The emails of hate and death threats that I got FWD to me from Islamic Mosque (Orange County, CA; September 11, 2001)


From: (Chantel g)

More info for you all and more emails that the muslim mosque got... another email from a muslim friend in NJ

"In New York they're beating up cab drivers, there are riots in Detroit.

In my 'hood alone there have been 2 assaults on Arab-owned stores that I KNOW of.

I am praying for youse.....I hope you get home safely without incident if you are still away from home.

Don't stop for anyone, travel in groups if you can, get home before dark. Try and get police escourt. Good luck and Godspeed."

more hate emails:

"you damn muslims come here because your countries are shit and you breed this type of hate and allow your idiot dumb iggnorant inbreed people to do this to our country, I hope your church burns to the ground"
"All muslims need to die"

"Where do you guys get off doing things like this? who the hell do you think you are, go back to your own country and try to do something like this"

"instead of killing our people, why dont all you Islam freaks put a gun in your mouth, pull the trigger and kill yourselves, better yet kill a few people in your country and when you are done with that kill yourself"

"uncivilized niggers that's what you all are, go back home you are not wanted here in California, or in the United States"

"I can't believe you idiots are even allowed into the country still"

"you are not wanted in LA, shut your stupid shit hole of muslim worship down, stop coming into our country and destroying things. we have liberty here and you idiots don't know what that is, we have freedom and you idiots don't, that's why you create so much shit, that's why so many are dead. you are are all a pure race of violence and murder."

"go back to your country and kill each other, stop killing americans we don't want your kind here."

please fwd this to anyone you would like, we all need to come together during this time

thank you

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