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"War is not yet necessary"

Nicholas Kristoff: consider cost/benefit ratio of an Iraq war

Richard Butler: US lacks credibility because of its failure to deal with other countries on the same terms

How does war with Iraq play in Peoria? British reporter travels there, finds 90% opposed.

"Former UN heads attack war plans" - Hans von Sponeck & Dennis Halliday

"Once 'Stormin' Norman,' Gen Schwarzkopf is skeptical about US action in Iraq"

Antiwar protest at the Federal Building in Chicago, 22 arrested for blocking entrance

Antiwar protest in NY outside UN building

"Antiwar in the suburbs"

"Anti-war protests hit Atlanta"

Antiwar rally in Pittsburgh area on Sunday. "We're trying to get rid of weapons of mass destruction that plague our neighborhoods such as drugs, unemployment and homelessness."

"Anti-war protest at Halliburton offices" in Denver

200 protest in rainy downtown Seattle

Peace vigils by Women in Black on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Mirror reporter & photographer join Greenpeace Warrior in blockade of military port

Maylasian Prime Minister: "US wants to invade Iraq for its oil"

"US turns from friend to foe in Kuwait"

"Anti-war feelings grow in South East Asia"

Celebrities & the antiwar movement - watch video with Not In Our Name organizers

"Not In Our Name - An Evening of Conscience": show/rally tonite in Madison, Wisc

"Midwest women bare witness for peace"

"NJ anti-war activists prep presidential surprise" - make film to be aired at time of Bush's address

Letter from Baghdad by UN officials & NGO representatives. They describe their visit as "a shock treatment in learning what it feels like to be an Iraqi." Sanctions have given Saddam "total control over his people through food rationing"

New website: "Conflict in Iraq: Concerns & consequences"

One Post-Saddam scenario: US chooses an Iraqi general to take over for 2-3 years, then Jordan considers "extending its authority" over Iraq

"US & Afghan forces battle rebels in mountains";jsessionid=KJ5KT4QGXTFS2CRBAELCFFA?type=topNews&storyID=2121324

"Anti-American blowback from Bush's Korea policy" - Foreign Policy in Focus Policy Report - short download

Top 100 companies receiving 2002 DOD contracts - #1 is Lockheed Martin at $17 billion- also note increases over 2001

"China executes Tibetan dissident"

"9-11 panel meets for the first time"

"Lula da Silva pleads with the mighty for war on hunger"

"World Social Forum: A not so little leap forward"
Reports from Porto Alegre

Report from Baghdad

Former White House strategist: "What Bush won't say" today

Human Rights Activists begin trial for their attempt to close down the School of the Americas

"Saddam's look-alikes face uncertain future"

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