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Global Iraq Antiwar Mobolizations

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Latest News of F15 Marches from Around the World
At least 150,000 demonstrate in Melbourne to protest possible war with Iraq

Coming to a city near you: Adelaide, Albacete, Alicante, Amsterdam, Antwerp (12.02), Aotearoa, Athens [Greece], Auckland, Bangkok, Barcelona, Beirut, Belfast, Berlin, Berne, Brisbane, Brussels, Budapest, Busan, Cairo, Calgary, Canberra, Cape Town, Chicago, Copenhagen, Cyprus British Army Bases, Dublin, Dili, Edmonton, Foster, Geelong, Girona, Glasgow, Granada, Havana, Helsinki, Hobart, Huelva, Islamabad, Istanbul, Jaén, Jakarta, Jersey, Johannesburg, Kiev, Kigali, Kuala Lumpur, Lahore, Launceston, Lisbon, Lismore, Lleida, Llubljana, London, Los Angeles, Luxembourg, Madrid, Málaga, Manila, Melbourne, Mexico City, Montreal, Moscow, Murcia, New York, Newcastle [Australia], Osaka, Oslo, Oviedo, Paris, Perth, Poznan, Prague, Ramallah, Reunion Island, Reykjavik, Rockhampton, Rome, Salamanca, San Francisco, San Juan, Santander, Santo Domingo, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Seoul, Skopje, Sofia, Stockholm, Sydney, Takaka, Tallinn, Tokyo, Toronto, Vienna, València, Valetta, Vigo, Vilnius, Warsaw, and Wollongong (8.02). More...

February 15 looks to be a huge day of protest against the Bush/Blair war machine. The British government recently caved in to public pressure and granted a permit for that day's demonstration in Hyde Park. In contrast, in New York City, the Police Department continues to obstruct efforts to hold a peaceful rally and march at the United Nations, despite reports of many thousands of people making plans to come to the city for the event. The growing list of cities preparing actions for February 15 suggests this may be the largest global protest yet.

Other cities are not waiting. A group of 60 people rallied in Albany, NY, this past Tuesday. And Urbana, Illinois, just became the 64th US city to pass an antiwar resolution.

-- Indymedia Center

Updates Information on Feb 15 Protest Information from Across the World

1) New York, NY
2) San Francisco, CA
3) Los Angeles, CA
4) London, England
5) Santa Cruz, CA
6) Chico, CA
7) Colorado Springs, CO
8) Lansing, Michigan
9) Starkville, Mississippi
10) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
11) Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia
12) West Palm Beach, FL

13) Oakland, CA
14) Silver Spring, Maryland
15) Normal, IL
16) Sacramento, CA
17) Charleston, SC
18) Charlotte, NC
19) Phoenix, Arizona
20) St. Augustine, FL
21) Olympia, WA
22) Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada
23) San Luis Obispo, CA
24) Chicago, IL
25) Seattle, Washington

26) North Newton, KS
27) Naples, Florida

28) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
29) Pittsboro, NC

30) Indianapolis, Indiana
31) Dallas, Texas
32) Mexico City, Mexico
33) St. Louis, Missouri
34) Tehachapi, CA

35) Savannah, GA
36) Fresno, CA
37) Jefferson City, Missouri
38) Otsu city, Shiga Prefecture, Japan

39) Las Cruces, New Mexico
40) Durango, Colorado
41) Sarasota, Florida
42) San Jose, CA

43) Hong Kong, China
44) Tokyo, Japan
45) Baltimore, Maryland
46) San Diego, CA
47) Boise, Idaho
48) Sitka, Alaska
49) Memphis, Tennessee
50) Starkville, Mississippi
51) Spearfish, South Dakota
52) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
53) Penang, Malaysia
54) Bombay, India


In addition, please check:

United for Peace Protets Information: United For Peace antiwar calendar http://www.unitedforpeace.org/calendar.php

Protest.net Protest Information

International ANSWER Protest Information

Protest information in Quebec, Canada
www.coalitionsquebec.org and www.ufp.qc.ca


1) New York, NY


The World Says No to War

Saturday, February 15th
New York City
Assemble at noon
First Avenue stretching north from 49th Street


For nearly 80 Feeder Marchs Information: http://www.unitedforpeace.org/article.php?id=812

Hundreds of thousands of people will converge on New York City, joining with millions of others around the world in a global day of action to preempt President Bush's planned attack on Iraq.

Assemble on First Avenue
We have secured an assembly point for the protest on February 15. The New York City Police Department has offered a permit for a rally on First Avenue stretching north from 49th Street, which is within sight of the United Nations. We are confident that February 15 will be a day of massive, peaceful, powerful protest in New York City.

Defending Our Right to March
To our great shock and outrage, Federal Judge Barbara Jones ruled on February 10 that the City of New York can deny United for Peace and Justice a permit to march on February 15. Citing "heightened security concerns," she ruled that we may only hold a stationary rally. We are accepting the rally permit, and our massive demonstration to stop the Iraq war will go forward no matter what. But we are appalled by this attack on our basic First Amendment rights, and we will continue to fight for the right to march. We are asking all of our supporters to protest vigorously against this attempt to stifle the growing opposition to Bush's war.


Recent Web Site Updates: Subway Map (Updated Feb 8)   Assembly Point (Added Feb 8)   Our Right to March (Updated Feb 8) Leafleting Blitz (Added Feb 7)   Permit Petition (Link added Feb 7)   Feeder Marches (Added Feb 7)

How Can I Help?
What can you do to help? Lots! Find out how you can make a difference.

We need lots and lots of volunteers!
In NYC, join our volunteer network by writing to nycvolunteers@unitedforpeace.org
If you can volunteer on Feb. 15 itself, write to

We urgently need funds to make this mobilization happen! Please make an online donation today or send checks to United for Peace & Justice, P.O. Box 607, Times Square Station, NY NY 10108.

Office and General Inquiries:
You can reach United for Peace & Justice at 646-473-8935 or email feb15@unitedforpeace.org. [MORE >]

Volunteer Opportunities
We need lots and lots of volunteers!

Leafleting Blitz
Please join us this during this last week in a massive leafleting blitz. Wherever you live, you can print out leaflets from our website. In NYC, our goal is to distribute more than 300,000 leaflets and reach every corner of the city!

Outreach Materials
Feb. 15 leaflets are currently available in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, French, and Creole. Click here to browse and download these outreach materials in PDF format.

Our Right to March
On February 15, hundreds of thousands of people will converge on New York City to stand with millions around the globe against the Bush Administration's plan for war on Iraq. We are confident that this march will be huge, peaceful and in midtown Manhattan.

February 15 Endorsers
The World Says No to War: Endorse UFPJ's February 15 New York City March & Rally

Also, other events:
1) February 14 Teach-in & Evening Indoor Rally
BY International ANSWER

Building an anti-war movement that connects the struggle against war on Iraq with the fight for social and economic justice and civil rights at home
at Community Church (35th St. between Park and Madison Ave.)

*9-9:30 am: Registration
*9:30 - 11:30: Opening Plenary: An analysis of the Bush
administration's plans for war and the anti-war movement's next steps
*11:45 - 12:45: First Session of Workshop (see link below)
*12:45 - 1:30: Lunch
*1:30 - 2:30: Second Session of Workshop (see link below)
*2:45 - 3:45: Third Session of Workshop (see link below)
*4:00 - 5:00: Closing Plenary: Reports on organizing from around the country

For details on workshops, go to:

By: International ANSWER

Linking the struggle against corporate globalization, war, militarism and racism
at Community Church (35th St. between Park and Madison Ave.)

- Rev. Herbert Daughtry, House of the Lord Church, Brooklyn
- Asha Samad, Immigrant & Refugee Coalition of North America
- Nasri Zakharia, Free Palestine Alliance
- Kadouri Al Qaysi, Committee in Solidarity with the Iraqi People
- Peta Lindsey, National Student & Youth Coordinator, A.N.S.W.E.R.
- Lynne Stewart; Attorney
- Rev. Lucius Walker, IFCO/Pastors for Peace, Free the Cuba 5 Committee
- Jamie Vasquez, Former Deputy Mayor Jersey City & Veteran Affairs Director
- Macrina Cardenas, Mexico Solidarity Network, A.N.S.W.E.R. Steering Committee
- Rev. Graylan Hagler, Senior Minister, Plymouth Congregational Church
- Larry Holmes, International Action Center, A.N.S.W.E.R. Steering Committee
- Yoomi Jeong, Korea Truth Commission, A.N.S.W.E.R. Steering Committee
- Representative, Bayan, A.N.S.W.E.R. Steering Committee
- Nilda Medina, Committee for Rescue & Development of Vieques
- William Camacaro, Venezuela Solidarity Committee
- Chuck Kaufman, Nicaragua Network, A.N.S.W.E.R. Steering Committee
- Jennifer Wager, IFCO/Pastors for Peace, A.N.S.W.E.R. Steering Committee

2) Call to Post Rally Converge on Times Sq, 2/15, 3pm
Post Rally Convergence at Times Square
WHEN: Saturday, February 15, 3pm
WHERE: Times Square, New York City
By: NYC Carnival Bloc

3) Campuses Say No to War
February 15th at 8pm
Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers (21st & 12th Avenue-M23 bus or A,C,E trains)

Tickets Now Available - $5 ($10-$20 Solidarity) e-mail: studenttickest0215@yahoo.com

Speakers : Scott Ritter (former weapons inspector), Medea Benjamin (Global Exchange), Amy Goodman (Democracy Now), Anthony Arnove (editor of Iraq Under Siege), Michael Letwin (NYC Labor Against War), Mike Marquesee (British Stop the War Coalition), Rania Masri (Southern Peace Action), Dhalia Hashad (ACLU), Ahmed Shawki (editor of International Socialist Review), Marla Brettschneider (Jews for Racial and Economic Justice), Hany Khalil (Racial Justice 9-11), Nelly Bailey (Harlem Tenants Association), Youth Bloc, Minou Arjomand (Campus Antiwar Network), Hamid Dabashi (Professor), Monica Tarazi (Arab Anti-Discrimination Center), David Cline (Veterans for Peace)

Peformers: Def Poetry Jam, Welfare Poets, Alvin Ailey Dancer, VTek, Performers from the Broadway Musical Rent, Stephan Smith, Captain Deathwhistle and the Thumpists

4) Student Forum
February 16th, 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Columbia University NYC (room TBA)

If you are interested in attending - and we hope you are! - you should call Jessica Fragola at 617-821-1949 or Lenore Palladino from USAS , at 646-279-4901. Or just show up: another email will go out shortly with the exact location (though it would better if you emailed or called first so we can get an idea of how many will be attending).

5) Nonviolent Direct Action Weekend Intensive Training by RAN
Friday, February 14th 2003 all weekend
RAN is offering a weekend intensive Strategic Action Training (focusing on nonviolent direct action) during Feb. 14-16, and will be participating in the NYC anti-war demonstration on the 15th as part of the Training.

YES! I am interested in attending RAN’s Strategic Action Training. RAN works to keep the cost of our trainings to a minimum. Most of our programs cost about $20.00 for the weekend. Scholarships are available, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Sign up online:

1) New York IMC, Feb 11
NYPD OK's 2/15 Anti-War Rally But Says No To March

Organizers of the Feb. 15 anti-war rally, United for Peace and Justice, have announced the NYPD has granted a permit to rally near the United Nations (First Avenue stretching north from 49th Street) beginning at noon.

Says United for Peace: "This is an important victory, and we are confident that February 15 will be a day of massive, peaceful, powerful protest in New York City. The Police Department has, however, so far refused to approve a permit for a march. We insist on our right to march, as well as to rally, to express our opposition to this war. We expect to be successful in our vigorous political and legal efforts to obtain a march permit. We will not be distracted from our objective of mobilizing for February 15. Nor will we capitulate to the NYPD’s attempt to curtail our rights of expression and assembly: Military aggression abroad is entangled with restriction of civil liberties here in the United States, and we reject both." Read More

[ Starhawk: The Choice Before Us ]

2) Alert: FEB 15 NY March Permit Denied by Judge(there is a rally permit )
Date: 2/10/2003 6:30:08 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: LSandraH@aol.com

Dear Friend of United for Peace and Justice:

To our great shock and outrage, Federal Judge Barbara Jones ruled this
morning that the City of New York can deny United for Peace and Justice
a permit to march on February 15. Citing "heightened security
concerns," she ruled that we may only hold a stationary rally, for which
we have been granted a permit for First Avenue stretching north from
49th Street.

We are accepting the rally permit, and our massive demonstration to stop
the Iraq war will go forward no matter what. But we are appalled by this
attack on our basic First Amendment rights, and we will continue to
fight for the right to march. Our attorneys, the New York Civil
Liberties Union, have already filed an appeal, and we are asking all of
our supporters to protest passionately against this attempt to stifle
the growing opposition to Bush's war.

We will provide you with more information soon on this rapidly evolving
situation. For now, we encourage you to keep organizing and mobilizing
February 15 -- we have a legal permit to rally, and we cannot and will
not let the NYPD and the Bush Administration silence our cry for peace.

More than 300 cities around the globe will be holding protests this
weekend against the Iraq war: Let's make New York City's protest the
biggest, most passionate anti-war gathering of them all.


1) KEEP MOBILIZING FOR FEB. 15: The NYPD wants to discourage people from
coming to this protest -- we need to redouble our efforts to make
February 15 an enormous gathering for peace. Please contact Fran Geteles
asap (fgeteles@igc.org or 212-663-8048) if you are organizing buses or
trains. Check out our website at http://www.unitedforpeace.org/feb15 --
we've added lots of new information.

2) SPREAD THE WORD: Forward this message widely, post the assembly
location on your website, tell everyone you know that the February 15
protest is indeed happening and that we have a permit to rally at 49th
Street and First Avenue.

3) SPEAK OUT: The denial of our right to march sets a very dangerous
precedent for free speech in this country -- we ask you to raise the
biggest ruckus you can about this attack on our rights. Some

>>Fax a statement from your organization to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg
insisting on our right to march on February 15. Fax#: (212) 788-2460

>>Ask sympathetic elected officials, community leaders, and/or
celebrities to contact Mayor Bloomberg and demand that the City issue a
march permit.

>>Contact your local media, write letters to the editor, call in to
radio talk shows, get the word out about this outrageous denial of our
Constitutional rights.

>>Make phone calls of protest to these officials:
*NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg: 212-788-9600, 212-788-3010, 212-788-3040
*NYC Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly: 646-610-8526
*NYPD Chief of Department Joseph Esposito: 646-610-6710

>>Send emails protesting the denial of our march permit Mayor Bloomberg:
Commissioner Kelly: rkelly@nypd.nyc.gov
Chief Esposito: jesposito@nypd.nyc.gov

>>Sign this online petition supporting our right to march:

If you're not already on our email list, you can receive future updates
like this one about the February 15 mobilization by visiting

Thanks for your support -- we can still prevent this war, and together
we will win the right to march.

The February 15 organizing staff of
United for Peace and Justice


2) San Francisco, CA

>> A call to action has been sent out about a large protest on February 16th in San Francisco:
United For Peace | Labour | Antiwar Action | Black History Month | Queer Contingent | Student Contingent | Women's Contingent | Not In Our Name | Italians Against the War | Palestinian Contingent | Billionaires for Bush Contingent
>> Emergency actions when the U.S. attacks
Several groups have called for emergency actions beginning at Powell & Market in San Francisco for the night when war starts.
Direct Action to Stop the War | IAC Call | Black Bloc call | Anti-War Sick-Out

Stop the War on Iraq! Mass March and Rally
Sunday, February 16th 2003 11 AM
San Francisco, California

Join Bay Area United Against War, Not In Our Name, International ANSWER and United for Peace and Justice to say Stop the War Against Iraq! In solidarity with people all over the world who oppose a war against Iraq, we will gather at 11 AM at Justin Herman Plaza and march at 1 PM for a 2 PM rally at Civic Center. We welcome the participation of all. We can and must unite with one voice to stop this tragic war!

Here's what you can do:

*Help us build for the next mass anti-war march and rally on Sunday, February 16th!

We encourage you to come by the office, 2017 Mission St. (@16th) to help make calls - we are calling thousands of people throughout the Bay Area - and pick up some flyers to distribute on your commute, at work or school, and in your community. In addition, if you have internet access at home, we could use help with the unitedforpeace.org website.

*Volunteer on Sunday, February 16th!

We need volunteers to help with security, logistics, flyering, tabling, and ensuring that everyone has a great time! Please join with us on this important day to help make it as efficient and inviting as possible. To sign up, please contact Maddy Bassi at 415-575-5555 or peace@globalexchange.org.

We also wanted to let you know of some of the meeting points for the labor, faith, women, people of color and student & youth contingent marches:

Labor Contingent: Assemble with Labor for Peace and Justice at the intersection of Spear St. & Folsom (Three blocks south of Market). Please bring signs or banners from your organization, loved ones and co-workers.

Interfaith Contingent: 11AM Gather at Civic Center for an interfaith Service. Please bring others from your place of worship, loved ones and materials to express you desire for peace.

Women Contingent:  10AM Join with the Code Pink women's cluster and the Pagan Cluster, at 10 AM at Montgomery and Market St.

Women and People of Color Contingent: 10AM Assemble at Yerba Buena Gardens, Mission St. between 3rd and 4th. For more information, please call 410 444 2700 x304.

Environmentalist Contingent: It is being planned, please contact us for the location! (415) 575-5555 or peace@globalexchange.org

Student & Youth Contingent: Student and Youth pre-march SPEAK OUT and Contingent

Where: Golden Gate University, 536 Mission Street (corner of First Street)
When: Speak Out begins at 11am, SUNDAY, February 16
How: Get off at Embarcadero BART (Mission St. is 1 block South of Market
Who: All Bay Area students! Campus Anti-War Network (CAN), Not In Our Name
Student and Youth Project, International ANSWER Student and Youth, United for Peace and Justice Student and Youth and YOUR SCHOOL!
Why: Show Bush that Students are ORGANIZED and ANTI-WAR!

For more information, please contact Campus Anti-War Network at Feb16Students@aol.com or 510-333-4604.

* If the War on Iraq Escalates - We Must Be Ready!
San Francisco Emergency Response Actions

5:00 pm, Day of the Attack: Rally and March, meet at Powell and Market Streets

7:00 am, Morning of the Next Business Day: Nonviolent direct action to stop the war! Meet at the south side of Market and Main Street, near the Embarcadero BART.

Attend the next Spokes Council Meeting, Monday, February 10th, to help plan our emergency response actions if the war escalates. (New College 777 Valencia)

Location: 11:00 am: Assemble Embarcadero and Market 2:00 pm March to and Rally at Civic Center  San Francisco California  
Contact: United for Peace and Justice   mailto:info@unitedforpeace.org  415-575-5555
Sponsored By: San Francisco Labor Council AFL-CIO, Middle East Children's Alliance, Vanguard Public Foundation & Vanguard Alliance, Father Bill O'Donnell-St. Joseph the Worker Church, Lynne Stewart-attorney, Marin Peace and Justice Center, Senior Action Network, East Bay Coaltion to Stop the Sanctions on Iraq, Freedom Socialist Party, Radical Women, Labor Committee for Peace and Justice, Northern California Interreligious Conference, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Peace and Freedom Party, Interfaith Witness for Peace in the Middle East , Socialsit Action, International Socialist Organization, Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, Out Against War, Socialist View Point / Socialist Worker Organization, El Nuevo Topo Collective, A Jewish Voice for Peace, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, Peace Action of San Mateo County, Bay Area Progressive Forum, Ed Rosario-Vice President of GCIO Local 4N, Open World Conference Continuations Committee, International Liaison Committee, Medea Benjamin-Global Exchange Founder, Socialist Organizer, David Walters-Shop Stewart IBEW Local 1245, Golden Gate Labor Party, Jeff Macler and Laura Herrera-Co Chairs of Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

3) Los Angeles, CA



March and Rally

Assemble HOLLYWOOD and VINE at 1:00 PM

March to the Armed Forces Recruiting Station at Sunset and La Brea for a Mass Rally

Support Self Determination for the People of the Middle East
Stop Government Attacks on Immigrants

Just as January 18 was the International Day of Action anchored in the Untied States with coinciding actions in 33 countries around the world, on February 15 the European movement has called for people throughout the U.S. and the world to answer their call for mass actions that day. The ANSWER coalition supports the call for February 15 demonstrations. We can stop the war by turning up the heat with local, regional, national and global action.

Neighborhood Vigils, local picket lines, teach-ins, collection of signatures in the Peoples Anti-War Referendum (www.VoteNoWar.org)

Monday Night, FEBRUARY 17

Anti-War Benefit "Presidents" Day
--After the Big UFeb. 15 LA Demo

The Good Hurt Club
12249 Venice Blvd.
Band: The Guy Fluffner Memorial - electric jazz

One Block West of the 405
Cross street: Centinella
Plenty of parking
9 pm

RSVP--more info, 310.203.1542:

$8 advance, $10 @ door

tickets soon from:

* gene de chene books,
W. LA, 11556 Santa Monica Blvd.,

*ANSWER LA, downtown LA,
call: 213-487-2368

*Coffee House Teach-Ins:
(310) 203-1542

for updates

Proceeds to benefit International ANSWER Coalition
(Act Now to Stop War and End Racism)

Students and Youth Action on the anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X,
a Coordinated Day of Resistance - including student walk-outs from hundreds of high schools and colleges - and other acts of non-compliance.
Malcolm X embodied the spirit of struggle against militarism and the racist establishment. Honor his life and legacy the right way: Resist!

4) London, England

The demonstration is being jointly organised by the Stop the War Coalition, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the Muslim Association of Britain
The march will now have TWO assembly points. The main assembly point, permitting the march to travel down Whitehall and past Parliament, is [A] Embankment (tubes: Blackfriars, Temple, Waterloo, Charing X*). A second assembly point is [B] Gower Street (tubes: Tottenham Court Rd, Goodge St, Warren St, Euston*). Assemble at 12:00 to march at 12:30pm [Route].  

People travelling from the North (M1/A1) are advised to go to start [B] (set-down Woburn Place). All others, including London, are asked to go to the Embankment. The two marches will unite at Picadilly and will travel a distance of 3.5 miles for a rally in Hyde Park. The rally should end at 5.30pm. [Coaches Drop-off/collection points Liftshare.com Resources Volunteer Latest].

*Please avoid using Embankment tube, which is likely to close very early. In addition, Euston Square tube station will be closed on 15 February due to engineering works (there is no service between Baker St and Liverpool St on the Metropolitan / Circle / Hammersmith & City lines), and the Central Line is entirely closed [Tube info].
Starring: Rev. Jesse Jackson, Ken Livingstone, Tony Benn, Ahmed Ben Bella, Yvonne Ridley, Dr. Ghayasuddin Siddiqui and John Rees; poets Michael Rosen, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Tony Harrison, Benjamin Zephaniah, Adrian Mitchell, Mr. Social Control, Sarah Maguire, Mahmood Jamel, Moniza Alvi and Jean 'Binta' Breeze; lawyer Gareth Peirce; author Ghada Karmi; trade unionists Bob Crow, Jack Hyman, Mark Serwotka, Billy Hayes and Andrew Murray; anti-globalisation activists Edward Said, Daniel Correa, Soheir Morsy, and Antonino Campenni; and film-makers Alex Cox, Ken Loach and Stephen Frears. Programme

Other events:
Iraqi Film shows
Sunday 16 February from 1pm to 6.30 pm
A DocHouse Presentation
The Other Cinema
11 Rupert Street, London W1
Tel: 020 7437 0757
Nearest tubes: Piccadilly Circus or Leicester Sq
8/6 pounds waged/unwaged

Films will include:

In Shifting Sands: The Truth about UNSCOM and the Disarming of Iraq (Scott Ritter, 2002, US) 92 mins. Documentary. UK Premiere.

The Hidden Wars of Desert Storm (Gerard Ungerman & Audrey Brohy, 2000, US) (15) Documentary. 64 mins.

Greetings from Missile Street (Tom Jackson, 2001, US) (15) Documentary. 40 mins.

Discussion with speakers including Iraqi writer Haifa Zangana, Jeremy Corbyn MP and Milan Rai, international peace campaigner, founder of Voices in the Wilderness UK and author of 'War Plan Iraq: 10 reasons not to go to war against Iraq' *(Verso, 2002).

Latest News/Alert!
1) Peace march to go ahead in Hyde Park
Jamie Wilson
Wednesday February 5, 2003
The Guardian
URL: http://www.guardian.co.uk/antiwar/story/0,12809,889023,00.html

Tessa Jowell, the culture secretary, yesterday caved in to pressure and allowed next week's rally against war with Iraq to go ahead in Hyde Park, London. She had initially banned the event because of concern it would damage the grass.
In what protesters called a humiliating climbdown for the government, Ms Jowell said she had agreed the rally could take place in the park on February 15. Several days of intensive work by her department had failed to find a better venue.

"Everyone agrees that Hyde Park is far from ideal for an event of this kind at this time of year," she said in a statement. "The right of protesters to organise and take part in peaceful marches and rallies has never been questioned. The issue has only ever been to find a venue that is as safe as possible for those taking part."

A spokesman for the Stop the War Coalition (STWC), which is expecting more than 500,000 to gather in the park, said: "We think this is a total victory, we are just sorry she did not do it sooner. But we are very happy that the government has done a U-turn.

"Freedom of speech in this instance was only defended by the actions of the people. The minister wanted to abrogate this fundamental liberty and we have prevented her from doing so."

Speakers at the Stop the War rally, which will begin at midday with a march from two starting points - Gower Street and Embankment - will include bishops and other religious leaders, MPs, the London mayor, Ken Livingstone, and a video message from Nelson Mandela.

In her statement Ms Jowell said that when CND first approached the royal parks to ask for the use of Hyde Park as a rally point the royal parks constabulary, the Metropolitan police and Westminster city council all said that permission for the rally should not be given.

"I accepted this advice and asked that alternative venues for the rally be considered. Those alternative venues have included Trafalgar Square, which is the normal venue for winter rallies, and the Mall," she said. "The mayor has now ruled out Trafalgar Square, and the Metropolitan police advise against holding the rally in the Mall."

A spokeswoman for the Stop the War Coalition said there was never any question that they would not cooperate fully with the park authorities. "We have got to now go into urgent discussions to try to make it as comfortable and safe for the public as possible."

A spokesman for the royal parks authority agreed: "Our main aim now is to make sure it is as safe as possible for everyone."

He said key issues would include making sure there is enough lighting for people to be able to disperse safely, and trying to guide people away from the areas likely to be most treacherous underfoot.

A spokeswoman for the Countryside Alliance, which was prevented from holding a rally in Hyde Park in December, said: "Good on them. We just hope that next time we want to hold a rally the parks authorities are more accommodating than they were last time."

5) Santa Cruz, CA

Say NO to War!
Rally for Peace
In Santa Cruz

Feb. 15

Gather at 11:00 am
City of Santa Cruz, 701 Ocean Street, Courthouse Steps
March, then Rally at Mission Plaza with food, music, art, activities for kids

For More Information Call 831-423-1626, ext. 308 or www.santacruzpeacecoalition.org

6) Chico, CA

Week-Long Chico State University Peace Camp
We the students at California State Chico have decided to bump it up a notch. We have decided to
turn our campus into a 24 hr peace action camp.

Starting Sunday February 9th students will turn their free speech area into a
round the clock peace vigil and action camp.

The Progressive Student Union
Chico State California
Any comments or questions? email uniteforpeace@riseup.net

7) Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Campaign for Middle East Peace * 720-956-0700 * ccmep_org@yahoo.com

If you've got an event you'd like posted here, send it to:  ccmep_org@yahoo.com  or call 720-956-0700

"The greatest pur

February 15th: Statewide Anti-War Rally, March & Benefit Concert in Colorado Springs

Flyer 1, Flyer 2
In conjunction with the International protests that are being held in at cities world-wide.

The rally will be at Palmer Park, Maizeland and Academy, from 10:30am-12:30 PM


After the rally, from 12:30-2 PM, there will be a march to Academy Blvd. and hope to line it from Carefree to Constitution, a distance of 2-3 miles.


Revolutionary Anti-War Breakaway March:  Gather at Maizeland and Academy in Palmer Park at 12:30 sharp. Look for large pink and black flags, RAWR banners, and sexy revolutionaries. Breakaway PDF Flyer


At 7 PM there is also a benefit Blues Concert at the Business of Arts Center in Manitou Springs. Seating will be on a first-come, first-served basis as seating is limited.

The organizers are advising people to bring a lunch, lawnchair, and signs; and to dress for the weather.

Sponsored by the Colorado Coalition Against War in Iraq and hosted by the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission. For more information call: phone: 719-632-6189 or e-mail at staff@pikespeakjusticeandpeace.org




We have space for 98 people  *  You must RSVP to camb4@msn.com or call 720-956-0700 by 4pm Friday

$12 per person

Meet at 9am at the CCMEP office: 901 West 14th Avenue (Just North across the street from King Soopers at West 14th & Speer in the Courthouse Square Apartment Building; NOTE:  please do not try to park in Courthouse Square lot.  Parking for $2 is available just North of the Courthouse Square building or free in nearby neighborhood streets.



RSVP to the Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center -- 303-444-6981

Meet by 9am at the Table Mesa Park & Ride



Denver: Meet at 9am at the CCMEP office, 901 West 14th Avenue (Just North across the street from King Soopers at West 14th & Speer in the Courthouse Square Apartment Building; NOTE:  please do not try to park in Courthouse Square lot.  Parking for $2 is available just North of the Courthouse Square building or free in nearby neighborhood streets.


Boulder: Meet at 9am at the Table Mesa Park & Ride.  More info: 303-444-6981


Colorado Springs: You can also go to the Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission in Colorado Springs at 29 S. Institute and carpool from there at 10:00 AM. Contact Scott by email at blowbones@usa.net for carpool information.



Here is a Yahoo Map Link with driving directions. There is another map on the Pikes Peak Peace & Justice Website 

From I-25, take the Fillmore exit #145 and go East about 2.7 miles until you cross Union and Fillmore becomes Circle Dr. Simply continue on Circle until just after it turns to head completely South about 1.5 miles from Union then turn left on Maizeland at the light. Take Maizeland to the park entrance on your left about 8 tenths of a mile. There will be parking in the park and along the various side streets just to the south of the park. If you dont want to take Fillmore, you can take Academy from either direction and it will bring you to Maizeland and the park.


* 10:30 AM - Children's Photo for Peace

* 10:45 AM - Boulder Free-Range Larger Than Life Puppet Troupe will perform their street theater at the stage.


Some of the speakers will be:

Dr. Vincent Harding - Founding Director, The MLK, Jr. Memorial Center

Rev. Benjamin Reynolds - President, C. Springs NAACP

Val Phillips - Program Coordinator, American Friends Service Committee

Genie Durland - Peacekeeper, Recently returned from Iraq

And other distinguished speakers.


If you live in Denver, and you either need a ride or have room in your car, please call CCMEP at 720-956-0700 or write to ccmep_org@yahoo.com. Carpool from Denver, meeting at the CCMEP Office (901 West 14th Avenue), at 9am.

8) Lansing, Michigan

F15 Direct Action Breakaway March

Stop the War! Fight the System! State-wide Day of Resistance to War in Iraq!
Join the Direct Action Faction Breakaway March
February 15th Lansing, Michigan

1:00 pm, Ranney Skate Park. 300 Frandor Ave.
Corner of Frandor Ave. & Michigan Ave., right off of US- 127.

Let's make history!
Direct Action!
PO BOX 6746
East Lansing, MI 48826
E-mail: da@direct-action.net

9) Starkville, Mississippi

There will be an anti-war march & rally on 2/15/03.
March begins at the edge of campus on University Drive,
by the double car/bike bridges, and proceed to the courthouse downtown.
We will hold a rally there.
For more information contact: anthroguy22@yahoo.com

10) Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Anti-War Rally in Toronto
Saturday, February 15th
1:00 PM Dundas Square on Yonge Street (Dundas subway stop).

11) Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

February 15 11am, Peace March and Rally
There is huge community opposition to the war. People are using Christmas lights to make illuminated anti war slogans on their house fronts.

12) West Palm Beach, Florida

Human Body Peace Symbol on MacArthur Beach
Friday, February 14th 2003 11:00 am

People will lie nude on the beach in the shape of a peace symbol as a visual commitment and call for peace. Although this is a field trip activity of the Midwinter Naturist Festival at Sunsport Gardens in Loxahatchee, all are encouraged to participate.

Location: Mac Arthur Beach on Singer Island West Palm Beach Florida
Contact: Morley Schloss morleynaturist@hotmail.com 561-791-1361
Sponsored By: Midwinter Naturist Festival

13) Oakland, CA

Valentine's Day Rally against War and Prisons
Friday, February 14th 2003 4pm - 6pm
Frank Ogawa Plaza 14th and Broadway (12th Street BART) Oakland California

Militarism and Prisons - Breaking Our Hearts, Breaking Our Budget

3-4pm: Art & Spoken Word (Frank Ogawa Plz)
4-5pm: March to Federal Building
5-6pm: Rally (Frank Ogawa Plz)

* Stop Militarism Abroad and at Home:
1. Stop increase in funding for prisons
2. Stop the war on Iraq
3. Stop attacks on immigrants and youth
4. Defend civil liberties

* Tax Local Corporate Wealth to Fund Our Social Services:
1. No cuts in education
2. Keep libraries open
3. Fund Medicaid and other essential social services

Contact: Coalition Contact mlprophet@earthlink.net 510.532.6407

14) Silver Spring, Maryland

Rally for Peace
Friday, February 14th 2003 4:00 PM

A rally for peace and justice at the Four Corners area in Silver Spring. Come out to protest the war on Iraq!

Location: Intersection of University and Colesville Silver Spring Maryland 20901
Contact: Eugene Gavrilov egav16@yahoo.com
Sponsored By: Montgomery County Students for Peace and Justice (MCSPJ) http://www.mcspj.org

15) Normal, Illinois

Rally and March Against the War
Friday, February 14th 2003 11 AM

Illinois State University Quad Normal Illinois
Contact: Geoff Ower gdower@ilstu.edu
Sponsored By: ISU Student Peace Action Network, ISU Student Environmental Action Coalition http://span.pabn.org

16) Sacramento, CA

California Says "NO" to WAR! - Converge on the Capitol
Saturday, February 15th 2003 Noon-5pm
California State Capitol 10th Street & Capitol Sacramento California 95814

Contact: Sacrmento Yolo Peace Action sypeaceact@jps.net (916) 448-7157
Sponsored By: Endorsed by the International ANSWER coalition http://www.sacpeace.org

17) Charleston, South Carolina

Peace Sign March
Saturday, February 15th 2003 5pm
Downtown Charleston South Carolina 29401

Contact: Marcella Guerriero marcellag@charleston.net 843-720-7777
Sponsored By: Charleston Peace http://www.charlestonpeace.org

Meet at 5pm on the corners of King and Calhoun Streets, King and Broad Streets, East Bay and Hassel Streets and Coming and Beaufain Streets. Bring signs, flyers, candles and friends. It's quite a powerful experience to march with a small group to where King Street is met by Beaufain and Hassel Streets and then to see others coming to join you from every direction. We hope this event will continue to get bigger each time we do it.
18) Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte Says No to War
Saturday, February 15th 2003 11:00AM
Marshall Park 3rd St & S. Davidson St Charlotte North Carolina 28202
Contact: David Dixon carolinasfor@yahoo.com 704-449-6925
Sponsored By: Charlotte Fellowship of Reconciliation, Charlotte Coalitiojn for Peace & Justice http://www.geocities.com/nomorevictims/nowar

19) Phoenix, Arizona

Feb. 15th Peace Protest
Saturday, February 15th 2003 10 am
Patriots' Square Park Central and Washington Phoenix Arizona

Contact: Kyrsten Sinema ksinema@cox.net 602.570.7217

Attack Iraq? NO! Join together for a march and rally in solidarity with world-wide action against the war on Saturday, February 15th, 10 am. Gather at Patriot's Square Park (Central and Washington) in central Phoenix. Let your voice be heard! Speak out against the war, stop the OILigarchy!

20) St. Augustine, Florida

NE Florida Peace rally
St. Augustine Plaza and Bridge of the Lions King and Cathedral Sts. St. Augustine Florida
Contact: Marilyn Bagdonas marstans@hotmail.com 1-904- 501-2609
Sponsored By: People for peace and Justice, Grandparents for Peace, Women for Peace and Pups for Peace

21) Olympia, Washington

Rally and March for Peace
Saturday, February 15th 2003 2pm
Sylvester Park Legion & Capitol Way Olympia Washington

Contact: Krystal Kyer info@united4peacetc.org (360) 867-6196
Sponsored By: Olympia Movement for Justice and Peace United For Peace - Thurston County http://www.omjp.org

22) Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

March for Peace
Saturday, February 15th 2003 12.45 p.m.
City Hall Central Ave. Prince Albert

Contact: Larry Zepp peacecoalition_1@hotmail.com 1-306-764-5532
Sponsored By: Green Party of Saskatchewan

23) San Luis Obispo, California

Activist Workshop with Michael Albert
Saturday, February 15th 2003 10am-2pm
Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo California

Contact: For Registration Contact Progressive Student Alliance progstu-club@calpoly.edu

This workshop seeks to engage community and college activists in order to teach methods and techniques for effective movement building and organization. The morning session will cover the building and effective articulation of “Vision,” an essential element in any social movement. The afternoon session will be more narrowly focused on the peace movement and specific strategies for stopping the war on Iraq. Participants in this workshop can expect training on the following areas:

· Why Vision is essential
· Why movements fail? And how to avoid it.
· How to a start a movement from scratch
· How to maintain and grow in numbers
· Effective publicity and fundraising
· Measuring real progress
· Interpreting and dealing with the media
· The War on Iraq: a quick survey of facts and fiction
· Relating importance of Iraq to activists and non-activists
· Techniques on “raising social costs.”
· And more…

24) Chicago, IL

CHICAGO PROTEST on Feb. 15 International Day of Action Against War
Saturday, February 15th 2003 12 noon
Devon & Leavitt 2200 W. Devon Avenue Chicago Illinois

Contact: Andy Thayer CCAWR@aol.com 888.471.0874

This is BOTH an ANTI-WAR MARCH and a SOLIDARITY MARCH with Chicago’s embattled Pakistani community and other communities facing Bush’s frightening “registrations” and victimizations of immigrants.

25) Seattle, Washington

The World Says No to War -- Stop the War on Iraq / Stop the War on Immigrants
Saturday, February 15th 2003 11:30am-3:00pm
Seattle Center near 5th Ave. N. and Harrison St. Seattle

Contact: Howard Gale hjgale@yahoo.com 1-866-FEB-15th
Sponsored By: AFSC Pacific NW Region; Church Council of Greater Seattle; Green Party of WA State; Hate Free Zone Campaign of WA; NW Labor & Employment Law Office; Not in Our Name; No War Against Iraq Coalition; Sound Nonviolent Opponents of War (SNOW). http://www.feb15.org

Gather at 11:30AM SAT FEB 15 at SEATTLE CENTER

Rally at NOON

March at 1:00PM to the Immigration & Naturalization Service detention center via the Federal Building in downtown Seattle

26) North Newton, KS

March on Newton
Saturday, February 15th 2003 10 AM
Bethel College Administration Building 300 East 27th Street North Newton
Contact: Jesse Nathan nathanjz@bethelks.edu 1-316-284-5421
Sponsored By: Bethel College Democratic Socialism Club; Bethel College Students for Social Change; Wichita Peace and Social Justice Center; Tabor College PAX Club; Hesston College Peace Club http://www.bethelks.edu

27) Naples, Florida

International Week of Anti-War Resistance Rally
Saturday, February 15th 2003 3:30-5:00 PM

Collier County Government Complex corner Airport Road & US 41 Naples Florida 34110
Contact: Karen Dwyer dwyerj1@comcast.net 239 594-5754
Sponsored By: Pax Christi Naples Collier County Anti-War Coalition

28) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia Region Anti-War March and Rally
Saturday, February 15th 2003 Noon

From the State Office Bldg (Broad & Spring Garden) to the Liberty Bell (5th & Market) Hot drinks & networking at the end at 4th & Arch St Mtghouse (approx 3pm). Vans will ride along for those unable to march. Philadelphia Pennsylvania

29) Pittsboro, NC

Pittsboro Peace March #2
Saturday, February 15th 2003 11 to 12:30 at noon
the Front of the Court house Pittsboro North Carolina
Contact: Lisa Neal lisaneal@earthlink.net 919-542-1671

30) Indianapolis, Indiana

Peace Rally
Saturday, February 15th 2003 12:00 Noon to 2:00 pm
Monument Circle Monument Circle - downtown Indianapolis Indianapolis Indiana 46202
Contact: Harold P. Donle hpdonle@comcast.net 317-698-2450
Sponsored By: Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center

31) Dallas, Texas

Stop the War in Iraq March and Rally
Saturday, February 15th 2003 1:00
Cathedral Guadalupe Church 2215 Ross Ave Dallas Texas 75201-2707
Contact: Duane Ediger admin@dallaspeacecenter.org 214-823-7793
Sponsored By: Dallas Coalition Against War in Iraq North Texas Coalition for a Just Peace Dallas Peace Center http://www.dallaspeacecenter.org

32) Mexico City, Mexico

Día Internacional Contra la Guerra en Irak
Saturday, February 15th 2003 12:00
Angel de la independencia Paseo de la Reforma Mexico City
Contact: Jorge sadparadise@hotmail.com

33) St. Louis, Missouri

Rally Against the War
Saturday, February 15th 2003 1:30 PM
Pilgrim Congregational Church 826 Union Blvd. St. Louis Missouri
Contact: Erin Schmidt theschmitty123@aol.com (314) 725-5303
Sponsored By: St. Louis Instead of War Coalition http://www.insteadofwar.org

34) Tehachapi, CA

Tehachapi Hits The Streets For Peace!
Saturday, February 15th 2003 12:00 - 3:00 pm
Tehachapi Community Congregational Church of Christ 100 East Tehachapi California 93561
Contact: Annette Kirby willworkforpeace@yahoo.com 661-823-8227

35) Savannah, Georgia

Rock for Peace
Saturday, February 15th 2003 12 Noon

Dance, sing & jam - pro, amateur, anyone who wants to express opposition to war in Iraq; bring instruments, voices and ROCK FOR PEACE
Contact: Jeff Bakke savannahpeace@aol.com

36) Fresno, California

Rally & March Against The War in Iraq
Saturday, February 15th , noon
Tower District Olive & Wishon Aves. Fresno

12:00 - 1:00 PM "Hour in the Tower" Rally followed by a March from the Tower Theater to Fresno City College's west lawn, Van Ness Ave. curve near Weldon Ave.

Rally & March
Tower District, Olive & Wishon
12:00-1:00 pm: "Hour in the Tower" Rally
1:00 pm: March from the Tower to Fresno City College's west lawn, Van Ness curve near Weldon
Street theater, costuming, and drumming.

Contact: Camille Russell camillerussellhi@yahoo.com 559-276-2592
Sponsored By: Peace Fresno http://fresnoalliance.com/peacefresno

37) Jefferson City, Missouri

Gathering For Peace
Saturday, February 15th 2003 3:00 p.m.
State Capitol Grounds State Capitol Grounds Jefferson City Missouri 65101
Contact: Dick Dalton 2marduck@mchsi.com

38) Otsu city, Shiga Prefecture, Japan

Stop the U.S.'s attack on Iraq! Don't allow Japan to kill the people in Iraq! Withdraw the war time bill! February 15 Peace Walk in Shiga
Saturday, February 15th 2003 13:00-16:00
Zeze Joshi park Honmaru-cho Otsu city Shiga prefecture Japan Otsu city, Shiga prefecture

Contact: ZENKO info@zenko-peace.com

13:00 Exhibiton of Pictures of the people in Iraq
14:00 Performance(Song and instruments)
14:30 Rally
Speech,Die-in etc.
15:00 Peace Walk

39) Las Cruces, New Mexico

Peace In The Park
Saturday, February 15th 2003 1:00 p.m.
Young Park Walnut and Lohman Las Cruces

Contact: Anne Wing awing@zianet.com 505-522-3918
Sponsored By: Las Cruces Peace Vigil Committee PeaceAware.com Las Cruces Voices for Peace The Green Party of Doña Ana County http://www.PeaceAware.com

40) Durango, Colorado

Anti-war/peace/social justice rally and march
Saturday, February 15th 2003 10:30 a.m.
Rotary Park/Main Ave. 15th Street and E. 2nd Ave. Durango

Contact: Dawn Farrington dfarrington@frontier.net 970-375-1344
Sponsored By: SW Colorado Peace & Justice Coalition

Rally begins at 10:30 a.m. at Rotary Park, 15th Street and E. 2nd Ave., Durango, CO. Live music/speakers. March begins at 1:00 p.m., 6th Street and Main Ave., Durango, CO. Peace Happening after march, Rotary Park. Bring signs, peace puppets, street theather, drums.

41) Sarasota, Florida

Peace Rally and Walk
Saturday, February 15th 2003 1:30PM
Bayfront Island Park Bayfront Dr. (US 41) Sarasota

Contact: Julia Aires julia.aires@verizon.net 941-366-5008
Sponsored By: Voices for Peace, Venice Peace Coalition, Women in Black, Sarasota Friends Meeting(Quakers), Gulf Coast Coalition for Peace and Justice, Sarasota Green Party and others.

42) San Jose, CA

South Bay March and Rally for Peace
Saturday, February 15th 2003 11 am
Join the World & Say No to War!
- Assemble 11 am at Roosevelt Park (E Santa Clara St. at N 19th St.)
- March begins 12 noon
- Rally at 1 pm at Cesar Chavez Plaza

43) Hong Kong, China

No War Mass Rally
February 15, 15:00 hr.
Gathering start at 15:00 at Charter Garden

Anti-war performance and speeches
followed by a rally to the US Consulate in Hong Kong.

44) Tokyo, Japan

Stop the War February 15th with the people around the World
Saturday, February 15th 2003 12:00-18:00

12:00-14:00 Voice for Peace in front of U.S. Embassy
15:00 Peace Walk

45) Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore March and Rally for Peace
Saturday, February 15th 2003 11am
gather at 11am at Camden and Eutaw Sts. in downtown Baltimore for a peaceful sidewalk march to City Hall for a rally.

46) San Diego, CA

Protest Weapons of Mass Destruction in San Diego
Saturday, February 15th 2003 1:00 p.m.

Join us at 30th Street and Ocean View Blvd. (Memorial Park) for a march to 32nd St. Naval Base to demand the removal of all weapons of mass destruction followed by a rally upon our return to Memorial park. Bring the Troops Home. No War On Iraq!

47) Boise, Idaho

The World Says No to WAR
Saturday, February 15th 2003 11am

Folks will meet on the steps of the Idaho Statehouse at 11am for a speaker / open mike style rally. At about 11:45 the group will take up signs and march through downtown Boise on a loop that will return to the Capitol Building.

48) Sitka, Alaska

March for Peace
Saturday, February 15th 2003 10:30 am
Participants will meet at 10:15 am at the Crescent Harbor Shelter and walk through town to O'Connell Bridge where they line up and display a banner for a photograph. Potluck at Centenniel Hall afterwards.

49) Memphis, Tennessee

Peace Rally
Saturday, February 15th 2003 12:00 to 1:30 p.m.
A rally in front of the Federal Building in downtown Memphis, Tennessee, with speakers, signs, drumroll and music. opposing a war against Iraq and advocating a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

50) Starkville, Mississippi

Speak Your Peace w/ march
Saturday, February 15th 2003 1 p.m.--3 p.m.
Peace March beginning on University Dr. at the edge of Mississippi State University. March will progress down University Dr. onto Main St. and end at the Oktibbeha County Courthouse. At the courthouse, there will be on open mic for anyone wishing to make an anti-war statement.

51) Spearfish, South Dakota

Peace March and Rally
Feb. 15, 2003 2:30 PM
Spearfish, South Dakota
Black Hills State University Student Union

Event organizer:
Josh McDonald-- 605-722-5202
email: hikingstick@hotmail.com

Gathering at Black Hills State followed by a police escorted march to City Hall to protest a war with Iraq. 100+ people expected.

52) Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Anti-war in Iraq Rally
Saturday, February 15th 2003 12 noon
Concordia University - Sir George Williams Campus 1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd W. Montreal

Contact: Dr. Lowy lowy@canada.com
Sponsored By: Concordia Student Union, McGill Student Union

Students from all Montreal schools are invited to show their support at Concordia University for a peaceful anti-war rally. Speakers and information provided.

53) Penang, Malaysia

Anti-war protest
Saturday, February 15th, 12 noon
Level 3 Concourse, Komtar Komtar, Penang Road. Penang.

Contact: Penang Office for Human Development pohd@tm.net.my

The Stop The War Coalition, Malaysia, made up of 56 Malaysian groups, is organising a gathering for peace at the Level 3 Concourse of Komtar, Penang, at noon on 15 February, in solidarity with the global anti-war protests that weekend.

This event in Penang will see the presence of major religious groups, NGOs and the public. It will be a peaceful inter-faith gathering where representatives of each of the major religious groups will say a little something, some songs, a 10-minute video presentation on Desert Storm and a short dance performance. This will be followed by a solidarity human chain formation around the Komtar area.

54) Bombay, India

Anti-war candle-light vigil
Saturday, February 15th, 18.30 (Indian time)
In front of Churchgate Station Churchgate Bombay, India

Contact: Insaaniyat Insaaniyat Bombay@yahoo.com

Sponsored By: Insaaniyat (a broad-based movement for human rights, democracy and solidarity in diversity, with members from many other argainisations)


[Compiled by the International Action Center]

Besides the massive marches of hundreds of thousands in
Washington and San Francisco and smaller actions in other
U.S. cities, there were demonstrations in at least 40
countries demanding ?no war on Iraq.?

The ANSWER coalition had put out an international call for
solidarity that was later picked up by the important Cairo
Conference in mid-December and broadcast by other bodies
like the Asian Peace Forum and the Stop the War Committee
in England. These groups, along with ANSWER and other
U.S.-based anti-war groups, are mobilizing now for
worldwide actions on Feb. 15.

In Canada there were demonstrations in 30 cities from
coast to coast, with 15,000 reported in Vancouver, 25,000
in Montreal, 5,000 in Toronto, 7,000 in Saskatoon and
smaller actions elsewhere.

In Mexico, there were mobilizations against the war and
the embargo against Iraq in Mexico City and at the
international bridge between Mexico and the U.S. near
Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua, with U.S. groups meeting them
from the other side of the border.

In Argentina, a march of a thousand people led by the
Mothers of the Plaza del Mayo went to the U.S. Embassy in
Buenos Aires on Jan. 16. There were also mobilizations in
other Latin American countries, like Peru, Ecuador,
Guatemala and Brazil.

Subhead: Middle East, South Asia

In Turkey the main demonstration took place in Ankara
where demonstrators gathered in front of a cinema showing
the latest U.S. James Bond film. There was also a
demonstration in Istanbul.

In most of the Middle East, as in Turkey, protesters faced
an army of heavily armed riot police. Thousands of
demonstrators in Beirut, Lebanon, carrying Palestinian and
Iraqi flags chanted: "Sign your name on a suicide attack
on U.S. interests, so we can fight an American attack
along with Iraq."

Tens of thousands of Syrians marched through the streets
of Damascus, blocking traffic for hours, to protest
against what they saw as a pre-set U.S. plan to attack a
fellow Arab state. Shouting "Down with the United States!"
the Damascus marchers carried banners reading: "Iraq: a
history and a civilization, not an oil well."

About 1,000 demonstrators protested in central Cairo,
Egypt, against any U.S.-led strike on Iraq, security
sources said. The demonstrators called on the Egyptian
government to prevent U.S. and British warships from using
the Suez Canal en route for a possible assault on Iraq. It
was at the Cairo Conference on Dec. 19 that a strong call
reinforced Jan. 18 as an international day of struggle,
and also called for supporting a Feb. 15 day of action.

Others in the Arab world joined the international effort
by demonstrating in Gaza and Nablus in Palestine; Amman,
Jordan; in Bahrain, and in Baghdad, Iraq, commemorating
the anniversary of the beginning of the Gulf war 12 years
ago. In Jordan, hundreds of protesters in the mostly
Palestinian Nuzha district of Amman burned U.S., British
and Israeli flags and denounced Bush.

Demonstrators in Lahore, Pakistan, also had to face
soldiers and police as they tried to march to the U.S.
Embassy. Some hundreds of both young students and human
right activists marched in the eastern city of Lahore,
while others gathered in the southern city of Karachi and
in Rawalpindi. "Don't impose war on Iraq," said Farrukh
Sohail Goindi, the organizer of the anti-war rally in

Near Islamabad, hundreds of children, women and men formed
a human chain and chanted slogans against an attack on
Iraq. Their banners read: "No blood for Oil" and "U.N.:
Stop America from attacking Iraq."

Though capitalist India and Pakistan are at odds, Indian
workers also demonstrated against the Iraq war Jan. 18
called out by communist organizations. Workers burned an
effigy of Bush.

Subhead: East Asia and Pacific Islands

There were a series of demonstrations in the Philippines
protesting the war on Iraq and also the attempt by the
U.S. to reoccupy Philippine military bases. Another action
had been set for Bandung, Indonesia.

In addition, there were demonstrations and other acts of
protest of thousands in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagasaki, Hiroshima,
Okinawa and other Japanese cities on Jan. 18-19. Carrying
toy guns filled with flowers and waving banners, anti-war
demonstrators marched through downtown Tokyo's central
shopping district. "We want to unite with people all over
the world on the same issue," said Takashi Uchiyama, one
of the organizers of the Tokyo march.

In the New Zealand city of Christchurch, Green Party
legislator Keith Locke told some 400 demonstrators that
"pressure from around the world can halt the war."

In Hong Kong, China, about 60 people "Inspections, yes!
War, no!" and "Yankee, go home!" as they marched through
the financial district to the U.S. and British

Subhead: Europe and Eurasia

In Spain, 30,000 people marched from Madrid to the
Torrejón military base near Madrid on Jan. 19, in an
action called by a coalition of 80 organizations, and
under the slogans: ?Stop the war against Iraq,? ?NATO no,
bases out? and ?Against all participation by the Spanish
government in the war.? Other meetings took place in
various cities around the Spanish state, including
Valencia o Santander, on Jan. 18.

In France there were demonstrations in cities all across
the country. The largest was in Paris, where 20,000 people
joined in a united march of diverse social, political and
union organizations. They marched under the slogans of ?No
to war against Ira. Justice, peace and democracy in the
Middle East and in the world. In Marseille, the
demonstration drew 10,000, who chanted "Bush, Blair,
Chirac, we don't want your dirty war!"

In Italy, the largest demonstrations took place in
Perugia, Bologna, Genoa, Napels and Florence, where U.S.
and Iraqi residents of the city lead a human chain of
5,000 people in a march along the Arno river to surround
the U.S. consulate. There was also a march of 1,000 people
to the U.S. airbase Camp Ederle, near Vicenza, and then a
march of thousands through the city.

In Britain the largest demonstrations took place in
London. In Scotland the Scottish Anglican Episcopal Church
joined the international initiatives by celebrating in its
50.000 parishes in more than 320 cities and towns
religious meetings against the war on Jan. 19. Also, in
Bradford a pacifist march called by the Committee to Stop
the war took place. On the outskirts of London,
demonstrators surrounded the headquarters fo the British
Army to protest British participation in aggression
against Iraq.

In Ireland protest actions against the war were focused
near Shannon airport, which has been used by the British
army for the last few months to transport U.S. troops to
military bases in the Persian/Arabian Gulf.

In the Netherlands there were anti-war actions in
Rotterdam, Nijmegen y Leiden. In Uden, la Dutch police
arrested 90 people who had tried to approach the military
airbase housing U.S. and German troops. At the
demonstration outside the USAF base of Volkel, Dutch
activists asked to enter the base to ?carry out an
inspection of U.S. arms of mass destruction.? The group
demanded that the Dutch and U.S. governments follow their
own advice for Iraq and publicize details of their own
nuclear programs.

In Belgium, with the slogan, ?Stop the war against Iraq
before it starts", ?Stop USA! (United States of
Aggression) Coalition marched 10,000 strong in Brussels
Jan. 19 in a united demonstration whose march route
included the headquarters of NATO and the European Union.

In Vienna, Austria, around 1,000 people, mostly university
and high-school students, marched Jan. 17 from the
university in the center of town to the U.S. Embassy,
where they burned a U.S. flag and chanted "Stop the War,"
reported an organizer from the Anti-imperialist

In Russia, several thousand people took part in two large
protests Jan. 18 in front of the diplomatic offices of the
U.S. in Moscow and Leningrad, in response to a call by the
Communist Party. ?U.S. hands off Iraq!? was a popular
slogan. A banner outside the U.S. Embassy in Moscow
declared: "Iraq isn't your ranch, Mr. Bush." Slogans
included [President Vladimir] "Putin, stop kowtowing to

In Sweden, more that 6,000 people marched through the
streets of Gothenburg, called out by working-class
organizations of that country. In Norway, 1,000 activists
focused in Oslo at the Parliament, where a cabinet member
and a member of Parliament spoke. Both actions were on
Jan. 18.

In Germany, there were mobilizations Jan. 18 numbering
2,000 in Heidelberg near the U.S. military headquarters,
also in Cologne and Rostock, with more than 5,000 out in
the small southwestern city of Tuebingen, plus vigils and
public meetings all over the country.

Demonstrations were scheduled but not yet reported from in
Switzerland, Hungary, Iceland and South Korea.



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