rawalpindi, Pakistan
ISLAMABAD-Thousands of veiled women and children staged a peaceful rally in favour of Afghanistan and condemned the US and its allies for their ongoing operation inside Afghanistan.

This rally was perhaps the biggest in the city since military operation against Afghanistan was launched.

Speaking on the occasion, Liaquat Baloch bitterly criticised bombardments on what he called defenceless people already crumbling under poverty.

He hoped that the presence of women in such a big number on roads in favour of their Afghan brothers was enough to believe that the crisis will be resolved in the desired manner sooner or later.

On November 9, he declared there will be complete shutdown with all business activities coming to a grinding halt across the country to show solidarity with Afghanistan, condemn the US and protest the government policies.

"We will peacefully stand together with our Afghan brethren, he said and added a majority of people was opposed to the military government policies".

He warned the government of dire consequences if its policy towards Afghanistan is not reviewed as per peoples wishes.

The women were carrying dozens of Pakistani flags and banners inscribed with writings decrying the US-led strikes on the neighbouring country.

The women speakers including Central Naib Nazima Doctor Kausar Firdous, Azra Perveen, Saeeda Begum and Begum Altaf said the US had miserably failed to subjugate a poor Afghan nation despite use of its latest weaponry and technology.

They were of the unanimous view that under the garb of Osama and Taliban, in fact the US wanted to deprive Pakistan of its nuclear programme. They cautioned the rulers to be mindful of such conspiracies.

They expressed anguish over the civilian casualties and sufferings of women and children.

Earlier, Liaquat Baloch pointed out that the pro-US policies had spread despondency and hopelessness among the nation but the rallies and demonstrations had given masses a new ray of hope and courage.

The participants of the rally gathered at Al-Ikram Building near Marir Intersection and marched up to Liaquat Bagh via Murree Road.

Best wishes and regards.

Shahzad Ahmad

Hameed Ullah
October 31

Dearest Friends

I am writing these lines with a lot of distress, in severe depression.

This kid is Hameed Ullah. He is 18 months of age... His only fault is that he is an Afghan and born in Qandahar. My friend in the hospital told me that 12 of his other family members including his parents have
died in the US Air Force attack when he suffered these injuries... being treated at Quetta...

Look for one minute at Hameed Ullah's face and I assure you that if you have got heart you will start weeping... He is crying in pain and look at his face which asks that he wasn't the terrorists neither Osama was living in his house... All of his poor innocent family is forced to death being the terrorist by America.... but neither Bush nor Don Rumsfeld or others in their administration will hear these cries... Cos it can't reach to their place...

Can any of the TV stations all over America or of the developed world can show this picture on their networks... I doubt it, yeah they can't...

Guys, this frightens me... And I am bound to think that same can happen with my kids also, at least one of them is of the same age..

Can we gather enough courage and strength to stop these brutalities...Isn't the time when we should stand together for the cause of justice and peace...

PEACE is a dream now!

In distress and total despair...

Shahzad Ahmad

Further Civilian Killings
November 1

Dr. Wazir of Wazir Clinic (a dispensary serving the injured Afghanis during this crisis) in Qandahar informed that a bomb hit his clinic yesterday killing all 11 medical staff and the patients who were present
there for treatment...

American Bombers have completely eliminated 2 villages in the suburbs of Qandahar using carpet bombing... Luckily death toll wasn't that high because the population had already shifted to mountains or migrated to Pakistani border...

Best wishes and regards.

Shahzad Ahmad

Merciless US bombing obliterates village: 60 killed
November 1

Courtesy: The Daily Dawn
Merciless US bombing obliterates village: 60 killed

CHOKAR KARAIZ Nov 1: Rubble and fresh graves marked with the flags of martyrs are all that remains of this tiny Afghan village after US bombing killed at least 60 people, survivors said Thursday.

Locals said about 20 villagers survived attacks on October 19 and 20, when wave after wave of US jets pounded the community with heavy bombs and cannon fire, destroying everything in sight.

Foreign reporters brought here by the Taliban militia saw the devastation first-hand: every house had been flattened and huge craters could be seen in the surrounding fields.

"Around midnight the bombing started. It lasted for two hours and then the next night it began again and lasted all night and the rest of the following day," said 36-year-old farmer Mehmood.

"When it started everyone just fled their homes and ran in every direction. We didn't know where to go."

He said he knew 19 people who had died in the attacks, including members of his extended family.

The village, 60 kilometres north of Kandahar, was a scene of utter ruin. Long cracks had opened up in the ground where the bombs struck. Trees were broken and splintered, cars burned and torn. Even cooking pots were riddled with bullets holes.

Huge chunks of shrapnel lay everywhere. One bore the words "Guided Bomb" while another was marked with "For use of MK82". "Many bodies were blown apart and all we could do was collect their limbs and put them together in the same grave," said 65-year-old Mungal as he showed a freshly-dug graveyard.

"I brought some of the remains here in a tractor," he said, pointing to a line of 18 new graves, some of which had been marked with small coloured flags on long, thin poles, signifying martyrdom.

Mungal, who said he lost most of his friends and family in the attack, claimed that the remains of 30 people were buried in the graves.

Although he could not understand why the United States had attacked an innocent farming village, he refused to curse the Americans. "I'm not aware of our crime and why we were bombed. There were no Taliban here," he said.

"If the aircraft did not know who we were they should have checked before they bombed and killed innocent civilians. "I don't know about politics. But I'm angry, and I leave it up to God."

The village was littered with the debris of village life, including children's clothes, women's sandals, and the rotting carcasses of dead sheep.

Villagers said another three or four people were killed when bombs struck a small community of nomads who had pitched their tents nearby.

Celebrating Shab-e-Barat
November 2

Muslims all around the world celebrated Shab-e-Barat last night, one of the most holy night during the year and celebrated on each 15th Shaban as per Islamic Calendar. But US allied forces kept their pace of
bombing and kept the promise of killing more and more civilians.

I remember the first week of US attacks on Afghanistan, when on first Friday it was most highlighted and propagated on the world media (particularly CNN and BBC) that being the holy day for Muslims, Afghanis
have been spared of US bombing today. But in the mean time, last night was one of the most holy night but none spared even any afghani kid.

Afghan's were poured with merciless carpet bombing, missiles, canon attacks and killings of civilians, major portion of which comprises women and children as they can't easily flee the attacked place.

US Jets were very ably able to hit the biggest dam and power station in Afghanistan situated in Hilmand. This is the dam which supplies power to three major cities and Qandahar's agriculture is also based on the
water supplied from here. There is a fear that if water breaks out of the dam, the flood will kill thousands more.

In another successful attempt, US allied forces eliminated three more villages in Qandahar, Nangarhar and Jalalabad area. In Qandahari Village, 30 people of the same family died on the spot. These are villages situated far from main cities with no proper road access even but for US jets it was no problem and they were able to complete the mission with minute details. Thanks to the great satellite technology. This operation left 70 civilians dead which include children as well.

Mahmood who is injured but luckily escaped this bombardment informed that he is a welder, and his family had shifted from Qandahar to this village around 25 kilometers from the main city due to these attacks in the city. They had thought that they will be safe in the village far from the city. He told that though we have no talibans there but we don't know why we were attacked here in our village.

Any way, the mission of Allied Forces was ACCOMPLISHED with great success! Bravo Comrades!

Applauding your efforts!

Shahzad Ahmad

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