March 15--AntiWar Protests in Washington, DC, San Francisco
and Los Angeles

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For More Information, please check: International ANSWER

1) Washington DC
2) San Francisco, CA
3) Los Angeles, CA
4) Belgium

1) Washington, DC

The A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition and other organizations are calling for an Emergency National Anti-War Convergence to TAKE IT TO THE WHITE HOUSE on Saturday, March 15 (gather 12 noon at Washington Monument - Constitution Ave between 15th and 17th Sts NW).

Detailed Logistics Info on March 15 mobilization

Date: 3/5/2003 12:23:28 PM Pacific Standard Time

March 15 Emergency National Convergence
on the White House

Tens of thousands will converge on the White House on
Saturday, March 15. The people of the world have been
rising up against the war and the Bush administration
foreign policy over the past few months. Now is the time
to turn the heat up. Students, workers, people from
faith-based communities, women's organizations, l/g/b/t
organizations, and community groups are continuing to
unite to say no to war. The following email contains the
March 15 location, a map, transportation information,
parking information & more!

Permitted Rally & March
12 noon
@ the Washington Monument
Constitution Ave. between 15th and 17th Sts. NW




Transportation will be organized from cities all over the
country to travel to Washington DC.

For detailed driving directions to DC (Constitution Ave.
between 15th and 17th Sts. NW), click and enter
"Constitution Ave. and 15th St. NW" in Washington DC as
your destination.

For a DC Metro map, click . The
Washington Monument (Constitution Ave. between 15th and
17th Sts. NW) is accessible from a few metro stations. The
closest stops are Smithsonian on the blue/orange line and
Metro Center on the red and blue/orange lines. The metro
system opens at 8 am on the weekends. If you are coming
early to volunteer, check into buses from your area.




Buses can park at Union Station for $20 for the day. From
Union Station, people can take the red metro line three
stops to Metro Center, and walk about 5 blocks from there.
All relevant points -- Union Station, the metro stations,
and the rally site -- are visible on the map (see above
for link). After the conclusion of the day, people can
take the metro back to Union Station to get on their
buses. If you are bringing a bus, go to
for more information.

Many locations with group rates are available at

The area of the Washington Monument is wheelchair
accessible. There will be wheelchair accessible bathrooms.
Sign language interpreters will be on stage, and there
will be a section roped off in front of the stage so that
they can be viewed from close up. For those who are unable
to walk for any or all of the march, there will be 15
passenger vans available. Those vans will be parked in the
Oval Parking lot off Constitution Ave. between 15th and
17th Sts. and will be clearly labeled. If you are unable
to march, proceed to one of these vehicles when the march
begins to line up. The vehicles will be in the back of the
march, so if you are marching and find yourself unable to
continue, wait on the side of the march for the vehicles.

Healthcare workers will be on hand to assist with any
medical needs. Please remember to bring your water and
snacks because you will be on your feet and outside for
many hours. If you are a health care worker or have first
aid experience and would like to volunteer to help on
March 15, call us at 202-544-3389.

Bring snacks and water, and wear comfortable shoes since
you'll be standing and walking for several hours. Remember
to prepare for cold weather! If you've been to an
A.N.S.W.E.R. protest before and have an "Act Now to Stop
War & End Racism," t-shirt wear it to the protest!

There are a number of restaurants and coffee shops in the
area that cater to the tourists who are downtown on the
weekends. There are vendors in the area of the White House
with snack food, ice cream, soda, etc. People are
encouraged to bring snacks or a lunch with them because it
will be a long day.

Bathrooms will readily available. Some of them will be
wheelchair accessible.



A flyer for the March 15 Emergency National Convergence on
the White House is available on the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
web site. You can easily download a PDF of the national
flyer for the Washington DC demonstration, as well as a
version for those in New York City planning to travel to
DC. Flyers for West Coast events are also available. To
download flyers, go to,

To make this event a success, hundreds of volunteers are
needed to help out in many areas! Whether you're arriving
a week early, or the morning of the 15th -- there are many
ways you can help out. Email
if you want to volunteer. If you are coming early to
volunteer, you should consult the bus map/schedule (as the
metro does not begin running until 8 am). You will be able
to arrive earlier by bus. Also, if you are coming before 8
am, street parking will be readily available and you are
not required to feed (pay) meters in downtown DC on

There will be a sign-making work session in Washington DC
from 6 to 9 pm on Friday, January 17. Call 202-544-3389
for details. For helping in New York City work sessions,
call 212-633-6646.



If you have questions after reviewing this page in its
entirety, call us at 202-544-3389.

San Francisco and Los Angeles logistics will be available

For general information about the March 15 Emergency
National Convergence on the White House and joint actions
in San Francisco and Los Angeles, go to


From New York: Labor Contingent & NYCLAW Bus Info
Date: 3/13/2003 4:03:42 PM Pacific Standard Time

National antiwar demo in Washington, DC

Rally & March Saturday March 15
12 noon

Washington Monument
Constitution Ave.
15th and 17th Sts. NW

Labor Contingent: 11:30 am at the Northwest corner of 15th and Constitution
Ave. NW

Bring your banners!


NYCLAW Bus Info: NYCLAW bus riders must arrive NO LATER THAN 5:45 a.m., at
14 St. (between 5/6 avenues). Bus will have a NYCLAW sign in window, and
directions will also be available in the IAC office at 39 W. 14 St. Further
Info: 212-633-6646.

Call to action, Mar 17- 24
Date: 3/13/2003 1:14:56 PM Pacific Standard Time


Nonviolent Direct Action Campaign at the Nations' Capitol
March 17-24

Kick-off, Monday, March 17th - Help Reclaim Democracy!
If Congress won't represent us, we will represent ourselves!

WAR IS NOT INEVITABLE! We Must Stop It Now. We call upon the American people to take nonviolent direct action to stop this war! Congress has the constitutional power to stop this war and has been silent.

WE DEMAND THAT CONGRESS: REPRESENT the Will of the People, REPEAL Bush's war authorization and RE-ALLOCATE our money to schools, jobs, health care and other human needs.

While war is imminent we cannot rest, March 17 will begin a WEEK OF NONVIOLENT DIRECT ACTION. From March 17-24 we will take action in the halls and offices of Congress in DC and across this nation -- filling the jails until they answer the people's call for peace and justice!

MARCH 15-17th: COME TO DC IN LARGE NUMBERS, to reclaim democracy and stop the war. If you are far away, SEND A DELEGATION from your local community to engage in nonviolent direct action or lobbying at the Capitol on Monday, March 17.

If you can't come to DC go to your reps DISTRICT OFFICE (be sure to post your local activities at

LOBBY NOW: call, fax, and email your congressional reps in Washington. GO TO LOCAL CONGRESSIONAL OFFICES on THURS or FRIDAY, March 13 and 14 and declare your communities' intention to take nonviolent direct action to hold them accountable for this war.

Nonviolent Civil Disobedience training will be held on Sunday, March 16 from 10 am - 1:00 pm and then from 1:30 - 4:30.

Location to be announced.

Lobbying Orientation will also be provided.

Mass Action Spokes Council Meeting on Sunday, March 16 from 5:00 - 8:00 pm. Gather 8 am every morning, March 17-24 near the nations Capitol to take our actions to the Congress. More details soon!

For housing contact :

Together, we have the power to stop this war and change history!

This campaign is being called by United for Peace and Justice and is getting leading support from the National Youth and Student Peace Campaign, the Iraq Pledge of Resistance and the National Peace Lobby.

For details and more information contact: or go to

For nonviolent direct action resources go to:

To connect to local groups around the country planning nonviolent direct action go to:

For lobbying resources and information go to For campus organizing resources you can contact

2) San Francisco, CA

Bay Area Ready for War: Broad Coalition Vows to Shut Down SF (By SF IMC)
• Can't wait for the war to start? Help shut down the Pacific Stock Exchange this Friday, March 14th -- full details.

• March 15 Permit Granted: The permit has been granted and the official march route has been decided, from Civic Center to Jefferson Square Park. Gather at Civic Center at 11am and be ready for rain or sun! Announcements for a breakaway march and black bloc have also been sent out.

• SFPD Update: Bay Area PoliceWatch is launching a campaign today to bring more investigations and charges to SFPD's command staff, based on cover-ups of murder like the police killing of Idriss Stelley.
Gather at Civic Center at 11am. Sometime after noon, the march will be headed to Jefferson Square Park. Several calls for unpermitted marches to continue after the IAC march have been made, including a call for bike riders. A black bloc call has been sent out for the unpermitted march.

• No War But Class War Contingent
• Anti-Freeper Contingent
• Alternative Spring Break Kickoff
• Rock Bloc
• Palestine Solidarity Contingent
• Revolutionary Internationalist
Emergency Demo: Powell & Market
When the war officially starts, meet at Powell & Market at 5pm and plan to stay out all night. Black Bloc Call
Next Day: Shut Down SF
The day after, dozens of actions in SF's Financial District vow to shut down the city.
Anti-War Strike
Thousands will plan to "call in sick" when the war starts to help disrupt capitalism from steamrolling on.


Palestine Contingent for Anti-War Rally: 3/15/03
Date: 3/13/2003 4:52:50 PM Pacific Standard Time

We will be having another Palestine contingent marching in the rally this Saturday...Please join us...We are meeting at 9:30 am in front of the SF Public Library on the east side of the Civic Center..look for the Palestinian Flags....

SATURDAY MARCH 15 Anti-War Convergence:
March and Rally in San Francisco

Join the 10 million people marching worldwide this weekend. On Feb. 16, the largest co-ordinated set of anti-war demonstrations in the history of the world stunned the Bush administration and other pro-war leaders worldwide. We need to do it again.

Peace groups from at least 28 countries around the world are calling for another global day of protests on Saturday March 15. The people of the world are against this USA led invasion of Iraq. Every week, global and American pressure is growing against the war. We must continue to make our voices heard and our presence clearly seen. Join us for another day of historic anti-war rallies. Continue the public pressure against this war!

San Francisco
Saturday March 15, 2003
11 AM, Assemble and Rally at Civic Center

Afternoon: six block march to Jefferson Square Park (Turk & Gough) for additional rally.

o Sponsored by Bay Area United Against War, International Answer, Not In Our Name, United for Peace & Justice, Marin Peace & Justice Coalition, many others.

o For more info go to: or or
Or call MPJC at: 721-2844

3) Los Angeles, CA

Saturday March 15, 2003
Los Angeles Demonstration To Stop The War!
Internationally coordinated demonstrations to Stop the War: Demonstrations in Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Around the World

Assemble 12 Noon at Olympic and Broadway
Los Angeles
March to the Downtown Federal Building for a Peace Rally

For more information, contact the Sponsors:

626 683-9004

Coalition for World Peace

International ANSWER Coalition

Not in Our Name Project

Saturday March 15th Rally (By: LA IMC)
Join in the coordinated demonstrations in cities 'round the world to Stop the War in Iraq. The Los Angeles convergence is Saturday, March 15 Assemble 12 Noon at Olympic and Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles. March to the Downtown Federal Building for a Mass Rally (2:00-5:00 PM)

As events in Washington, the UN, and abroad come to a head, and the war spectre looms large over the people of Iraq, it's ever more important for us, ordinary people, to come out and voice our concerns over the Bush Administration's increasingly perilous drive towards war. You have a voice, and you are not alone. Stand up, speak out, and take the streets!

Organizers include : International ANSWER Coalition, Coalition for World Peace, Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace ,Not in Our Name Project .
Contingents are forming
Join the Drum/Noise Contingent - contact

For inspiration, read this story about civil disobedience at the Raytheon Plant in El Segundo and look at these photos.

API anti-war contingent for 3/15 march

Please join us ...

Asian Pacific Islanders for Peace & Justice
(new name that came out of last Saturday's organizing meeting)

We are organizing an API community contingent in the upcoming march this
Saturday against the war in Iraq. Our agreed-upon purpose is to establish a
broad-based API anti-war voice based on common principles (see attached
and/or below).

The rallying point is:

DATE: Saturday, March 15
TIME: 12 noon
PLACE: Broadway & 8th St.

For carpool from Little Tokyo, meet @ 11:30 a.m. at the JACCC plaza, 244 S.
San Pedro St. between 2nd & 3rd streets).

For more information, call (213) 680-3484.

Principles for Asians & Pacific Islanders for Peace & Justice:
March 2003

Purpose: to establish a broad-based API anti-war community voice based on
common principles

1. We oppose a war with Iraq
v There is no evidence linking Iraq to the September 11 attacks or,
according to U.N. weapons inspections, that it is preparing aggressive action
against any other countries, including the U.S. Continued arms inspections,
satellite and other intelligence can insure Iraq does not develop or deploy
weapons of mass destruction.
v A war against Iraq will further destabilize the Middle East and create
more animosity towards the U.S.
v There is broad moral opposition to this unjust war by a broad range of
spiritual and religious leaders from the Pop to Protestant bishops and
Buddhist monks, as well as millions of individuals of every religious and
political persuasion in this country and around the world.

2. A war would cause great suffering for both the Iraqi & American people,
and increase danger throughout the region and elsewhere, including Asia
v Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children, women and men will occur in a
country where over 50% of the population is under the age of 16. Survivors
will face unbearable hardships living in bombed out rubble or refugee camps.
v We do not want to see American and Iraqi youth killing each other and
innocent people dying for the sake of oil.
v Instead of the U.S. relying on military force in countries such as North
Korea, our country should respect other countries' independence, engage in
dialogue, both direct and in conjunction with the United Nations, to attempt
to defuse the conflict and work towards a peaceful resolution.

3. Health, education & other human services would be cut further
v The cost of this war - an estimated $100-200 billion - comes at a time when
millions of Americans lack health care and decent affordable housing,
education funds are being slashed and jobs are being eliminated.
v These basic needs and other services will be sacrificed even further to
fund the war and occupation of Iraq, especially as Bush's tax cuts - a boon
to only the wealthy - take effect.
v We are against the increased militarization of our high school & colleges.
We are dismayed at the overabundance of military recruiters at schools sorely
lacking in college counselors.

4. We oppose the erosion of civil liberties here at home
v We oppose the U.S. Patriot Act, which severely undermines our civil rights
and due process. Under the Patriot Act and other policies, such as the
immigration registration policies, entire communities are being targeted and
v Under the guise of fighting terrorism, American Muslims, Arab Americans and
South Asians have come under suspicion, which has resulted in violent hate
crimes and increased discrimination towards individuals from these
communities. As Asians and Pacific Islanders, whose great grandparents,
grandparents and parents have faced similar scapegoating, racial profiling
and violence in this country, we are opposed to the government and media's
unfair and racist targeting of any group of people.
v We demand the resignation of U.S. Rep. Howard Coble as chair of the House
Sub-Committee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security for supporting the
World War II incarceration of Japanese Americans.

Women's Contingent, March 15 protest

Come be part of the 'Women Say No War - Invest in Caring Not Killing'
contingent coordinated by the Global Women's Strike in this coming
Saturday's march against war in Iraq. The march, which is co-sponsored by
Coalition for World Peace, ANSWER, Interfaith Communities United for
Justice and Peace, and Not in Our Name, begins at Olympic and Broadway in
downtown LA and will rally at the downtown Federal Bldg. The Global
Women's Strike will be helping decorate the sound truck, so look for us at
the truck and for our banners 'No War -Invest in Caring Not Killing' (hot
pink) and 'Yes to Welfare No to War' (lime green). Men's support welcome.
For more info on the Women's Contingent call 323-292-7405. For info about
the march check the ANSWER website at

STOP PRESS: Margaret Prescod will be speaking at the Rally on behalf of the
Global Women's Strike and the Every Mother is a Working Mother Network.

Beneath the Surface on KPFK (90.7 FM) will be hosted by Margaret Prescod
this evening, March 13th, from 5-6pm. In one segment she will interview
representatives of the major anti-war coalitions. Let the station know
what you think.

The GLOBAL WOMEN'S STRIKE on International Women's Day was a great success.
In LA, 3,000-4,000 women, children and supportive men marched from the
Westwood Federal Bldg. past Occidental Petroleum's headquarters, Starbuck's
and the Veterans' Cemetery behind a banner with the international Strike
theme 'Women Say No War - Invest in Caring Not Killing.' At the rally
which followed, actors Wendy Malick, Danny Glover, David Clennon and Ed
Asner, as well as Vietnam vet Ron Kovic, stood alongside mothers on
welfare, grandmothers, women who had been wrongfully imprisoned, women from
the Middle East, Indigenous women and more, to say No to war in Iraq and
all wars, and to reclaim the military budget for the care of people and the
environment. Exciting news of Strike events in other cities and over 70
countries is coming in as well - check out the Strike website

To protest LA Times coverage of the Global Women's Strike that was
inaccurate, sexist and sensationalist, a multiracial delegation of 12 women
and men went down to the Times, where we met with one of the assistant
editors for 45 minutes. The editor has called back to say a reporter will
be in touch with us soon. We'll keep you posted.

Lost and Found from the March 8th event: a pair of glasses, a small bag of
film, a white dress, noisemakers, and a child's hat with flags were turned
in to us. If they are yours, please call Crossroads Women's Center at
323-292-7405 on Tuesday or Thursday to arrange pickup.

4) Belgium
Brussels Manifestation : "Non à la guerre contre l'Irak" - "No to war
against Irak".

Saturday, March 15, 2003 at "14 h" - "2 pm?"
March begins at north railway station

organized by : Attac belgium, greenpeace belgium, politicals like the greens
and the socialists, christians mouvements,not in our name, stop usa, free
palestine, youth movements, center for democracy, association of human
rights, and many more ( more than 210 groups).

For more info :, ....

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