3/21: Emergency Response to War
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As the US war against Iraq began, people gathered in cities all over the world to voice their dissent, fear, frustration, and anger. Read Indymedia reports from:

San Francisco | Los Angeles | Washington, DC | New York | Eugene | Boston | Atlanta | United Kingdom | Toscano | West Vlaanderen | Maritime Provinces | Buenos Aires | Melbourne | Portland

1) Indymedia Center Report
2) San Francisco: We Need to Keep Our Voices in the Streets! (3/20: SF IMC)
3) Los Angeles: Westwood Anti-War Rally Tense (3/20: LA IMC)
4) Protest Flare Across the Globe (3/20: Reuters)
5) PROTEST: Report from London
6) Veterans Call to Conscience Statements

1) Human Shields on Ground in Iraq: Anti-War Protests Rage Worldwide

As the belligerent U.S. government, with assistance from Australia and the UK, begin their illegal war against Iraq, anti-war groups are calling all like-minded people to action. Continuous protests are planned across the country and around the world. Yesterday's demonstration in Sydney drew a large crowd as people are urged to maintain resistance now that hostilities have started.

Likewise, massive anti-war actions are taking place in the UK, Spain Barcelona, Madrid, Germany, France, Moscow, Norway, Holland, 100,000 in Athens, the U.S. Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, DC, New York, and around the world. Check your local Indymedia center (left sidebar) for actions near you.

3/20 Update from San Francisco: Hundreds of protesters are marching through the city as of 11:00PM with no sign of slowing down. Activists have held massive direct actions which shut down San Francisco all day. There have been 1500 arrests so far. A corporate media reporter was pied tonight. People plan to stay out on the streets late into the night. Actions are to resume early in the morning on 3/21. Live updates can be heard on Enemy Combatant Radio.

The Sydney IMC notes that five brave Australian's are still present in Iraq acting as human shields. Their lives and those of an untold number of Iraqi citizens are in grave danger.

[ Read entire feature | Sydney IMC | Action alerts ]

2) San Francisco: We Need to Keep Our Voices in the Streets!

Listen to Enemy Combatant Radio for Breaking News

U.S. Launches Attack on Iraq: Bay Area Takes to the Streets in Anger
3/19: Thousands of people gathered at Powell & Market today to protest the U.S. attack on Iraq. Despite the rain, people marched into the Mission District and throughout the city. We have reports of two arrests made. And one hit and run incident, please see post. Sentiments of anger and disgust at the U.S. government's plans to kill Iraqi people were loudly expressed by protesters. Activists plan on shutting down the city of San Francisco on Thursday morning - insisting there will be no business as usual for the capitalist war machine.
Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Video: 1

3) Los Angeles: Westwood Anti-War Rally Tense

3/20: A huge anti-war rally in Westwood has become a standoff between demonstrators and police. Read the report.

Downtown: report.

Pasadena: Student protesters arrested.

Riverside: Larger then yesterday, three law enforcement agencies too!

We're on TV now. While the TV stations jockey to get the best ratings.

day 1
Protests as the War "Begins"

As words become action; conjecture, truth; and vows, realizations... The war has begun in earnest. While bombs are dropping and bullets flying, we say the dream-word "peace;" while blood splatters on the ground and blows into the sky, we hope that everyone could be safe, and fantasize that reason can prevail. Though we are at the begining of this horror, it is probably a good idea to start thinking about how to deal with the messy clean-up.

The war has hardly begun. Earlier in the day, human beings brought their message to the Westwood Federal Building and were met by a force that tried to push them back. 38 companeros were arrested. Read about it: 1, 2, 3, 4. Listen to the Audio. See the photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Even earlier in the day there was a Code Pink demonstration at the Westwood veteran's cemetary. See the pics: 1, 2.

Riverside protesters "showed up in force."

4) Protest Flare Across the Globe

LONDON (March 20) - Tens of thousands of anti-war demonstrators staged huge marches across the world on Thursday, often clashing with police as they converged on heavily guarded U.S. embassies.

Barely three hours after the first cruise missiles slammed into Baghdad, a wave of demonstrations started in Asia and Australia and rolled swiftly across Europe and the Middle East towards the United States, where anti-war activists planned hundreds of protests later on Thursday.

In the Arab world, thousands of protesters vented their fury at the start of the war to oust Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, with demonstrators in Egypt and Syria demanding the expulsion of U.S. ambassadors.

In Cairo, the Arab world's biggest city, riot police used water cannon and batons against hundreds of rock-throwing protesters who tried to storm towards the U.S. embassy.

''This war is a sin,'' said 43-year-old Cairo taxi driver Youssef, as religious music blared from his car radio. ''It's a sin because ordinary Iraqis will suffer. It's not a sin because of Saddam, who was too stubborn. He's got a head of stone.''

In Italy, where Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is one of Washington's staunchest allies on Iraq, the three biggest trade unions staged a two-hour strike.

Italian cities were thrown into chaos as tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets, in many cases blocking train stations and highways. The biggest demonstration was a march on the U.S. embassy in Rome.


In Germany, more than 80,000 schoolchildren, many with faces painted with ''No War'' or peace signs, protested in the capital Berlin and the cities of Stuttgart, Cologne, Munich and Hanover.

''Let's bomb Texas, they've got oil too,'' read one banner.

In Berlin, people lay in pools of red paint outside the heavily guarded U.S. embassy to symbolise civilian casualties.

Swiss police clashed with hundreds of protesters, mainly students, who marched on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Geneva, firing teargas into the air to disperse them.

Spanish police in riot gear fired rubber bullets at anti-war demonstrators, including well-known actors and celebrities, who gathered in central Madrid in protest at Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's support for the U.S.-led attacks on Iraq.

Earlier they beat some demonstrators with batons in an attempt to move them on.

Violence also erupted in Calcutta, eastern India, when about 1,000 protesters waving banners reading ''U.S. warmongers go to hell'' tried to storm a U.S. cultural centre. At least 12 policemen and six demonstrators were injured when cane-wielding police drove them back, a senior police official told Reuters.

Thousands of British anti-war campaigners, enraged by the involvement of British troops in a war they see as an illegitimate grab for oil by Washington, blocked roads and scuffled with police as protests spread across Britain.

At the biggest rallying point in London's Parliament Square, police hauled away demonstrators, including many schoolchildren, who were sitting in roads and blocking access points.

''We're here for peace,'' said schoolgirl Tallulah Belly, 14, at Parliament Square. ''We've walked out of school -- we are the future generation and they should be listening to us.''

The only reported clash outside a British embassy was in the Lebanese capital Beirut, where around 1,000 protesters were sprayed with water from a fire truck when they crossed barriers outside the mission. Witnesses said police beat several of them.

In France, more than 10,000 people, mostly students, surged through Paris chanting anti-war slogans, reflecting their government's rigid anti-war stance which has infuriated Washington and split the international community into two camps.

Huge protests also took place in Greece, Spain and Austria.

In the Gaza Strip, about 1,000 Palestinian women and children marched in the Rafah refugee camp, holding Iraqi flags and posters of Saddam and setting fire to Israeli and U.S. flags. About 150 people marched in Bethlehem in the West Bank.


On the other side of the planet, protesters brought Australia's second largest city, Melbourne, to a standstill. Organisers put the crowd at 40,000, police said it numbered ''tens of thousands.'' Australia is a staunch ally of the U.S. and a supporter of the use of force to disarm Saddam.

Anti-U.S. sentiment was also strong in Muslim Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan, where many saw the attack as the start of a U.S. campaign to subjugate the Islamic world and seize oil.

In Pakistan there were scattered but peaceful rallies across the country against what some called ''American terrorism,'' while in Indonesia some 2,000 people from a conservative Muslim party sang and chanted anti-American slogans outside the U.S. embassy.

Reut12:27 03-20-03

5) PROTEST: Report from London
From: usman@concentric.net
March 20, 2003


the bombing campaign started early this morning, london time. as
called for, a protest gathered in parliament square (estimates of
8000 -- must be higher given that police ended up sealing off parts
of the square and many were unable to join in). it has been very
tense day, police with truncheons and CS spray (the feb 15 demo was
characterised by a generally calm police force). there didn't seem to
be much planned this evening: people were hanging around wondering
what to do. lots of drumming and chanting and discussing and burning
flags and singing and laughing and yelling.... many roads had been
sealed off and access to the house of commons was well blockaded by
police, who were out in large numbers -- lines and lines of them,
with barricades and vans.

there were also many school children at the demos (some say 1500) --
and of course police were dismayed at the number who were "truant"...

the greatest part was the spontaneous mini-demonstrations, including
one which we fed into (we were about a thousand or so i'd say). we
rounded the square and headed off down one of the main streets,
towards victoria, dancing and shouting our voices hoarse. it was a
great feeling -- total spontaneity, no one sure where we were going
or what we would do when we got there. however, somehow the police
managed to diverge this impromptu march into a narrow street and
started charging from both ends. they were being very aggressive,
hitting protesters and displaying as much muscle power as they could.

i called up the news desk of both the bbc and itn (independent
television news) to alert them to what was going on, but needless to
say none of it was reported, either on the web or on TV as far as i
can tell. note: we often complain about things not being reported,
but we have to remember that the media also has to be informed about
it. if you see something happening that you think should be in the
news, call up news desks (it would be good if you had the numbers
handy *before* you needed them!) and tell them what you see. if
enough people do so, it might be possible to make them pay attention
to a story. for reference, bbc's phone number is 020 7224 2424 and
ITN is 020 7833 3000 -- ask for the news desk, they're generally

it finally all trailed off around 11pm or so... based on this
evening's experience and even watching television reports it seems
that london is very dismayed with their government tonight........


6) Veterans Call to Conscience Statements

Please consider taking out the Call to Conscience to the Troops from Veterans
www.calltoconscience.net - you can download different sized PDF's under
"resources". Here is the statement:

Statement to the Troops
We are veterans of the United States armed forces. We stand with the
majority of humanity, including millions in our own country, in opposition
to the United States' all out war on Iraq. We span many wars and eras,
have many political views and we all agree that this war is wrong. Many of
us believed serving in the military was our duty, and our job was to
defend this country. Our experiences in the military caused us to question
much of what we were taught. Now we see our REAL duty is to encourage you
as members of the U.S. armed forces to find out what you are being sent to
fight and die for and what the consequences of your actions will be for
humanity. We call upon you, the active duty and reservists, to follow your
conscience and do the right thing.

In the last Gulf War, as troops, we were ordered to murder from a safe
distance. We destroyed much of Iraq from the air, killing hundreds of
thousands, including civilians. We remember the road to Basra -- the
Highway of Death -- where we were ordered to kill fleeing Iraqis. We
bulldozed trenches, burying people alive. The use of depleted uranium
weapons left the battlefields radioactive. Massive use of pesticides,
experimental drugs, burning chemical weapons depots and oil fires combined
to create a toxic cocktail affecting both the Iraqi people and Gulf War
veterans today. One in four Gulf War veterans is disabled.

During the Vietnam War we were ordered to destroy Vietnam from the air and
on the ground. At My Lai we massacred over 500 women, children and old
men. This was not an aberration, it's how we fought the war. We used Agent
Orange on the enemy and then experienced first hand its effects. We know
what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder looks, feels and tastes like because
the ghosts of over two million men, women and children still haunt our
dreams. More of us took our own lives after returning home than died in

If you choose to participate in the invasion of Iraq you will be part of
an occupying army. Do you know what it is like to look into the eyes of a
people that hate you to your core? You should think about what your
"mission" really is. You are being sent to invade and occupy a people who,
like you and me, are only trying to live their lives and raise their kids.
They pose no threat to the United States even though they have a brutal
dictator as their leader. Who is the U.S. to tell the Iraqi people how to
run their country when many in the U.S. don't even believe their own
President was legally elected?

Saddam is being vilified for gassing his own people and trying to develop
weapons of mass destruction. However, when Saddam committed his worst
crimes the U.S. was supporting him. This support included providing the
means to produce chemical and biological weapons. Contrast this with the
horrendous results of the U.S. led economic sanctions. More than a million
Iraqis, mainly children and infants, have died because of these sanctions.
After having destroyed the entire infrastructure of their country
including hospitals, electricity generators, and water treatment plants,
the U.S. then, with the sanctions, stopped the import of goods, medicines,
parts, and chemicals necessary to restore even the most basic necessities
of life.

There is no honor in murder. This war is murder by another name. When, in
an unjust war, an errant bomb dropped kills a mother and her child it is
not "collateral damage," it is murder. When, in an unjust war, a child
dies of dysentery because a bomb damaged a sewage treatment plant, it is
not "destroying enemy infrastructure," it is murder. When, in an unjust
war, a father dies of a heart attack because a bomb disrupted the phone
lines so he could not call an ambulance, it is not "neutralizing command
and control facilities," it is murder. When, in an unjust war, a thousand
poor farmer conscripts die in a trench defending a town they have lived in
their whole lives, it is not victory, it is murder.

There will be veterans leading protests against this war on Iraq and your
participation in it. During the Vietnam War thousands in Vietnam and in
the U.S. refused to follow orders. Many resisted and rebelled. Many became
conscientious objectors and others went to prison rather than bear arms
against the so-called enemy. During the last Gulf War many GIs resisted in
various ways and for many different reasons. Many of us came out of these
wars and joined with the anti-war movement.

If the people of the world are ever to be free, there must come a time
when being a citizen of the world takes precedence over being the soldier
of a nation. Now is that time. When orders come to ship out, your response
will profoundly impact the lives of millions of people in the Middle East
and here at home. Your response will help set the course of our future.
You will have choices all along the way. Your commanders want you to obey.
We urge you to think. We urge you to make your choices based on your
conscience. If you choose to resist, we will support you and stand with
you because we have come to understand that our REAL duty is to the people
of the world and to our common future.

Name, Branch, Years

Terry Scott Adams, Army, 1964-1966
'Chicken'' David Allen, Army, 1989-1992
Kelly A. Allison, Navy, 1975-1979
Fred H. Anderson, Marine Corps, 1956-1959
Arvid Antonson, Air Force, 1942-1945
Ed Armas, Army, 1962-1965
Roy A. Armstrong, Army, 1968-1970
Dan C. Armstrong Sr., Navy, 1943-1946
Norman Arnett, Coast Guard, 1972-1973
Beatrice Arva, Air Force, 1985-1986 & Army, 1991-1993
Niall Aslen, Royal Air Force, 1962-1986
Stephanie R. Atkinson, Army, 1984-1990
Aram Attarian II, Air Force, 1965-1966
Paul L. Atwood, Marine Corps, 1965-1966
Henry Ayre, Coast Guard, 1942-1945
Collin Baber, Air Force, 1994-1998
Eric Bagai, Marine Corps, 1958-1961
Mack Bailey, Marine Corps, 1964-1966
David E Baker, Army, 1988-1991
Norman Balabanian, Army Air Corps, 1943-1946
Brett Baney, Marine Corps, 1998-2002
Jack Barbour, Air Force, 1966-1970
Therese Bissen Bard, Army, 1951-1956
Thomas E. Barden, Army, 1968-1971
Tony Bartel, Marine Corps, 1959-1965
Lari R. Bartschi, Army, Korean War
Michelle L. Bastian, Army, 1976-1979
Russell Bates, Navy, 1967-1970
George Batton, Marine Corps
Victor H. Bausch, Army, 1966-1968
Andy Benson, Army, 1992-1995
Philip L. Bereano, USPHS, 1966-1970
Chester V. Berry, Navy, WW2
Patricia Berry, Army, 1979-1988
Frank Bessinger, Army, 1968-1971
James F. Bichford, Army & Army National Guard, 1989-1997
Anton Black, Navy, 1977-1984
Kenneth T. Blackshaw, Air Force, 1959-1975
Dave Blalock, Army, 1968-1971
Michael Blankschen, Army, 1972-1973
David Bledsoe, Air Force, 1987-1997
Louis Block, Army, 1966-1972
David Blodgett, Navy Reserve, 1943-1946
Carl Boggs, Army, 1959-1962
Yoon Bok-dong, Marine Corps, 1972-1973
Robin Bolster, Navy, 1980-1983
Charlie Bonner, Marine Corps, 1963-1972
Blase Bonpane, Marine Corps Reserve, 1948-1950
Ronald L. Bontsema, Navy, 1943-1946 & Navy Reserve, 1946-1951
Brad Borland, Navy, 1961-1965
Fr. Bob Bossie SCJ, Air Force, 1955-1959
Allan Bostelmann, Army, 1953-1955
Reber Boult, Navy, 1958-1961
Roy Bourgeois, Navy, 1962-1966
Norman Angus Bowen, Air Force, 1962-1967
Lester Bowles, Army, 1968-1970
Kathleen Boyd, Army, 1974-1975 & 1984-1989
Horace R. Boykin, Marine Corps, 1979-1982
Todd Boyle, Navy, 1970-1972
Terry Braddock, Navy, 1974-1976
Peter Bradley, Army, 1960-1963
Gary Bramstedt, Air Force, 1960-1965
Lt. Col Harlan E. Branby, Ret., Air Force, 1957-1979
William P. Brandt, Army
Blanton Breece, Army, 1969-1971
Jon Brenard, Marine Corps, 1965-1969
Bernad Brightman, Air Force, 1941-1945
Bill Britt, Army, 1952-1955 & 1976-1996
Marjorie Broadbent, Australian Army Medical Women's Service, 1939-1945
Don Broadwell, Marine Corps, 1960-1966
Jerry Brooks, Air Force, 1956-1959
Jere Brower, Army, 1993-2002
Geoffrey Brown, Army, 1969-1971
Roger W Brown, Marine Corps, 1957-1960
Peter Brush, Marine Corps, 1966-1968
Robert Burke, Marine Corps, 1969-1976
Bill Burkett, Army, 1971-1999
Michael Duane Bury, Navy, 1967-1970
Greg Busby, Air Force, 1980-2000
Paul Busby, Navy, 1956-1958
Larry Bush, Army, 1968-1971
Michael Busich Sr., Marine Corps, 1965-1970
Jack Bussell, Army, 1959-1979
Dan Butts, Army, 1960-1963
Adrian Byers, Navy, 1990-1996
Philip J. Byler, Army, 1992-1996
Leo Cachat, Army, 1951-1953
Scott R. Cade, Army, 1968-1971
Kevin A. Cahalan, Marine Corps, 1967-1970
Scott Camil, Marine Corps, 1965-1969
Rick Campos, Air Force, 1969-1971
James A. Cardin, Army, 1966-1969
James Michael Case, Navy Reserve, 2.5 yrs
Thomas Casey, Navy, 1988-1992
Stephani Castillo, Army National Guard, 1996--2003
Gordon Catlin, Navy, 1984-1990
William J. Cavanaugh, Army, 1951-1953 & Army Reserve, 1953-1982
Brian Chambers, Army, 1968-1971
Fredy Champagne, Army, 1965-1966
David Chelimer, Army, 1954-1956
Guy Chichester, Navy, 1952-1956
Charles Chiodo, Army, 1968-1970
Gary A. Chipman, Army, 1970-1972
Elwood A. Chirrick, Navy, 1970-1972
Dale Choppin, Army, 1962-1965
Russ Christensen, Army, 1950-1954
Harold C. Christiansen, Army, 1964-1966
Paul Christmas, Army, 1987-1991
Joseph Ciarrocca, Navy, 1967-1970
Andrew Clark, Army, 1994-1999
Debra J. Clark, Army, 1976-1984
Arthur W. Clark M.D., Army, 1971-1973
John Clarke, Air Force, 1951-1955
Judith Coates, Air Force, 1966-1970
Edward Coburn, Army, 1969-1972
Rich Cohen, Army, 1963-1966
Joy A. (Lippert) Cohen, Army, 1981-1991
John Cole, Army, 1990-1994
Marco Coloma, Army, 1989-1992
Robert S. Colson Jr., Army, 1960-1979
Rockney Compton, Army, 1967-1974
Howard R. Conant, Army, 1943-1946
Gerry Condon, Army, 1967-1975
David Connolly, Army, 1967-1971
Graham Conrad, Army National Guard, 1995-2001
Lee Conrad, Navy Reserve
James R. Cook, Air Force, 1969-1972
Cindy Marie Cooley, Marine Corps, 1992-1996
David Coombs, Navy, 1995-1999
Edward P. Copelin, Army, 1970-1971
Frank Corcoran, Marine Corps, 1968-1969
Willis Cornes, Army, 1966-1969
David Cortright, Army, 1968-1971
Roger D. Corvin, Coast Guard, 1971-1975
Scott Cossette, Marine Corps, 1999-2001
James Coty, Army, 1959-1962
Dave Coull, Scotland British Royal Air Force, 1959-1964
Davey Coull, Scotland SNP, 1939-1945
Dave Counsman, Army, 1982-1986
John W. Covey, Air Force, 1970-1974
Carrol B. Cox, Air Force, 1951-1955
Gary Cox, Army, 1952-1955
Mark Cox, Marine Corps, 1989-1992
Charles Craig, Navy, 1963-1965
James M. Craven, Army, 1963-1966
Jack M. Crich, Army & Air Force, 1940-1960
Charlotte Critcher, Army, 1969-1971
Steve Crocker, Army, 1984-1087
Gary Phillip Crosby, Air Force, 1966-1970
Francis Crosby, Army, 1970-1976
Jay Crosby, Navy, 1965-1969
Jack L. Cross, Air Force, 1942-1946
Samuel Cross Jr., Air Force, 1959-1961
Roy Culver, Navy, 1942-1946
Milton Cunningham, Navy, 1943-1945
Diane Curran, Army, 1969-1975
Gerald Curtis, Army, 1953-1955 & Air Force, 1955-1974
Nancy L. Curtis, Navy, 1968-1971
Robert Danko, Army Reserve, 1964-1970
Daniel N. Daugherty, Air Force, 1976-1980
Candice Davis, Navy, 1975-1979
Herbert Davis, Army, 1965-1967
Patrick Davis, Army, 1970-1971
Paul Davis, Marine Corps, 1964-1968
William Davis, Navy, 1967-1971
D. Daxx, Marine Corps, 1952-1954
Frank De Leon Jr., Air Force, 1985-1992
Robert D. Denham, Army, 1964-1966
Frank M. DePaul, Navy, 1958-1961
Ed Desmond, Navy, 1967-1971
Dario Diaz, Air Force, 1996-1999
Eladio Diaz, Air Force, 1974-1976
Carl Dix, Army, 1968-1972
Burwell Dodd, Army, 1956-1958
Emile Doering, Army, 1997-2001
Pete Doktor, Army, 1986-1989
Harold P. Donle M.A., Marine Corps, 1966-1969
Barry Donnan, British Army, 1987-1993
Thomas W. Donovan, Army, 1981-1992
Colleen Donovan-Batson, Army, 1978-1981
Pat Driscoll, Navy, 1972-1975
John DuBois, Army, 1962-1965
Kenneth Dugan, Navy, 1984-1988
John Dunker, Army, 1964-1968
Fred Duperrault, Army Air Force, 1944-1946
Dan Duvelius, Army, 1968-1972
Robert Frank Eadie, Air Force, 1962-1966
John P. Echavarria, Air Force, 1965-1969
Thomas Eck, Army, 1970-1972
Thomas Edson, Army, 1971-1973
Stephen R. Edwards, Army, 1963-1965
Brenda Eggleston, Air Force, 1973-1979
Timothy D. Eickholt, Army, 1966-1969
Richard Eime, Navy, 1982-1986
Joe Eldred, Army, 1985-1998
David Eldredge, Navy, 1953-1955
Jake Elkins, Marine Corps, 1965-1969
Daniel Ellsberg, Marine Corps, 1954-1957
John Ericson, Army, 1954-1956
Marcus Eriksen, Marine Corps, 1985-1991
Edward M. Erlandson, Marine Corps, 1968-1970 & Army, 1976-1986
Orlando Espino, Marine Corps
Joi Estep, Army, 1983-1987
Edward A. Everts, Air Force, 1941-1946
Joseph C. Farah, Army, 1960-1963
George V. Fatsi, Air Force, 1950-1954
Bob Fehribach, Navy, 3 yrs
Frederick Feied, Air Force, 1943-1946
Amber Ferenz, Army, 1998-2001
Mike Ferner, Navy, 1969-1973
Robert L. Fields, Army, 1966-1969
Rhys Fleig, Marine Corps, Active Duty
Billy Floyd, Navy, 1984-1991
T. Patrick Foley, Navy, 1997-2000
David J. Fonda, Army, 1968-1971
Joseph G. Foran, Marine Corps, 1969-1970
William P. Foran, Coast Guard, 1965-1971
Frank D. Ford, Air Force, 1950-1953 & 1961-1964
Joe Forgy, Army, 1944-1945
Dr. Ray Foster, Army, 1972-1975
Joe Fowler, Air Force, 1966-1970
Lou Fox, Army, 1965
Melanye Francisco, Navy, 1992-1999
Stephen Franke, Air Force, 1956-1956
John Fredericks, Army, 1987-1991
John W. Freeland, Army, 1966-1969
Samuel R. Freeman, Army, 1968-1970
Robert Freis, Navy, 1951-1955
Dean Friend, Marine Corps, 1981-1985
Joseph P. Furayter, Army, 1938-1940 & 1942-1945
John M. Gallagher, Air Force, 1967-1969
Bart Gambardello, Navy, 1977-1982
India Mahdi Gamboa, Air Force, 1985-1987
Carl Gant, Air Force, 1965-1986
Alfonoso Garcia, Army, 1970-1972
Kevin Gardner, Air Force, 1977-1983
John Gear, Navy, 1978-1989
Michael B. Gehl, Army, 1973-1976
Heather Gehron-Rice, Coast Guard, 1992-1996
Jim Gibson, Army, 1968-1970
Stuart R Gillespie, Army, 1958-1961
Jack Gilroy, Army, 1953-1956
Eugene T. Giovanazzi, Air Force, 1951-1954
Robert B. Godwin, Army, 1953-1955
Stanley A. Goff, Army, 1970-1996
Ernest Goitein, Army, 1943-1945
Jay R. Goodman, Army, 1969-1970
Theodore W. Goodman, Air Force Reserve, 1943-1946 & 1951-1955
Amy C. Goodrich, Army, 1997-2002
R. Thomas Goodwin, Marine Corps, 1969-1971
Sissy Goodwin, Air Force, 1965-1976
James F. Gorman, Marine Corps, 1966-1968
John Gourley, Army Air Corps, 1944-1946
Darrell L. Gray, Army, 1948-1952
Todd Greenwood, Marine Corps, 1993-2001
Warren R. Greer, Navy Reserve, 1943-1945
A.J. Grimm, Navy, 1946-1946 & 1951-1953
R. C. Guerrero, Marine Corps, 1964-1968
Edmonde Haddad, Air Force, 1951-1954
Lawrence Hagerty, Navy, 1966-1969
Steven Haines, Navy, 1963-1966
Dennis Haldeman, Navy, 1971-73
Linda J. Halford, Army, 1968-1969
Kev Hall, Navy, 1973-1978
Robert Charles Hamilton III, Navy, 1986-1990
Jane D. Hamm, Marine Corps, 1943-1945
James Hamon, Air Force, 1954-1956
Robert Hanegan, Army, 1966-1969 & Air Force, 1981-1989
John Hanscom, Air Force, 1968-1990
Bob Hanson, Army, 1954-1956
James F. Harrington, Air Force, 1966-1967
David Harris, Air Force, 1965-1967
Martin Harwayne, Army, 1843-1946
Gayle J. Hasley, Navy, 1963-1984
Mike Hastie, Army, 1969-1972
William T. Hathaway, Army, 1964-1967
Mike Havenar, Marine Corps, 1958-1962
Edward Havitz, Army, 1951-1953
Kim Hawkins, Navy, 1985-1991
Carl M. Hay, Air Force, 1968-1969
Mike Hazard, Coast Guard, 1970-1976
Rev. Richard K. Heacock Jr., Navy, 1944-1946
Glenn Helkenn, Army, 7 yrs
Dud Hendrick, Air Force, 1963-1967
Daryl Henegar, Air Force, 1977-1996
Robert L. Hennel, Army, 1969-1970
Edwin H. Hennesey, Marine Corps, 1957-1967 & Air Force, 1971-1975
Rodger Herbst, Army, 1969-1971
Andres Hernandez, Navy Reserve, 1979-1985
Cesar F. Hernandez, Marine Corps, 1967-1970
Steven A. Hessler, Air Force, 1973-1975
John Heuer, Merchant Marine, 1967-1968
James Hibbard, Army, 1955-1957
Douglas Higgs, Army, 1969-1971
Percy Hilo, Air Force, 1966-1970
Oliver Hirsch, Air Force, 1966-1968
Francis L. Hiser III, Navy, 1980-Present
John Hockman, Army, 1963-1965
Steve Hoffman, Navy, 1977-1983
Dale Hoffmann, Navy, 1956-1959
Larry Holmes, Army, 1971-1972
Michael Hovey, Navy, 1971-1976
Arthur M. Howard, Army Air Force, 1944-1947
Walter Hrozenchik, Navy, 1951-1955
Ed Hutchinson, Navy, 1942-1946
James Patrick Hynes, British Army, 1940s
A. S. Mahdi Ibn-Ziyad, Air Force, 1961-1969
Todd Ikard, Navy, 1961-1965
Theresa Ikard, Air Force, 1974-1978
David M. Ionno, Army, 1970-1971
Michael Isabell, Navy, 1990-1992
Susan Ives, Army, 1977-1992
Leo Jacobs, Army, 1942-I946
Juliet Jacobsen, Air Force, 1997-2002
Anasazi James, Marine Corps & Navy, 1983-1997
Arthur James, Army, 1969-1970
Harold B. Jamison, Air Force, 20 years
Charles Jannuzi, Army National Guard, 1980-1988 & Army Reserve, 1988-1989
Allen L. Jasson, Australian Army, 1972-1974
Thomas Jelf, Army, 1950-1953
Joseph A. Jennings III, Army, 1967-1970
Michael L. Job, Army, 1968-1970
Ralph Johansen, Army, 3 years
Eric Edward Johansson, Army, 1989-1992
Jewel R. Johnson, Navy, 1944-1946
Lance Johnson, Army, 1992-1996
Mark Johnson, Army, 1988-1992
Steve Johnson, Army, 1967-1970
William Johnson, Navy, 1961-1965
James C. Johnston, Army, 1966-1968
Mike Jordan, Navy, 1966-1970
Timothy G. Jordan, Air Force, 1971-1974 & Army National Guard, 1979-1981 &
Army Reserves, 1985-1987
Laurie Josue, Air Force, 1986-1990
Eric Joyal, Army, 1989-1996
Sharon Joyner, Army, 1976-1979
Olaniyan Kanissa'ai, Navy, 1972-1974
Jim Karas, Army, 1968-1981
Thomas V. Karlin, Navy, 1956-1960
James Michael Kearney, Army, 1963-1965
Eric Kees, Navy, 1975-1981
Shelly R. Kekes, Army National Guard, 1978-1982
Ray Kell, Army, 1945-1946
Gerald Keller, Army, 1977-1981
Jim Keller, Navy, 1987-1991
Keith Keller, Air Force, 1966-1972
Charles Kelley, Marine Corps, 1965-1967
Elizabeth A. Kelly, Navy, 1975-1977
Gary E. Kelly, Army, 1989-1998
Harold E. Kelly Jr., Air Force, 1977-1984
Jesse E. Kern, Army, 1953-1954
George Kerschen, Army, 1966-1969
George M. Kesselring, Air Force, 1942-1963
Gerald Kessler, Air Force, 1940-1945
Talat Khan, Air Force, 1986-1992
Peretz Kidron, Israeli Defense Force, 1954-1957
Richard L. Kilgore, Marine Corps, 1965-1967
Melanie Carlone Kilmarx, Navy, 1987-1993
Charles Kilmer, Army, 1967-1970
Harold LM Kimball, Army, 1990-2001
Robert A. Kinsey, Marine Corps, 1955-1961
Robert Kirkconnell, Air Force, 1967-1994
Karl Kitchen, Air Force, 1981-1985
Ralf Klein, German Airforce, 1974-1986
Gregory John Kleven, Marine Corps, 1966-1976
Leif Klokkevold, Army, 1994-2000
Ronald Knarr, Marine Corps, 1950-1952
Daniel Knowles, Army, 1998-2001
Ibrahim Kobeissi, Marine Corps Reserve, until 2006
Justin Kodner, Army, 1952-1954
Ron Kovic, Marine Corps, 1964-1968
Raymond Krauss, Marine Corps, 1969-1972
Robert Krezewinski, Navy, 1973-1977
Marty Kunz, Navy, 1970-1976
Krystal Kyer, Navy, 1993-1997
Mike Ladich, Marine Corps, 1943-1946
Edwin Lainhart, Navy, 1964-1968
Jack A. Lancaster, Navy, WW2
Dustin S Langley, Navy, 1986-1994
Dwight Lawton, Navy, 1953-1957
Michael Lawton, Navy, 1962-1965
Mark Laythorpe, Air Force, 1976-1980
Robert Brittain Leach, Army, 1961-1964
Bryan J. Ledoux, Army, 1976-1980 & 1988-1999
Kenneth M. Lee, Army, 1970-1973
Norm Lee, Air Force, 1947-1954
Larry Lefler, Navy, 1966-1970
Tim Lennon, Army, 1965-1968
Bob Leslie, Army, 1968-1969
Lew Levenson, Navy, 1948-1985
Michael Levin, Navy, 1956-1960
John L. Levy, Navy Reserve, 1942-1946
Oswald Lewinter, Army, 1950-1985
Brian Lewis, Air Force, 1982-1988
Dan Lewis, Navy Reserve, 1976-1995
Janet Marie Lewis, Army, 1989-1993
Neal Liden, Navy, 1965-1969
Norman Linton, Army, 1951-1954
Janine Lockwood, Army, 1975-1978
Edward M. Long, Army, 1943-1945
Tom Lorenz, Air Force, 1967-1989
Charles Luce, Air Force, 1955-1959
Larry Lugar, Army, 1960-1966
Jerome M. Lui, Army, 1944-1946
Keth Luke, Army, 1967-69
Carrie Lundberg, Air Force, 1983-1991
James Lynch, Army, 1971-1973
Donald M. Lyng, Army Reserve, 1991-1995 & Army, 2001-Present
John Thomas Mac Lean, Army, 1943-1946
Fred W. MacArthur Jr., Air Force, 1958-1983
Denis Maguire, Navy, 1941-1942 & Army Air Corps, 1942-1946
Anthony Mallin, Navy, 1943-1945 & Navy Reserve, 1950-1951
Donald F. Maple, Navy, 1945-1946
George Mariscal, Army, 1968-1970
Gary D. Martin, Army, 1966-1968
Brandy Martinez-Rogers, Army, 1996-1997
Alan C. Maskell, Army, 1968-1971
Roger N. Matherly, Navy, 1972-1976
Jonathan O. Matteson, Army, 1983-1991
Joseph May, Marine Corps, 1953-1955
Robert Mayer, Army National Guard, 1970-1971
Rela Mazali, Israel Defense Force, 1966-1968
George McAnanama, Army, 1966-1968
Mark McCleary, Navy, 1996-2002
O'Kelly McCluskey, Navy, 1944-1946 & Air Force, 1953-1957
Jim McCombe, Army, 1953-1955
Carl B. McCoy, Army, 1966-1969
Paul James McCoy, Navy, 1943-1945
James P. McCrumb, Navy, 1967-1970
Bruce McFarland, Navy, 1982-1986
Jim McGowen, Navy, 1969-1972
C. Andrew McGuffin, Marine Corps, 1990-1994
Allen McKinnis, Marine Corps, 1972-1974
Jim McWatt, Army, 1.5 yrs
Carl Mease, Marine Corps, 1965-1969
Teresa Media, Navy, 1972-1977
Al Melville, Navy, 1985-1991
Lloyd D. Mercer, Army, 1965-1968
Norman T. Merkel, Army, 1967-1969
Nathaniel I. Merwin, Army, 1993-2001
Barbara Michael, Army, 1977-1980 & Army Reserve, 1980-1997
Dale Miller, National Guard, 1978-2003
Greg Miller, Army, 1966-1968
Norman S. Miller, Army, 1939-1946
Ronnie D. Miller, Army, 3 yrs
Will Miller, Army Security Agency, 1957-1962
Dr. Dennis W. Mills, Army, 1966-1969
Jack Minassian, Army, 1943-1945
Joshua Minchen, Army, 1997-2000
Hank Missenheim Jr., Marine Corps, 1979-1982
Rob Moitoza, Navy, 1965-1971
George Molina, Marine Corps, 1968-1970
James W. Moore, Air Force, 1950-1954
Michael Moore, Army, 1975-1979
Paul S. Moorhead, Navy, 1943-1946
Austin Moran, Navy, 1978-1985
Dale L. Morgan, Air Force, 1956-1960
David Rees Morgan, British Royal Air Force, 1948-1950
Catherine Morris, Marine Corps, 1981-1985 & Army National Guard, 1989-1996
Rob Morris, Army, 1965-1969
William Morris, Air Force, 1979-1999
Bryan Morrison, Air Force, 1994-1998
Paul Pat Morse, Air Force, 1965-1968
Steve Morse, Army, 1969-1971
Nancy Mrazik, Navy, 1979-1992
Charles F. Munat, Army & Navy, 1979-1985
Carlos Munoz Jr., Army, 1959-1962
Eric W. Munson, Army, 1985-1995
Joanne Murphy, Army Corps of Engineers, 2 years
Robert J. Murphy, Navy Reserve, 1943-1967 & Navy, 1950-1953
Frederick A. Murray, Army, 1976-1980
John L. Murray, Army, 1971-1973
Germane Nachious, National Guard, 1994-2000
Dr. Thomas J. Nagy, JROTC, 1958-1960 & ROTC, 1962-1964
Greg Nees, Marine Corps, 1969-1971
John Paul Nettleton, Marine Corps, 1967-1971
John Niemi, Army, 1968-1970
Stan Nishimura, Army, 1964-1967
Jim Northrup, Marine Corps, 1961-1966
Tom Norwood, Army, 1952-1954
Edward J. Novicki, Marine Corps, 1973-1978
Robert Nuzum, Navy, 1950-1953
Aka Oceab, Marine Corps, 1966-1968
Gerard O'Connor, Army, 1985-1991
Jerome P. O'Mara, Army, 1966-1968
Greg A. O'Neill, Navy, 1970-1974 & Army, 1979-1983
John L. Opperman, Navy, 1951-1970
T. E. Origer, Marine Corps, 1967-1969
Victor L. Ortiz, Army, 32 yrs
Ralph Osbon, 1969-1971
Clyde J. Oskins, Navy, 1944-1946
Doug Osmond, Army, 4 years
Brian Ouellette, Navy, 1996-2000
Raynard Dean Packard, Army, 1985-1988
Wayne Evan Packwood, 1964-1968
Roy 0. Padilla III, Marine Corps, 1984-1992
John J. Pagoda, Air Force, 1965-1968 & 1985-1998
Todd A. Papasadero, Army, 1983-1989
John Pappademos, Navy Reserve, 1943-1946
Jeff Paterson, Marine Corps, 1986-1990
Tom Pattee, Army, 1969-1972
Paul Pawlowski, Army, 1996-2000
Norman L. Pearman, Army, 1950-1952
Sidney Peck, Navy, 1944-1946
Richard Pedersen, Navy Reserve, 1955-1959
Joe Peitte, Air Force, 1966-1969
Robert Perrotta, Army, 1966-1968
James Perry, Marine Corps, 1966-1968
Phil Perry, Navy, 1968-1972
William Mark Peter, Navy, 1991-1993
Michael Phelts, Army, 2001-Present
William A. Pillar, Army Air Corp, 1944-1946
Seth Pollack, Army, 1988-1997
Joseph W. Potts, Marine Corps, 1970-1972
Mark A. Potts, Air Force, 1991-1993
Wilson M. Powell, Air Force, 1950-1954
Joseph M. Powers, Army, 1970-1971
George Pumphrey, Army, 1968-1970
Guillermo Quebral, Army, 1966-1970
William Arthur Raab, Navy Reserve, 1943-1946
Father Bob Rademacher, Army, 1942-1946
Keith Rashall, Air Force, 1964-1967
Douglas Reeves, Army, 1990-1995
John Regan, Army, 1990-1991
Charles A. Reynolds, Army, 1952-1954
Robert E. Reynolds, Air Force, 1950-1957
John P. Richardson, Army, 1988-1990
Dana Richter, 1967-1971
Timothy Rieman, Army, 1983-1987
Jerry D. Riley, Army, 1953-1955
Charles Riley Jr., Army, 1962-1965
Ervine M. Rips, Army, 1942-1946
Robert Roach, Navy, 1974-1978
Douglas Robbins, Air Force, 1952-1956
Norman M. Roberson, Marine Corps, 1960--1971
Don Roberts, Navy, 1978-1988
Marcia Furayter Roberts, Army, 1983-1991
Robert J. Rogers, Air Force, 1951-1953
James H. Romer, Army, 1954-1956
Irwin A. Rose, Navy, WWII
Robert L. Rosenberg, Army, 1944-1946
Samuel M. Ross, Merchant Seaman, 1941-1946
Eric M. Ross, Navy, 1989-1994
Randy Rowland, Army, 1967-1970
George Rubin, Army Air Force, 1943-1945
John Rueckert, Marine Corps, 1967-1969
Antonio Ruiz, Army, 1983-1992
Phillip Rumple, Air Force, 2000-2003
Shannon Rumple, Air Force, 2000-Present
Felix Rusnak, Army, 2 yrs
Steven J. Russell, Marine Corps, 1969-1972
James Ryan, Army, 1962-1967
Rodney A. Rylander, Air Force, 1962-1967
Steven E. Saelzler, Army, 1969-1971
Kenna E. Sander, Army, 1982-1985
Emile E. Sander IV, Marine Corps, 1980-2000
Lee Santa, Army, 1965-1968
William F. Santelmann Jr., Marine Corps & Air Force Reserve, 1954-1957
Luis Manuel Santiago, Army, 6 yrs
Patrick Santy, Air Force, 1966-1970
Scott Satterwhite, Navy, 1990-1999
Dan Scaarlett, Army, 1943-1945
Dwight E. Scarbrough II, Navy, 1975-1980
Paul Schaefer, Air Force, 1960-1964
Larry Schartman, Navy, 1971-1975
Richard Hermann Schmidt, Navy, 1957-1960
Louis Anthony Schmittroth Jr., Army, 1943-1956
Ken Schneider, Air Force, 1960-1964
Nikko Schoch, Army, 1968-1970
Larry Schwab, Army, 1967-1968
Allen T. Schwartz, Navy, 1990-1991
Steven R. Kim Scipes, Marine Corps, 1969-1973
Betty R. Scott, Navy, 1943-1945
Richard Scott, Air Force, 1961-1965
Walter M. Scott, Army, 1960-1962
George Seaman, Army, 1971-1975
Briggs Seekins, Army, Gulf War
Melanie G. Selby, Army National Guard, 1985-1995
Jason Selders, Army, 2002-Present
Esther Serrano, Marine Corps, 1968-1969
Patricia J. Sewell, Army, 1969-1971
Burt Shachter, Air Force, 1944-1946
Richard Shaffer, Marine Corps, 1956-1959
Dr. Edward H. Shaffer, Army, 1942-1946
Earl J. Sharp, Army, 1965-1967
Peter B. Shaw, Marine Corps, 1951-1954
Danny L. Shaw, Army, 1966-1968
Paul A. Sheehan, Air Force, 1988-1992
Victoria Shillingford, Army, 1994-2003
James Shockley, Army, 1975-1978
Andrew Showalter, Army, 1966-1971
Larry Shute, Army, 1952-1954
Vern Simula, Army, 1954-1956
Larry Skwarczynski, Army, 1963-1966
William O. Slayman, Navy, 1943-1946
Bob Slentz-Kesler, Army, 1990-1992
Bradley Smith, Navy, 1974-1980
Charles T. Smith, Army, 1969-1971
Robert Smith, Navy, 1971-1974
Thomas Smith, Air Force, 1965-1969
Mark Smith, Navy
Robert Grover Smith Jr., Army, 1967-1997
Douglas C. Smyth, Army Security Agency, 1961-1964
Valarie Snell, Army, 1990-2000
Tracey William Snyder, Navy, 1994-1998
Matthew D. Sorensen, Army, 1977-1980
Robert Sorrell, Navy, 1963-1967
Herbert F. Spirer, Navy, 1943-1946
Phil Stanton, Navy, 1959-1971
John Steinbach, Coast Guard, 1965-1969
Bryce Stephen, Army, 1968-1971
Robert Stephens, Marine Corps, 1966-1970
Joe Stern, Air Force, 1941-1946
Vernon M. Stevens, Army, 1941-present
John D. Stickle, Air Force, 1966-1970
Ted Stolze, Air Force, 1979-1980
William B. Strange Jr., Army, 1967-1970
Roy L. Streit, Navy, 1967-1968
Harold Strom, 25 years
Tom Sturtevant, Navy, 1950-1954
Michel E. Sullivan, Navy, 1974-1980
Darnell S. Summers, Army, 1966-1970
Amos Sunshine, Army
Charles W. Sweet, Army, 1942-1946
Thomas Swift, Army, 1953-1955
Harold Taggart, Air Force, 1959-1964
Toby Tahja-Syrett, Army, 1992-1996
Bruce William Taylor, Navy, 10 years
d'andre Teeter, Navy, 1965-1966
Elliott Teters, Army, 1977-1980
John Thigpen, Navy, 1966-1970
Mr. Whallen Thomas, Marine Corps, 1965-1969
Joe Thompson, Army, 1958-1961
Jeremiah J. Timmins, Marine Corps, 1992-1997
Edward L. Tonningsen, Army, 1943-1946
Robert Travaline, Air Force, 1968-1972
Clare Tremper, Marine Corps, 1980-1986
Tom Trigg, Army, 1967-1975
Gabriella Turek, Navy Reserve, 1989-2002
Christopher Turner, Army, 1994-1997
Stanley Ray Turpin, Army, 1987-1992
Peggy Tuxen-Akers, Army, 1969-1972
Michael Uhl, Army, 1967-1969
Joe Urgo, Air Force, 1966-1970
Tom Urgo, Army, 1968-1970
Steven Vallee, Air National Guard, 1989-Present
Gretchen Vanek, Army, 1970-1972 & 1990-1991
Michael Vaughan, Navy, 1976-1980
Wendy Veith, Army, 1980-1984
Frederick J. Vermillion, 1951-1955
Kurt Vonnegut, Army, 1943-1945
Robert Vreeland, Army, 1967-1969
Gerald Waite, Army, 1967-1982
George Waldman, Air Force, 1966-1970
Paul J. Walker, Air Force, 1974-1978
Michael Wallschlaeger, Marine Corps, 1983-1986
Robert Lee Jimmy Ward, Air Force, 1954-1963
Jim Ward, Air Force, 1954-1963
Tom Ward, Air Force, 1959-1963
Winston Warfield, Army, 1967-1970
Kevin Warner, Army, 1985-1989
William H. Warrick III MD, Army Security Agency, 1968-1971
John Warriner, Air Force, 1964-1969
Eric Wasileski, Navy, 1993-1999
Brian G. Watko, Army, 1992-1996
Cora Tula Watters, Marine Corps, Korean Era
Carl Webb, Army, 1982-present
Kenneth Weeks, Marine Corps, 1960-1966
Chris Welch, Air Force, 1984-1988
Jeff Welch, Navy, 1984-1988
Michael Welsh, Army, 1970-1973
Joel Wendland, Army, 1991-1993
Jerry West, Marine Corps, 1965-1970
Phillip Whitaker, Air Force, 1973-1981
Chris White, Marine Corps, 1994-1998
Michael White, Army, 1992-1997
Roy W. White, Air Force, 1949-1953
Tim White, Air Force, 1966-1970
Darrell Widner, Navy, 1977-1981
David Wiggins MD, Army, Gulf War
E. Duane Wilkerson, Air Force, 1969-1973
Sonny Williams, Army, 1966-1970
Glenn Winestead M.D., Army Medical Corp, 1971-1972
John P. Wirtz, Army, 1943-1946
Tim Withee, Navy, 1968-1972
James Wojtkowski, Navy, 1969-1972
Mike Wong, Army, 1969-1975
Robert J. ``Woody'' Woodruff, Army, 1966-1970
Jim Woods, Coast Guard, 1969-1972
Paul Wright, Army, 1983-1987
William Yates, Navy, 1943-1946
Leonard Zablow, Army, 1945-1946
Luis Zamora, Army, 1948-1971
Jeff Zamrzla, Marine Corps, 1974-1976
Eddie Zawaski, Navy, 1967-1968
Howard Zinn, Air Force, 1943-1945
David C. Zoesch, Navy, 1970-1975
Greg Zolad, Army, 1967-1969
John Zoll, Army, 1982-1996

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