Fllujah: April 2004
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Compiled from Photographers from AP, Reuters, AFP and Al-Jazeera

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April 16, 2004
Around 125 Iraqis killed in Falluja fighting buried in this makeshift cemetery


Fri Apr 16, 6:38 PM ET
Fires burn shortly after a U.S. AC-130 Specter gunship hits targets in Fallujah, Iraq with howitzers in the early morning Friday, April 16, 2004. The gunship was said to be targeting vehicles filled with personnel, who were unloading items into a building at 2 a.m. on Friday. (AP Photo/North County Times, Hayne Palmour IV)


Mon Apr 19,12:22 PM ET
A U.S. Marine from the 1st Battalion 5th Marines passes a building his unit destroyed after earlier finding a weapons cache there in Fallujah, Iraq Monday, April 19, 2004. (AP Photo/John Moore)


Thu Apr 22, 8:57 AM ET
U.S. Marines set up a line of concertina wire at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Fallujah, Iraq Thursday, April 22, 2004. The military did not allow Iraqi civilians to return to Fallujah Thursday, saying the city was still too dangerous.(AP Photo/John Moore)


Sun Apr 18, 8:46 AM ET
An Iraqi man sits over the grave of a relative in a soccer field turned into a cemetery in Fallujah, 60 kilometers west of Baghdad, Iraq, Sunday, April 18, 2004. Gunfire was nearly halted in Fallujah over the weekend, but a nominal truce since April 11 had been repeatedly shaken by nighttime battles as both insurgents and Marines dug in. (AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)


Mon Apr 19,12:03 PM ET
A US Marine hits a door with a hammer during a raid searching for weapons in an industrial area of Fallujah as two other marines provide cover. (AFP/Nicolas Asfouri)


Mon Apr 19, 8:02 PM ET
Iraqi girl Wiam Mohammed, 4, shows her injuries in Baghdad, Iraq, Saturday, April 17, 2004, after she was hit with a bullet in her left shoulder fleeing Fallujah in a car with her parents, six brothers and sisters and a cousin. Her parents, two sisters and brother were killed when U.S. Marines opened fire on the car that was carrying them. Wiam and two of her sisters were wouned while another sister was unharmed. (AP Photo/Abdel Kader Saadi)


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