Useful Links and Articles in Haiti

1) Good Article Links
2) Useful Haiti Web Links

1) Good Article Links:

Private Interests and U.S. Foreign Policy in Haiti
Contested Social Orders, Vanderbilt University Press, 1997

U.S. Political Maneuvering Behind Aristide Ouster
Newsday, March 1, 2004

Why They Had to Crush Aristide
The Guardian, March 2, 2004

Veterans of Past Murderous Campaigns are Leading Haiti's Rebellion
New York Times, Feb. 29, 2004

Caught Between a Rock and a Bush
Information Clearing House, June 3, 2003

Is the U.S. Funding Haitian Contras?
Dissident Voice, February 2004

The United States in Haiti: Harvest of Hunger
Food First, Fall 1996

Aristide Backers Blame Bush Administration for Ouster
Boston Globe, March 1, 2004

Looters Step Over the Dead as Haiti Collapses Into Anarchy
The Independent, Feb. 29, 2004

Throttled by History
Counterpunch, Feb. 24, 2004

Haiti Rebel Says He's in Charge, Political Chaos Deepens
New York Times, March 3, 2004

In Haiti, Past is Prologue
Findlaw Legal Commentary, March 1, 2003

Bush Accused of Supporting Haitian Rebels
UPI, Feb. 27, 2004

An Insurrection in the Making
Madre Backgrounder, February 2004

Haiti as Target Practice
Counterpunch, March 1, 2004

2) Useful Haiti Web Links


Discover Haiti -
Factbook -
Refer -
Centre Ha´tien de Recherches et de Documentation -
Haiti maps -


Government of the Republic of Haiti
The U.S. Embassy in Haiti -
The Embassy of the Republic of Haiti in the U.S. -
Constitution of Haiti (1987)
Elections in Haiti -

NGOs outside Haiti

The National Organization for the Advancement of Haitians, Inc.
Operation Green Leaves -
Center for Economic Justice -
International Civilian Mission in Haiti -
Save a Country Foundation -
Haiti Reborn -
National Coalition for Haitian Rights -
The Haiti Support Group -
Peace Brigades International -
Center for International Policy -
Council on Hemispheric Affairs -
The Siloe Project



The World Bank -
International Monetary Fund -
UN Development Programme -

Haiti Studies

Georgetown University
Indiana University
Resource Center for the Americas$

Haiti Progress

History of Garment Workers in Haiti's Sweatshops

Haiti On Line
Haitian news in French

Haiti en Marche
News Magazine in French

Washington Office on Haiti
Independent organization involved in human rights advocacy, education, and the study and publication of the effects of U.S. policy on Haiti.

Latin American Information Center (Lanic)
Located at the University of Texas

General information on Haiti. Long list of links on arts, culture,business etc.

Diocese of Norwich, CT
The Haitian Ministries originates out of the Norwich Diocese. These ministries has the support of Bishop Hart of the Diocese of Norwich.

Diocese of Richmond, VA
Haiti Outreach
The Diocese of Richmond is involved in many worthwhile projects in Haiti as well as directing one to other useful links.

Haitian Task Force:
A Division of Pax Christi
Pax Christi is the National Catholic Peace Movement. The site keeps one abreast of current issues in Haiti. Pax Christi is also an advocacy group for Haiti and the Haitian people.

Foundation for Worldwide Mercy and Sharing
Directs its efforts to Haiti where it runs a nutrition program, a hospital, and a home for abandoned and disabled children.

The Aristide Foundation for Democracy
Site is dedicated to "opening avenues for democratic participation by promoting dialogue, by education, and by cooperative economic initiatives."

Haiti Global Village
Site has resources on art, culture, news, travel in Haiti as well as online support for overseas students.

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