March 4: U'wa People Face US Oil Drilling Again
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Date: 3/4/2003 3:52:43 PM Pacific Standard Time

"We know that the riowa (the white man) has put a price on all that is alive, even the stone itself, he trades with his own blood and he wants us to do the same with our sacred territory, with ruiria the blood of the earth which they call petroleum . . . all this is foreign to our customs . . . every living being has blood; every tree, every vegetable, every animal, the earth as well, and this blood of the earth (ruiria, petroleum) is what stregthens us all, plants, animals and human beings. But we ask riowa: how can you put a price on our mother and how much is that price? . . . In former times, the dark path of plunder, genocide and injustice against our people was lit by a candle in the name of God and His Majesty.

Now it is lit by oil in the name of progress and the greatest of majesties for non-indigenous peoples ­ money . . . The white man has declared war on everything, except his own inner poverty. He has declared war on time and he has even declared war on himself . . . We are children of the earth, help us defend her."
-- Berito KubaraUwa, President of the U'wa Traditional Authority

2.UWA COMMUNIQUE ­ Feb. 12, 2003 3.3/24


1. While the Bush Administration relentlessly pushes for war in Iraq, they continue to fan the flames of oil wars and corporate terror around the world, and Colombia is proving to be ground zero in the other front of the War on Terrorism. From the ever-evolving Washington justification for US involvement in Colombiafrom the War on Communismto the War on Drugsto the War on Terrorism-- US foreign aid to Colombia has been great for Corporate America and deadly for the Colombian people. Plan Colombia is wreaking havoc on indigenous peoples, Afro-Colombians, campesinos, labor leaders, and innocent Colombian civilians, as well as the countrys vast and fragile ecosystems. Widening US involvement in Colombia is driven by the same addictions as US military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world: oil and empire. Weapons and military training paid for by US tax dollars kill in Colombia so that U.S. corporations can make record profits clogging American highways with SUVs powered by Colombia oil.

According to the Bush Administrations draft budget request for 2004, the US would allot $110 million dollars to protect OXYs Cano Limon oil pipeline-- a $3 per barrel corporate subsidy paid for by US taxpayers and the lives of innocent Colombians. Should the operations of a morally bankrupt US oil company implicated in numerous human rights abuses related to the infamous Santo Domingo massacre receive a $110 million corporate welfare package (up $12 million from last year) for a project that protects pipelines, not people? According to community sources on the ground, US trained troops patrol within a few feet of the pipeline to keep the oil flowing. Meanwhile the local residents find themselves caught in the spiraling violence between guerillas, paramilitaries, and the army that OXY and the oil industry helped create. The conflict that has plagued OXYs existing Cano Limon operations form part of the basis for Uwa resistance: that oil exploitation on their land will bring the countrys violent conflict home to their forest communities. If oil were to be found
under Uwa land, it would flow through this pipeline, which crosses the northeastern boundary of their recognized land reserve. And Colombias state oil company Ecopetrol is dead set on finding that oil, whatever the price to the Uwa and their fragile homelands.

While the efforts of thousands of Uwa supporters worldwide who offered their energy, creativity, and bodies to support the Uwas decade long resistance to oil exploitation succeeded in kicking OXY out of Uwa land, the oil barons continue to see nothing but dollar signs underneath Uwa sacred land. In addition to continuing to test drill in OXYs abandoned Gibralter wellsite, Ecopetrol has announced plans to drill for oil INSIDE the Uwa legally protected reserve. As in the past, the Uwa have reaffirmed their adamant opposition to any oil drilling on their ancestral land and vow to fight this project every step of the wayand theyre going to need our help.

The Uwa are again asking the international community to stop the drilling plans and stop US military aid to Colombia. The Uwa say no to the oil wars and we must stand with them! Currently, the best way to take a stand for the Uwa and all Colombians suffering from US foreign policy in Colombia is to come out and support the National Colombia Mobilization on March 24 and expose the corporate profiteers behind the War on Terrorism in Colombia (see #3 for an action near you!).

For more info on the Uwa campaign, contact:

2. Comunique to the Colombian and International Communities Resguardo Unido Uwa, Cubará, 12 de febrero de 2003


If ECOPETROL continues with the Sirirí project in Uwa territory, our culture will disappear.

With this affirmation, we want to remind and inform people that ECOPETROL and its associated companies like OXY have destroyed indigenous cultures and the environment. Some clear examples are: the Guahibo tribe in Arauca, the Motilones Bari tribe in Norte Santander, the indigenous brothers of the Putumayo, and now us. In these lands, violence, hunger, forced displacement, state abandonment and the absolute poverty are rampant.

Plan Colombia has facilitated the invasion of transnational petroleum companies like OXY onto our lands. The militarization of our lands is guarantying oil operations like exploration, exploitation and transportation of this black goldfrom the department of Arauca to Coveñas and the Gibraltar 1 oil project. In response to Colombias need to secure
its petroleum interests, two rehabilitation zones* have been created, one of them being the department of Arauca, which directly affects our territory.

Roberto Afanador Cobaria ­ Berito Kubaruwa- current Uwa President took office yesterday, February 11, before the Mayor of the municipality of Cubará. This Uwa leader has received the official order of our maximum authorities to continue with the national and international campaign against ECOPETROLs oil project in Uwa ancestral territory.

The Uwa will not allow oil exploration in our sacred territory, stated the official decision of the Sixth Congress of the Uwa Association, January 19-26, 2003.

Given that ECOPETROL will continue with seismic exploration activities in Uwa territory, we see the need to reactivate the May 1997 lawsuit against the Colombian Government before the Inter-American Commission of Human rights of the O.A.S. We also denounce and reject the offers of projects that ECOPETROL is giving to some communities as mechanisms and strategies of division to debilitate the Uwa resistance.

Today, like yesterday, the Uwa ask for Colombians and people all over the World to demand that the President of the Republic of Colombia Alvaro Uribe Velez, and his ministers respect the right to life, culture and the environment in our territory, because ECOPETROL is causing irreparable human and environmental damages to the Uwa community, Colombia and the World.

ROBERTO AFANADOR COBARIA ­ BERITO KUBARUWA- Uwa President. Asociación Uwa, Cabildo Mayor

We are children of the earth, help us defend her.

* Declared by right wing Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, Rehabilitation Zonesare areas were a permanent state of emergency has been called, empowering the armed forces to restricting civilian movement, conduct warrantless searches, and suspend many basic civil rights.


Cant come to L.A.? Go to to find a Colombia Mobilization Action near you!

On March 24th, the National Colombia Mobilization will be targeting the following corporations reaping profits off of war in Colombia: Monsanto - St. Louis, MO Sikorsky ­ Hartford, CT Coca-Cola ­ Atlanta, GA & OXY ­ Los Angeles, CA 11am,
Demonstration at the Westwood Federal Building,11000 Wilshire Blvd., L.A. March to Occidental Petroleum International Headquarters

End Corporate Terror in Colombia ...from Cola to Crude

Killer Profits for Corporate America

Since Colombia became the third largest recipient of US foreign aid in the world, political murders and displacement have doubled. Our tax dollars arm and train the Colombian military who directly support and collaborate with the right-wing paramilitaries. The Colombian security forces and paramilitaries together are responsible for 84% of all political killings and forced disappearances, according to Human Rights Watch. From the War on Communismto the War on Drugsto the War on Terrorism,US foreign aid to Colombia has been great for Corporate America and deadly for the Colombian people.

*We pay for Sikorsky-made Blackhawk helicopters used against civilians.*We pay for Monsantos toxic defoliant which results in environmental destruction and forces people from their homes. *We pay for paramilitaries who murder trade-unionists demanding justice from Coca-Cola. *We pay for the protection of the Caño Limón Pipeline, owned and operated by Los Angeles based Occidental Petroleum.

OCCIDENTAL: Pipelines Over People

Occidental Petroleum of Los Angeles, best known for its unsuccessful attempt to drill for oil on Uwa Ancestral Land, is now in line for a $98 million War on Terrorismcorporate welfare aid deal to arm and train Colombian troops to protect its oil pipeline. $98 million to serve a company that had admitted paying off both FARC and ELN guerrilla groups. $98 million to serve a company whose base of operations was used as a staging post for a military attack on unarmed civilians in Santo Domingo in 1998.

The Colombia Mobilization is a national coalition of organizations and individuals working to transform US policy towards Colombia and the Andean region. We are committed to nonviolence in our own actions as well as supporting exclusively nonviolent, negotiated political solutions to the conflict in Colombia.


March 24, 2003 11am, Demonstration at the Westwood Federal Building, 11000 Wilshire Blvd., L.A. March to Occidental Petroleum International Headquarters

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